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"All I wanted was to earn a few bucks showing these abominable beasts to the world in the great Circus of Wonders!"
— Doctor Merolick
La Leyenda del Chupacabras

Doctor Merolick was the true antagonist of La Leyenda del Chupacabras. A short and devious man who abuses fantastical beast for profit, Doctor Merolick runs the Circus of Wonders which captures and humiliates beast from all across the land.



Doctor Merolick is an exceedingly cruel and selfish man who values money over the lives of others and has no qualms with murdering children and soldiers to cover up his misdeeds. Doctor Merolick is a skilled manipulator, able to hide his wrongdoings under heroic sounding lies. In his series of lies and half-truths, several of the soldiers and rebels considered him a friend, even vowing to protect him from the beast that he could not protect himself from. Doctor Merolick had entire towns slaughtered without an ounce of guilt or grief, even after being caught red-handed in his horrific scheming nature, he claimed his goals were altruistic in nature; wanting to protect the world from the beast he had uncovered.

Doctor Merolick was incredibly petty. Even after being arrested, he claimed that all he wanted was a "few bucks" and prattled on about how he was a victim, showing utterly no remorse for the brave men who gave their lives fighting off the monster he had unleashed by his greed and lust for money. Although a meek and small little man, the doctor is willing to fight his way out of situations. A dirty brawler wielding brass knuckles, Doctor Merolick is willing to use anything in his surroundings as weapons, such as throwing powder into Leo's eyes, knocking out a soldier with a cannonball or beating Nando. Most extreme of all is when he covered the building the Chupacabras was located in with oil and setting it ablaze.


Doctor Merolick is a very short man, only about as tall as Leo. He is stout, almost round. Befitting of his nature, Merolick has a slimy, nasty look to him. He also showing sings of a limp. Overall, his appearance may be caused by constantly feeding his blood to the chupacabras.

Skills and abilitiesEdit


Being a man of trickery and deception, Doctor Merolick is far from a fair fighter. As such, he wears brass knuckles to get the upper hand on his enemies. A crafty and cunning man, Merolick has used his environment as a weapon in the past, such as using powder, boards and Cannonballs as weaponry in the past.



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