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Evaristo is a major recurring ally in the later La Leyenda films. He is an Alebrije like his best friend, Alebrije.


For the most part, Evaristo is a goodhearted, easy going and supportive friend to his teammates. Evaristo is friendly and kind, referring to Teodora as his 'fella' and sticking up for the twins when the possessed Teodora began to mock them, though did admit they were useless. Although he tried to hide it, Evaristo was devastated when Alebrije no longer wanted to be his friend and was overjoyed when they finally made up for their wrong doings. Evaristo has shown altruistic traits in spite of his criminal doings, such as taking pity on Juanita and helping her defeat Cacomixtle. In spite of his good nature, Evaristo is apparently a criminal for his constantly implied drug use.


  1. There comes Evaristo vibrating his chakras like the strings of: the Mandolin! (El Charro Negro promotional, based in the mexican card game "Lotería")

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