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The Knight's Inn Keeper was a major, but unnamed character featured in "The Mart".


The Inn Keeper appeared to be in her early to mid 30s and was a rather plump woman. She worked at the Knight's Inn for quite some time and complained about the lack of guests who pay to spend a night, implying she's on hard times financially. Like the rest of Steinau, she appeared to be extremely miserable, but kept a noticeably more sunny demeanor then other citizens Leo interacted with. She appeared to know quite a lot about local history as she recounted the history of The Brothers Grimm and the treachery of Don Andrés off the top of her head in fair detail.

She tricked Leo into spending the night in the Inn so she could get some money, but appeared to regret hr decision afterwards as she told Leo the story of Nicht Mart.


The Inn Keeper appeared to be in better spirits then most citizens in Steinau, but not by much, as she was still quite miserable over the situation Don Andrés's cowardly demeanor put her in. She was mostly amiable and friendly, though did trick Leo into staying a night in her inn, knowing the horrible side effects that would follow. She was shown to be rather intelligent and knew a good deal of local history.

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