"I wanna die. I wanna die, Leo!"
La Leyenda de la Nahuala

Gaznate was a minor character featured in La Leyenda de la Nahuala. He was the ghost is a parrot with half of his skin missing. A loud, yet kind bird who constantly yells what he hears, Gaznate became good friends with Leo San Juan & Xóchitl.


Gaznate was the ghost of a bird who was trapped in the manor along with other ghosts. He was seen as an object of affection by Leo San Juan and Xóchitl. When Leo was trapped in the lava, Gaznate nudged him out of the way to safety, which temporarily destroyed his ghost form in the process.


Gaznate is a very impressionable bird who shouts and yells virtually anything he hears at the top of his lungs. Despite this annoying habit, Gaznate was good friends with Xóchitl and later Leo San Juan and had a good heart. After being rescued by Leo with his Balero, Gaznate saved Leo's life and "dead" in the process, though being a ghost, wasn't phased by it at all.


Gaznate is a small green parrot with a clearly visible skeleton.


Leo San JuanEdit

Leo took a quick liking to Gaznate for his humerus antics and joked around with the bird. As such, the two bonded quickly. Leo saved the birds life, and so Gaznate saved Leo's life. Leo/Leonardo was saddened when Gaznate "dead" when a spurt of Lava struck him.


Xóchitl and Gaznate seemed to have some history work together, given Xóchitl already liking Gaznate. She cried when Xóchitl "perished".


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