Beto is a major character in La Leyenda de la Llorona. He is the older brother of Kika and only son of Rosa. He was born and raised in Xochimilco, New Spain by his mother, Rosa, and took care of his sister, taking her out for Trick-Or-Treating, albeit against his wishes.


Early lifeEdit

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Reuniting with KikaEdit

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Beto is a caring soul who is mild mannered, polite, courteous, and protective of his little sister. Although she puts him down and insults him, he loves her all the same and even sacrificed himself in order to protect her from La Llorona.


Beto is a kid of average height, he's taller than Kika and around as tall as Leo San Juan. Much like his sister, he has blue hair and wears humble white clothing.


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Is his younger sister.


Beto and his mother appear to be very close. Rosa was very worried for Beto when he was kidnapped, but made an attempt to live about her life normally, with confidence that Leo San Juan would save her boy.

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