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"Where there is opression, there will never be joy."
— Juanita to Teodora
La Leyenda del Chupacabras

Juanita is a secondary character in La Leyenda del Chupacabras. It is a girl from an unknown town, in which an alliance with the Naticary was forged.

She was a prisoner of the Cacomixtle before being rescued along with Teodora by Alebrije and Finado y Moribunda.


Juanita lived with her peoples for many years, presumably her entire life. She cared for the Natikary along with her family members and townsfolk, who provided them what whatever necessities they may have needed and the Natikary in return blessed them with fine crops. However, one day, Doctor Merolick came to her town. He tricked the people with lies and manipulation, as he used the magic of the Iyari in order to capture the Natikary. He abused the majestic creatures, selling them as if they were dogs. Juanita witnessed the last Natikary fight back with all of its might, but it wasn't enough for Merolick's magic and it to was sold. As it was torn away from its land, the balance was broken and the crops began to die out. This caused Juaita to take matters into her own hands and track down the two in order to save her people. However, she was instead captured by Cacomixtle and kept as a prisoner.

Juanita soon met another girl by the name of Teodora, who was also trapped by Cacomixtle. The two became fast friends. Later, Juanita watched on in horror as Cacomixtle cursed Teodora with a pair of enchanted glasses, which seemingly turned her evil.


"You're mistaken, Teodora. Joy isn't found in material things. It's found in all the moments we share with the people we love!"
— Juanita to Teodora
La Leyenda del Chupacabras

Throughout the film, Juanita has shown herself to be kind, naive, fair and so friendly that she quickly became friends with the fearful Teodora. He decided to join Evaristo and Alebrije while the Cacomixtle kept her prisoner, and helped the group escape and defeat him. Juanita is stubborn and tomboyish, as she swore to take the matter for herself and track the Chupacabra to protect her people.

She is a very intelligent girl, since she told her story very well. She was very compassionate when she begged Cacomixtle not to hurt Teodora. She is also empathetic, since she was completely angered by Merolick's actions and felt very upset when Teodora betrayed her.


Juanita is a cute girl of medium height, fair skin, brown eyes a little chinitos, delineated lashes and short brown hair on which wearing a pink scarf. She wears a light blue blouse with green details on which she wears a pink bag and a necklace with a yellow flower. She also uses a long orange skirt and a pair of sandals on her feet.


  • She is the first and only female character not to have had interaction with Leo.
  • Despite being featured in La Leyenda del Chupacabras, it did not appear in trailers or clips.

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