"If the Nahuala completes her ritual there'll be no people left in Puebla to play balero."
La Leyenda de la Nahuala

The Balero is a toy and tool used by Leo San Juan throughout his earlier adventures in the La Leyend series. Also known as Cups and Balls, the Balero is a faithful tool that has gotten Leo through thick and thin.


The Balero is a wooden toy and basic, one player game in which the player has to make sure the "ball", which in this case is of a more cylindrical shape lands in the correct spot. The aforementioned shape is colored red, green and yellow, and recolored in a symmetrical format. The handle of the toy is a dark, wooden brown shade.


Leo had likely received the toy early in his life, as he was very skilled with it at the age of 9. He loved the toy and was mortified when he thought about a life without Balero's. Even though he often used it as more of a toy and game growing up, he used it as a tool throughout his earlier adventures, saving the lives of several of his friends with the humble toy. During his journey through the Manor, he had used the game to break a glass window, saving his life from Lava, and even used it to save Gaznate from peril. Thought it was rather ineffectual, he had also used the tool to attack Nahuala. In 1808, on his trip to Xochimilco, he used the tool in order to save Moribunda's life from a great fall.

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