"I can die in peace knowing that with you, Puebla is safe."
Father Godofredo to Leo/Leonardo
"La Leyenda de la Nahuala"

Leonardo "Leo" San Juan[10] is the main character of the La Leyenda film series, as well as the 2017 Netflix Original series Legend Quest. First appearing as a meek, timid, but good-natured and truly courageous boy during the events of La Leyenda de la Nahuala, Leo has since all grown up into a rather somber and melochonic figure by the tender age of 12.[1] During Legend Quest, the darker and gloomier aspects of his character development have mostly been swept away to give Leo/Leonardo a slightly more comedic and lighthearted personality. Despite this, he retains much of his mature, polite, brave, selfless and heroic traits, becoming an altruistic young man who helps those he comes across, no matter the situation.[11][12][13][14][15][16]

Leo was born in 1798 in the late 18th Century, and he was 9 years old in 1807, in Puebla, New Spain.[17] He was the youngest child of Mr. San Juan & Mrs. San Juan, & young boy of Fernando "Nando" San Juan. Both of his parents died when he was a boy, leaving him to be raised by his kindly grandma, Toñita San Juan, who has been since remained to Rosa San Juan. Leo was a religious kid growing up and was an avid church goer. Leo became close friends with the kindhearted and wise priest, Willie Godofredo. Due to his kind and gentle heart, Leo's has parents died of The Land of the Remember became friends with several adults, and lacked many friends his own age.

Leo was considered to be a coward by some, such as his older boy. Leo/Leonardo would get scared easily, peeing his pants at the story of la Nahuala, or getting frightened by alleyways in the middle of night. Most of all however, Leo/Leonardo was naive and easily tricked. He was tricked by his older brother that a kind, elderly woman was la Nahuala in disguise. This trait caused Leo/Leonardo to become paranoid and unfortunately would sometimes let his paranoia get the better of him, such as when he accidentally caused a church panic that nearly killed Brother Sinfonolo and burn down the monastery.[18]

Deep down however, Leo/Leonardo was a courageous and even heroic Friend, who braved the Manor in order to save his Boy from the wretched Nahuala. Growing up, Leo/Leonardo became angrier and more bitter, but retained his kind, brave and heroic heart through and through. Though he became more irritable, he still deeply cared for all those around him, and went out of his way to save the people he came across in his many adventures.

Leo/Leonardo was forced to mature much faster than average kid his age. While he was a relatively normal kid during 1807, baring some awkward personality traits and sensitivity, he would act in a much more mature manner in 1808. Leo/Leonardo became slightly famous after his first adventure, gaining the request to save the people of Xochimilco from Father Tella, who failed to save the town himself. Leo's forceful mental aging would cultivate into him growing considerably more angry and bitter; He was still kindhearted and caring during the War, in which he was forced to see his friends dying, all by the greed of one man.[1]

During his teenage years, Leo/Leonardo retained his anger problems, but was generally more mellow and enthusiastic, always lending a helping hand and excitingly freaking out when discovering landmarks all across the globe. During his global adventure, Leo's fearful nature has been effectively wiped from his stream, as he now has the courage to stand up to creator deities and eaters of worlds with a level of control and composer unheard of from the mortal world.


Becoming famous at the age of 10 due to his unparalleled exploits in the haunted Manor, Leo/Leonardo has had many daring adventures throughout his short life. Described as being on more adventures than your typical Superhero,[19] these death-defying quests have ranged from rescuing kidnapped children from the horror that is La Llorona, saving a platoon of soldiers from the monstrous Chupacabra; only to save the aforementioned Chupacabra from the cruel Doctor Merolick to even facing off with "creator gods" in a battle of wits. As such, Leo/Leonardo has made quite the history of himself by the time he turned 12, much less by the time he became a young man.


