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Leeds is a small town located in New Jersey, United States. It was the primary setting of "Jersey Devil".



In the 1700s, a woman only known as Mother Leeds had 12 Children. She claimed that if she had a 13th, that the child would be cursed. In 1735[1], she gave birth to her 13th child. The child appeared to be a normal baby, but it quickly mutated into a demon known as the Jersey Devil

The creature wrecked havoc across New Jersey until it was eventually forced away by a naval war hero named Steven Decatur, whose weaponry drove the demon black. Legend says the monster would only appear again if the world was soon to end.


In "Jersey Devil", Leo and his friends get standed in Leeds after their Airship was shot down by cannon fire.

After the team hear of the towns curse from Steven's grandson, Thomas Decatur, they decide to help him out in stopping the demon

Known CitizensEdit

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