Elena Cruz is a character who was first mentioned in "The Prophecy" & later appears in "Nu Gui". She the decease mother of Marcella Cruz


She was born likely somewhere in the 18th Century given her slightly advanced age. It is unknown i she was ever married or had any long length. In the late 18th Century, she gave birth to Marcella and the two appeared to live work together alone for some years. One day, she was confronted by the 2 witches, Baba Yaga & Nu Gui who wished to force her to join their "sisterhood of witches". She refused and lost her life for her morality


Very little is known about her and what she was like. She seemed to be a very righteous mother and may be where Marcella gained her sense of justice from. She was among the most skilled witches in the entire world, rivaling that of Baba Yaga & Nu Gui, and was killed by her unwillingness to join their nefarious cause.


She looks much like a middle aged Marcella. She was shown having tired eyes of an orange shade. Her hair was a similar shade of purple hair and was of comparable length. She typically wore a dark, oceanic shade of blue.

Powers and abilitiesEdit

She was a very adept witch, rivaling that of Baba Yaga & Nu Gui. She could manipulate fire, repair buildings and more than likely perform a large assortment of spells.


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