Horroroso are the heralds of Quetzalcoatl. They are fiendish and cruel monkey-like demons who suck the life force from humans and can turn them into zombie-like beings for their nefarious means. Horroroso are silly, childish and incredibly petty, yet are capable of feats of superhuman strength and are shockingly cruel little demons.


Horroroso appear to be playful, mischievous and almost childlike. Make no mistake however, Horroroso are just as cruel and vicious as their master. They enjoy playing and toying with their victims, laughing at their misfortune and tend to kick their victims while they're down. They're shockingly intelligent and act more like younger humans than the monkey's they appear to be based on. In spite of their intelligence, they are still rather dim, often getting confused over trivial matters.


Invasion of PueblaEdit

During the events of "The Prophecy", the Horroroso invaded the town of Puebla in order to snuff out Leo, as he was the promised Lion who would destroy the Serpent. Though unsuccessful in dispatching with Leo, they did manage to posses the vast majority of the town, leaving them as zombified husk of what they once were. However, the town was saved by Leo hurling the Mystic Bomb at Quetzalcoatl's portal, reversing the spell. However, only moments later, Quetzalcoatl attacked once more, locking away the entire city to his world, leaving the Horroroso to effectively do as they please to the population.

Conquering of PueblaEdit

If Leo's Dream in "The Mart" is accurate, then the Horroroso rule Puebla, forcing the civilians to do their deeds and harm them if they act out of line.

The Serpent and the EggEdit

To Be Written

Powers and abilitiesEdit

Horroroso are extremely strong beings, able to force their ways through wooden doors and tussle with humans with ease. However, Horroroso's strongest ability is their power to turn enemies into zombie-like shells.