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The Legend of Chupacabras is a 2016 Mexican horror-animated film directed by Alberto Rodriguez. It is the fourth film in the La Leyenda series, taking place after La Leyenda de las Momias de Guanajuato. The film has a considerably darker and less whimsical tone than the original trilogy. This tone is pushed harder with the setting, that being of a war camp.



Like the previous films, The Legend of Cupacabras is a mostly 2-D horror-comedy-adventure film with 3-D elements. While the previous films were more comedy driven with tertiary horror elements, La Leyenda del Cupacabras is distinctly more horror driven with more atmospheric animation and a much less lighthearted tone. The film is notable for having a human villain rather than a monster and overall less comedic elements.


Waking up in the middle of nowhere, Leo San Juan quickly fids himself picking a side in the war of Mexican Independence. He quickly bonds with rebels who he travels with. Despite his young age, he becomes one of them and forms a strong bond with his companions. The group are thrown in jail for attempting to kill a group of soldiers and are to be executed by firing squad. While n the cell, he is saved by his older brother, Fernando "Nando" San Juan. While Nando only plans on rescuing Leo, he ends up rescuing his friends as the titular Chupacabras attacks.


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