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In the series, Baba Yaga is a centuries-old witch who works for Quetzalcoatl.

She is also a very active villain since she interferes more with the protagonists than the main antagonist himself.

Tied to Quetzalcoatl with a magic bracelet, she is forced to obey him in everything he commands.

Baba Yaga lives in a cauldron-shaped house that has the ability to get up on two huge chicken legs.

The character is based on the witch Baba Yaga of Russian Folklore and Slavic mythology, in which she was described as an old woman, bony and wrinkled, with a blue nose and steel teeth. She is described as a perverse and cruel character, but not entirely evil; Eat-children. Despite having a voracious appetite, it is always thin. She does not fly on a broom like normal witches, she flies on a mortarboard (sometimes a pot or a bucket) and rows in the air with a silver bristle broom.

As in the series, Baba Yaga lives in a hut that rises with two legs of chicken, but the original has a fence adorned with skulls in which she places candles inside. To enter his house Baba Yaga says a spell: "Malen'kiy sun, povernites' spinoy k lesu i povernite ko mne" ( "House, turn your back on the forest and turn to me")


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Early lifeEdit

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Jersey DevilEdit

In the chapter Jersey Devil, Baba Yaga disguises as the main priest of the village to create terror in their habitants, but despite is the first episode in wich she appears and secretly plays a main rol, she is not mencioned or presented as Baba Yaga.

Ghost of MedusaEdit

She disgues as a little shepherd to lure the team to get inside Medusa's cave



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Serpent and the EggEdit

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Personality and traitsEdit

Baba Yaga is very cruel and manipulative, she is seen many times throughout the series to manipulate others and even the team, often times under a disguise of sorts.

Appearance and apparelEdit

Baba Yaga has the face of an elderly woman, yet the physique of a rather young lady. Her hair is long, whitish-blonde and heavily braided up. Her skin is of an icy blue complexion. Baba Yaga wears traditional Nordic clothing.

Powers and habilitiesEdit

She has the habilitie to change her appearence and look like another person

Power to create ilusions as it demostrates in the "Vodnik" episode, when she tries to lure the team to run away when she was trapped by them.

As a witch she is, she has a lot of knowladge in casting spells and curses.


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