The Akihito Family are a royal family who rule Japan, or at least a village within it. Until the events of "Kaiju", the family appeared to be disliked, or at least the newest heir, Prince Akihito was.


In Feudal Era, Japan, the Akihito family ruled an unknown amount of land, though at least a village was under their rulership. The legendary Sword of Dawn has been passed down for generation after generation, fom at least the aforementioned feudal era. The Akihito family has appeared to have ruled their land ever since. At unknown points in the recent past, King Akihito and Queen Akihito both passed away at the same time and both blessed the Vizier to care for Prince Akihito, at least until he was old enough to wield the Sword of Dawn. It is unknown how they died, though since they both died at once, it was likely not of natural causes.


It is unknown if the Akihito family had good relations with their citizens before Prince Akihito or not. The Prices royal servants seem to consider the Akihito lineage to be heroic figures who protected their people from monsters, which implies they may have been well liked. The recent Akihito family seemed to be quite close to the Vizier, as they entrusted her with the care of their only child. As of "The Serpent and the Egg", the Akihito family seems to be allies with the Brotherhood as well.

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