Jacob was a minor character in "Jersey Devil". He appears to be the judge and priest of Leeds, New Jersey.


Jacob appears to be a well educated man, given his apparent possession as Judge and Priest of Leeds, New Jersey. Jacob also appears to be well liked and admired by his people, given by how they followed Baba Yaga's every word when she took his form. He was locked up in a closet for apparently weeks until he was freed by Thomas Decatur.

Personality and traitsEdit

Very little is known about the true Jacob, as most of "his" screen-time was actually Baba Yaga in disguise. From what is seen, Jacob appears to be a far more decent man than what Baba Yaga portrayed him as, as he was genuinely thankful to be saved and appeared to be on reasonably good terms with Thomas Decatur, only really getting angry when he though Jacob was only trapped for a few hours.

Appearance and apparelEdit

Jacob appears to be a somewhat elderly man with balding hair and fair white skin. He's somewhat tall for his age, and wears a long, green suit with darker green cuffs and what appears to be a green ascot.

Skills and abilitiesEdit

  • Survivalism: Jacob apparently survived weeks without food or water while trapped in the Church. When he was freed, Jacob has the energy to up right and talk as if he was in perfect shape.


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