Greece is a country in Southern Europe. The location has yet to be visited in the Legend Quest saga, but has been referenced and even shown in "Ghost of Medusa". It is where Perseus 'slew' Medusa with the legendary weapons of the gods. It is said when the Romans took from Greek culture, so to did they adopt their monsters.



The Greeks worshiped a vast variety of deities, such as Zeus, Athena and Apollo, who lived upon the heavenly Mount Olympus. Before Perseus's battle with Medusa, the gods supplied to would be hero with three divine artifacts: The Adamantine Sword, Bronze Shield and Winged Sandals. Even with these tools, Perseus failed to confront the Gorgon and instead fled, accidentally turning the beast to stone with her own reflection in the Bronze Shield.


The Greeks feared an equal number of monsters, such as Medusa. Medusa was a Gorgon, an entity capable of turning those she glared at into stone. After her death, Medusa became a ghost and gained the devastating power to turn ghosts into stones.


The Greeks had a large amount of legendary heroes, such as Perseus.


Perseus was adorned with three divine artifacts, crafted by the gods themselves. These were: The Adamantine Sword, Bronze Shield and Winged Sandals.



The Greeks had a style of art all of their own, emphasizing earthly colors such as copper-esque shades of orange and earthly browns.


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The Greeks spoke a variety of variations of the same language.


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