"That was a Gallows curse. It follows its targets through the ages, in all places at all times."
— Marcella describing the Golem

The Golem is a major character in "Legend Quest" and a primary antagonist of the episode "Golem". A gallows curse, the Golem is the perfect killing machine that doesn't need to abide by human limitations such as food, water or rest, it simply destroys everything in it's way until it kills it's target.


"A Golem. Clay given life by a Hebrew sigil on the forehead. Remember I said Gallows spells. follow victims anywhere? It doesn't eat. It doesn't sleep. It keeps coming until you... are history."
— Marcella

The Golem was created, or at least summoned by Baba Yaga in order to hunt down Teodora so that she could be properly sacrificed so that Baba Yaga could remake the entire world in her image. It is unknown whether or not the Golem was of Baba Yaga's creation or if it was simply summoned by her. Whatever the case, the Golem is still deeply rooted in Hebrew lore and thus it's mythological weaknesses affect the being just the same.

After being sent to the Modern Era of Mexico, the Golem started it's destructive search for Teodora as it tore apart the hospital.

The Golem was defeated when Teodora's Smartphone displayed the Hebrew Sigil for "stop".


It's unknown if the Golem has enough freewill to constitute having an actual personality. The being is very simpleminded and simply wishes to destroy everything in it's path until it can finally murder Teodora Villavicencio like it was created to do. As such, the Golem is very destructive, and has shown no signs of pathos or empathy in it's carnage; yet at the same time, has shown little in the signs of active sadism and cruelty. It doesn't go out of it's way to harm others, it only harms those in it's path.


The Golem is a huge, hulking, humanoid monstrosity made of clay. It's body is of a dark grayish-black complexion. It has white eyes when alive, which are reduced to soulless blackened eyes upon it's defeat, and the Golem appears to wear a carving of clothes of sorts. It has a long, chiseled "beard" that was crafted to look bushy and masculine, with a dome-shaped helmet on the top of his head.

Powers and abilitiesEdit

  • Super Strength: The Golem was incredibly strong, able to effortlessly smash anything in his path and even shook the entire hospital in his rampage.



  • The term "gallows curse" may be a reference to the book "The Gallows Curse".

Real life connectionsEdit

The Golem is heavily based off the actual being of hebrew lore.

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