The Americas are a group of two continents, North and South America respectively, as well as an island archipelago known as the Caribbean, with other miscellaneous islands making of the political area of the Americas.

As the continents in which Mesoamerican culture was birthed in, the Americas have been featured prominently during Legend Quest.

North AmericaEdit

United StatesEdit

New JerseyEdit


Leeds, New Jersey is the primary setting of "Jersey Devil".

Thomas Decatur's Workshop is located in Leeds.

Central AmericaEdit

New SpainEdit


Puebla is Leo's hometown and where he was raised. It was the central location during the first half of La Leyenda de la Nahuala and has been a prominent location ever since.

Old ManorEdit

The Old Manor is the primary location of La Leyenda de la Nahuala. It is notable for where the Nahuala calls its home, where Nando was kidnapped at and where Teodora Villavicencio's family was massacred, before they changed her backstory in Legend Quest.

Toñita's HouseEdit

Toñita house is where Toñita San Juan raised Leonardo and Nando, and where she currently resides.

The MonasteryEdit

The Monastery is a large, fortified church where Leonardo and his family go to pray. A running gag throughout the series is how often they have to take refuge within its walls. The monastery is notable for becoming the last fortified place free of Quetzalcoatl's grasp, even while in his dimension.

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