Indepence war Edit

the indepence war it is a warlike conflict in New Spain, between the royalist army and Insurgent army begun in 1810

Its objective is the removal of Viceroy Villegas, or the total emancipation of the territory of the Spanish Empire from Spain.

The main general of the insurgent rebellion is Morelos

Battle of Zitácuaro Edit

"We swear to defend Zitacuaro with our own life, and we failed them. »"
— -Mandujano

The Battle of Zitácuaro was a battle between royalists and insurgents in the city of Zitácuaro, in the Municipality of Valladolid. In the facts of La Leyenda del Chupacabras the lieutenant Mandujano

He claims to have participated in the battle, along with the survivors José y García

who were part of the Death Regiment. The battle was a victory for the Realist army

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