La Leyenda de la Llorona, was the second film in the La Leyenda Saga. The film was produced by Ánima Estudios and Eficine 226, and was distributed by Videocine. The film was also released in the United States by Lionsgate Films and Pantelion Films. The film is avabile for purchase on Amazon Video, YouTube Movies and iTunes.



Much like its predecessor, La Leyenda de la Llorona is a 2-D animated horror-comedy film staring Leo San Juan, who has greatly matured since the events in the old Manor in 1807. The film deals with the legend of the Llorona, a monster of Mexican folklore that kidnaps children to make up for the lost of her own. Notably, the film starts off almost exactly where the last one ended, making the two extremely closely connected.


The film starts off with two young siblings, Kika & Beto trick-or-treating in a neighborhood. Kika complains that they're only getting fruits, not candy and demands her brother to look as if he's starving to gain the pathos of the treat givers. Beto is very respectful to those who gave them treats, while Kika throws a temper tantrum and decides to trick or treat without him. Hearing the Llorona approaching, Beto calls out the witch and runs away, luring the witch towards him as to save his sister from her terror. Kika, now noticing her brothers dropped bag of treats realizes something went horribly awry and begins searching for him. She finds him at the other side of a river and begs him to cross over. Beto however takes a stand and is whisked away by Llorona, saving his sister in the process.

The film then cuts to Leo San Juan and his traveling companions: Don Andrés, Alebrije and Finado and Moribunda. They're still sailing to Xochimilco, as they were in the ending of La Leyenda de la Nahuala, meaning the film takes place in 1808. Leo wishes Xóchitl where with them, to which Teodora Villavicencio barges in, insulting the group and changes her outfit from a traditional, if fancy Spanish dress to a more contemporary outfit, complete with sunglasses and all and leaves almost as soon as she came. Afterwards, a massive thunderstorm appears out of nowhere as the Llorona moans WOE IS MY CHILDREN. Shortly after, Leo is knocked off the balloon and while his friends try to save him, their efforts are in vain. Only moments later, the Balloon is struck down by lighting, causing the entire group to land in different points.

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