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The Brown Haired Boy is a nameless and minor character in Legend Quest and a friend of Leo San Juan. He appears to be best friends with Peter, to the point where the two share almost the exact same personality.


Much like his friend Peter, he is an enthusiastic boy with a love for sports. He enjoyed his time playing Legball, though was annoyed when Leo tried explaining the rules, stating that the rules for the game were dumb. Much like Peter, he is also very intolerant of Marcella, calling her a Hechicera and refused to play with him. Once again, like Peter, he was shown to have a softer side as he praised Leo for saving Puebla, implying that he cares about Leo as a friend, or at least doesn't dislike him.


Brown Haired Boy Appearance

He is notably taller than Peter and Leo, and slimmer than Peter. As his unofficial namesake states, he has brown hair, which serves as his second most iconic appearance trait. He has a freckled face and fair, slightly more pale skin than his friends, implying an European birth rather than a Mexican birth like his friends. He has incredibly large, round ears and a face that's almost always angry.

He wears a washed out, dark blue and slightly ripped jacket over top a cream colored colored shirt. He wears washed out green pants ad like Leo, wears a red belt to keep them from falling.



  • He is the first line in fairly important characters to simply lack names. Other, albeit more notable examples would include: The Mayor, The Vizier and The Nurse
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