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Don viewing an array of Katana and other assorted weaponry

Katana are a type of swords originating from Japan. They are well known for their incredibly sharp, curved blades with round, or sometimes square arm guards.

In Legend Quest, several Samurai wield Katana's as their primary weapon.


Katana's date back several hundred years. The Samurai Ancestors were seen wielding Katana's in their battles against various Monsters and Spirits. In the 19th Century, Samurai are still seen wielding Katana's, as seen in their battles with the Ittan Momen.


Notable KatanaEdit

Viziers KatanaEdit

Main article: Vizier's Katana

The Vizier wielded her own specific Katana. It was sharp enough to effortlessly cut down trees. It is unknown if her Katana was special, or if she was simply that much more skilled that regular Samurai.

Sword of DawnEdit

Main article: Sword of Dawn

The Sword of Dawn is a legendary weapon wielded by Japanese Nobles. It has the ability to make those who wield it grow to massive sizes, see all spirits within the area and banish said spirits, to whence they came.

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