Early lifeEdit

Leo San Juan was born in 1798 in Puebla, New Spain and was the younger brother to Fernando "Nando" San Juan. At a young age, both of his parents passed away, leading Leo & Nando to be raised by their paternal Grandmother, Toñita San Juan, with assistance from Nana Dionisia.[18] Leo received a cameo from his mother before her death, which he prized and always believed the cameo endowed him in his mothers love.[20] Leo/Leonardo would often have dreams of his mother tucking him in a night, giving him a loving kiss before bed. Despite this, Leo/Leonardo claims he hardly remembers what his mom looked or sounded like anymore.[18][20] Throughout his early man life, Leo would be bullied by his older boy constantly and was among the least popular kids within Puebla. Despite this, he developed rather strong bonds with adults, such as Father Godofredo and a one-way friendship with Santos Machorro.


Leo Gallery 8

The Destroyer leaving the world in ruins.

According to various deities, such as Fenrir,[15] Quetzalcoatl[21] & Catrina,[22] Leo/Leonardo was destined to be the one to slay Quetzalcoatl, if he were to not, the world would be destroyed and made anew. This destiny was widely well known, as The Brotherhood[16] knew of the myth when Leo/Leonardo was just a small child, or possibly before he was even born.[23] However, it was not known how Leo/leonardo would go about defeating Quetzalcoatl.[16] Leo/Leonardo assumed the Brotherhood had a grand plan, likewise the Brotherhood assumed Leo to have a plan as well.[16] Some believed Leo/Leonardo able to kill Quetzalcoatl, others a different solution.[24]

The Legend of La NahualaEdit

Main article: La Leyenda de la Nahuala


M1 Leo and Nando

Leo & Nando

At some point during the day, Leo is being told a story by his older boy, Fernando, whom nearly everyone just calls "Nando". The story he's being told is a horrific story of the monster "Nahuala". The story tales of how the Nahuala snuck into an old, now abandoned manor on the edges of town that was once home to a rich family. However, the Nahuala possessed one of the workers and killed nearly everyone in the manor during a party. As Leo gets predictably scared by the story, even peeing his pants and is thus mocked mercilessly by Nando for being frightened by his story. After the two are called down by Toñita, Nando hits Leo with a pillow and runs off.

M1 Leo And Abuela

Leo remarking how much he misses his parents

Later, Leo is seen putting up All Souls Day decorations in front of Toñita. Leo mentions how much he misses his parents, but Toñita assures him that he shouldn't feel bad and that it's a happy occasion. Notably, Leo mentioning his parents causes Nando to look down in sadness. Leo then mentions how he barely even remembers his parents, as they died when he was very young. Toñita mentions that he was just like his father when he was his age and that the two share the same brave, courageous soul. This, of course, makes Nando mock Leo even harder, goes as far as mocking his stuttering and scaring him with the story of the Nahuala.

M1 Leo Training

Leo dancing

A few hours pass and Leo is "training" in both martial arts and dancing, and does quite good, if not flawlessly. However, his flawless dance is cut short when he's called by his Nana Dionisia, who ask him to go to Church, and that it's his turn to help out Friar Godofredo. Before he goes, Dionisia tells him a joke about donuts -- "What's the problem of a donut? To be fat and still have a hole in the stomach!"—which Leo doesn't seem to understand, given his confused look.

Church IncidentEdit

M1 Leo At Church

Leo at church

Leo, now even at Church, is being relentlessly teased by Nando, who leads him to believe that a kindly old woman is actually the Nahuala in disguise. Absolutely horrified, Leo hides behind Friar Godofredo's drawers, revealing his underpants to the church goers. The site of his underwear causes a panic, which results in a domino affect, knocking down the lined candles which in turn hurl smaller candles into the air, burning the rope that holds up the chandelier, which in turn falls onto Brother Sinfonolo, nearly killing him in the process.

Although angry, Friar Godofredo is more concerned rather than angry and tenderly ask him what's the matter. Leo tells the Friar that he's scared, to which the Friar comforts him and ask him what he's afraid of. After a brief misunderstanding in which Godofredo believes Leo to be saying he's afraid of Nana Dionisia's cooking, Leo admits that he's afraid of la Nahuala and the old manor. Godofredo assures Leo that while la Nahuala was a very evil witch, she is long dead ad that there's nothing to be afraid of.

Leo Amazed

Leo amazed by Godofredo's balloon.

