Ernie Altbacker (also known as "E.J. Altbacker") is a Daytime Emmy Nominated writer[1] and one of the writers for Legend Quest an is otherwise known for his work on Justice League Dark, Teen Titans: The Judas Contract and Green Lantern: The Animated Series. He has a MFA in screenwriting from the American Film Institude and holds a undergraduate degree from the wikipedia:University of Notre Dame[2]. He is also the writer for the Shark Wars series.

Work on Legend QuestEdit

Work on other productionsEdit

Teen Titans: The Judas ContractEdit

Justice League DarkEdit

Scooby-Doo! and WWE: Curse of the Speed DemonEdit


  • The Evil House (writer)
  • The Evil Inside (writer)
  • Blood Drive (writer)
  • The Maze (writer)


  • Kidnapped (writer)
  • Lynchpin (writer)

Green Lantern: The Animated SeriesEdit

  • Beware My Power: Part One (writer)
  • Beware My Power: Part Two (writer)
  • Razor's Edge (writer)
  • Into the Abyss (writer)
  • Heir's Apparent (writer)
  • Lost Planet (writer)
  • Reckoning (writer)
  • Fear Itself (writer)
  • In Love and War (writer)
  • Regime Change (writer)
  • Flight Club (writer)
  • Invasion (writer)
  • Homecoming (writer)
  • New Guy (writer)
  • Reboot (writer)
  • Steam Lantern (writer)
  • New Hope (writer)
  • Prisoner of Sinestro (writer)
  • Loss (writer)
  • Cold Fury (writer)
  • Babel (writer)
  • Love is a battlefield (writer)
  • Larfleeze (writer)
  • Scarred (writer)
  • Ranx (writer)
  • Dark Matter (writer)

Rekkit RabbitEdit

  • Shepherd of Hamsters (writer)
  • Convict Furniture (writer)
  • Crayfish Boy (writer)
  • The Tale of the Missing Tail (writer)
  • Carpet Ninjas (writer)

Ben 10: Ultimate AlienEdit

  • Andreas' Fault (writer)
  • The Big Story (writer)

Combo NinosEdit

  • Viva Selvasa (writer)
  • A Dream Devino (writer)
  • Nizza Knights (writer)
  • Fantastico Super Ninos

Asian Arrow IV: Back from SheboyganEdit

  • Asian Arrow IV: Back from Sheboygan (unknown)

Jay Jay the Jet PlaneEdit

  • Wing Wigglin' (writer)
  • The Mystery of Weather (writer)

The Blue LightEdit

  • The Blue Light (screenplay)

Duel MastersEdit

  • Cable Guy (screenplay)
  • Ballad of Kintaro: Part 1 (screenplay)

¡Mucha Lucha!Edit

  • The Man from M.A.S.K (writer)
  • The Flea's Bueno Twin (writer)
  • Revenge of the Masked Toilet (writer)
  • Nightmare on Lucha St. (writer)
  • Calling All Monsters (writer)
  • Pig Out (writer)
  • Thrills and Skills (writer)
  • Party Animal (writer)
  • Dances with Bugs (writer)
  • Chain of Fools (writer)

Static ShockEdit

  • A League of Their Own: Part 1 (story)
  • Toys in the Hood (writer)

Heavy Gear: The Animated SeriesEdit

  • Under Orem (writer)
  • Rolling Brawl (writer)
  • Close Encounters of the Gear Kind (writer)
  • Tournament Xtreme (writer)

Spider-Man (1994 TV series)Edit

  • Secret Wars, Chapter 3: Doom (staff writer/writer)

Extreme GhostbustersEdit

  • The Jersey Devil (writer)


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