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The "Adorables" are a pair of three Pompeiian boys. The three constantly appear to be at odds, yet at the same time are inseparable as they all compete for Teodora's affections.


Early HistoryEdit

Like the vast majority of residents of Pompeii, the group of boys were killed in the Mount Vesuvius eruption of 79 AD, though they stayed in the cities perimeter as ghosts ever since.

The PartyEdit

The group of boys met Teodora while at a party celebrating Team Legend's arrival. The three boys were instantly enamored by Teodora and the feelings were mutual. The middle boy flexed his muscle, while the left boy called him a show off and the right blew a kiss at Teodora.

Ambushing MedusaEdit

Most likely on request by Teodora, the group assisted in ambushing Medusa. Before the ambush started, one of the boys asked Teodora to marry him, much to her amusement. After Medusa was lured into the town square, the entire town opened mirrors on the fiend, hoping to petrify her. However, their plan went awry and the entire population, including the Adorables, were petrified.

Final BattleEdit

The three were present in the final battle against Quetzalcoatl.

Personalities and traitsEdit

The group as a whole are very romantic towards women, as they all compete for Teodora's love and attention. The three seem to be good-natured, chivalrous and noble, as they're always polite to Teodora, never trying to force themselves upon her and help her out in important task, such as helping her ambush Medusa or even helping out in the final battle against Quetzalcoatl.


Each otherEdit

The three are constantly competing and infighting amongst each other over the love of Teodora, though the boys are inseparable. It's unknown, if the boys were close friends before meeting Teodora, or if her presence brought them together.


The boys appear to actually truly care for Teodora on a level deeper than simple physical attraction. They show a more chivalrous and noble side to her, such as risking their ghost-lives to help her set traps for Medusa and even fought Quetzalcoatl's forces for her. Teodora seems to care about the boys as well, given her mourning them when they were frozen.



  • Technically, the boys would be nearly 2,000 years old during the events of "Ghost of Medusa" as they died in 79 AD, though they still appeared to have the mindset of children.
  • The three boys share their model with the three boys watching paint dry earlier in the episode. Whether this means anything of note or if it's just a reuse of animation assets is currently unknown.

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