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The Italian Village was a location briefly visited in Ghost of Medusa when Team Legend's Airship crash landed.


Team Legend crash landed in the village on their way to Japan, which lead to group-wide disappointment. The village was considered incredibly boring by Team Legend, and apparently even the Italians who lived there, as the most exciting hobby Team Legend could find was watching paint dry.[1]

Shortly thereafter, Team Legend met up with who they thought to be the citizen of the village, a Shepard boy named "Aldo". They were put off by the boy's simple, dirty and rustic lifestyle, but became interested when he nonchalantly brought up the 'City of Ghost', which happened to be Pompeii.



  1. "Ugh! Total boredom. There's a guy over there watching cheese curdle. And those three are literally watching paint dry."
    — Teodora
    "Ghost of Medusa"

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