Godofredo's Balloon was a nameless aircraft created by Father Godofredo in his spare time. The balloon was a technical marvel for its time, being one of the first flying machines in human history.


The machine is a large and round blue hot air balloon with golden ridges and shabby patchwork. Despite the shabby nature of the balloon, it's proved itself to be remarkably durable, able to get struck by lightning and still be repairable. Although the balloon looks poorly made, it has proved itself to be a very reliable form of long distance travel, able to reliably travel from Puebla to Xochimilco in a short period of time with no real hook ups, with the only obstacles being things outside the crews hands.



The balloon was still being created by Father Godofredo and possibly Brother Sinfonolo as it lay dormant in the halls of the Monastery. It is unknown at what point development of the balloon was first started, though given the complete -- or at least usable state of it by the end of La Leyenda de la Nahuala, it can be assumed it was started much earlier than November 2nd. Godofredo was very proud of his work, saying his balloon would make the very birds jealous and pridefully showed it off to Leo San Juan in order to cheer up the distraught young boy.

The machine was first used in action when Father Godofredo and Brother Sinfonolo piloted the Balloon in order to blot out the moons light from reaching Nahuala, stalling the process of her gaining her full power by several minutes. However, the balloon was eventually shot down by Santos Machorro with his fireworks


Leo willingly going on an adventure

Leo in the balloon

During the All Souls Day of 1808, the ghost version of Father Godofredo request Leo to go onto a mission to Xochimilco in order to save the town from the dreaded La Llorona. The group of Leo San Juan, Don Andrés, Alebrije, Finado and Moribunda all enthusiastically hop aboard the Balloon in order to fly to the town.

While on the flight to Xochimilco, the balloon is shot down by a thunderstorm seemingly caused by La Llorona. The balloon isn't destroyed, but left in petty bad shape. After Leo and friends defeated La Llorona, the sale off on the balloon once more.


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