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Auxilia Cohort 13 was a Roman legion stationed at Pompeii as the town was destroyed by Mount Vesuvius. From that fateful day, they've stayed as citizens of Pompeii ever since.


Much like other Pompeii residents, Auxilia Cohort 13 were citizens in the city nearly 2000 years before the events of Legend Quest. It can be assumed they were soldiers back then as well, and kept their soldier position over a thousand years after their deaths. Over the years, they seemed to grow a somewhat cowardly nature, fearing humanity and living a quiet life. During Ghost of Medusa, the legion met Leo San Juan and all of Team Legend and though they were frightened at first, eventually let them into their city and treated them quite well. In the morning, the legion mourned the lost of the their beloved mayor, solemnly stating that "there is nothing to do but remember him, but that is what ghosts do best". The legion would participate in the failed attempt to ambush Medusa and were petrified as a result, nearly sharing the same fate as their mayor, but were ultimately saved by the heroics of Leo and Teodora.

Later, the legion helped fight in the final battles against Quetzalcoatl.


Although the soldiers seemed to be rather meek and cowardly at first, they were not truly cowards. They were brave enough to fight against mythical beings like Medusa and Quetzalcoatl's army, proving their mettle and underlining heroic nature. They were also quite kind, as they loved their people and their mayor and were deeply saddened by their mayors lost.

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