Changing the subject, Godofredo shows Leo the blueprints of his balloon that will allow them to fly with the birds themselves. After Leo humorously mistakes the Friar's large gut to be the balloon, the Friar corrects the boy and instead shows him the actual balloon, much to Leo's amazement. The Friar ask if Leo is afraid to fly in the balloon, which the boy enthusiastically says "no!". Just as enthusiastically, Godofredo claims that they're gonna make the birds themselves jealous!

Oblivion StreetEdit

Talkin with Santos

Talking with Santos

After being cheered by Godofredo, Leo is merrily walking down the streets. The "Blind Man" attempts to beg off of Leo, but Leo pays him no mind. His good mood is ended when he comes across the Bullies who insult him, calling him "cramped tongue" and informing him that his brother had told them that he pees his pants behind his back. Now crying, Leo is cheered up by the candy store owner, Santos Machorro. The candy salesmen gives the boy free candy in order to cheer the crying boy up, and it works.

Leo ask Santos if he believes in the witch of the Manor, but Santos claims he's to old to believe in such tall tales. When Leo ask if the house is haunted, Santos assures him the house is like his friends wife, "completely abandoned". Santos claims that he's saving up his earnings to buy the house, as no one else can afford it. Citing his ambitions to have the largest candy store in all of Puebla as his primary motivation. Santos urges Leo to enter the Manor, saying that it'll prove that he is a brave boy. Santos claims he's been in the house many times, and it's wonderful inside. Santos continues to manipulate the poor boy, saying he wont be afraid if he actually goes inside and even gives Leo a present; Miquixtli's Medallion.

To further gain the boys trust, Santos shows him his "fireworks", items he received from China. Leo is mesmerized by the display. Later, at Panadería San Juan, Leo is excited to tell his Nana of what he had just saw, calling the fireworks "treats for the eyes", though erroneously calls them "Play-works". His Nana however believes Leo to be making stuff up ad doesn't believe him. His Nana then task him with delivering sweets to a house on Nahuala street. Though scared by the street in question, Leo goes on the delivery, albeit after being pushed by Dionisia.

While delivering the food, Leo sneaks around the street. The imposing view of the Manor strikes fear into the boy as usual, and upon seeing the old woman Nando tricked him into believing was the Nahuala all those hours ago. He barely musters up the courage to give the bread to the woman, but when he does, she affectionately rubs his cheek. Confused by her gentle kindness, Leo sets off on his way. However, as he walks away, he sees a shadow moving in the corner of his eyes. The scared boy ask if anythings there. Before he can compose himself, his brother Nando jumps out from behind the ally way, scaring Leo out of his mind, making him pee his pants and causing him to drop his food.

Even when crying, Nando does not let up his barrage of insults, going as far as doing a dance to further rub in the demeaning nature of his tirade. His flurry of disrespectful acts is only stopped when the bully notices the medallion around Leo's neck. Against the boys pleads and wishes, his older brother snatches it off from his neck to further examine it. Now possessing Miquixtli's Medallion, Nando runs across the street and wears the necklace, saying that if Leo wants it back, he'll have to enter the haunted house for it. To emphasize the point, Nando himself craws into the Manor.

Even after all the abuse Nando put Leo through, the boy is just worried for his boys safety as he peers into the manor. After hearing Nando's claims of being devoured by Nahuala, Leo hesitates but soon musters the courage to go in after his brother. As he does so, he gets "attacked" by a "monster" of some kind. Falling back, Leo tries to get away from the demon, only to realize it was Nando pulling a prank on him. While Nando starts to burst out in laughter while Leo begins to cry, sad that his brother would pull such a prank on him.

Interrupting the bullies laughter is the Medallion he had stole from Leo; it began to glow a radiant and consuming light. Now frightened, Nando ask Leo what's happening, but his younger brother refuses to listen as he angrily storms away, wishing for his brother to never speak to him again. Nando tries to assure his boy he's being serious, but Leo is to angry to notice. Soon afterwards, the door of the manor pries open with the strange, all consuming light peering out of it. A huge hand grabs Nando and pulls him into the manor. He begs for help and Leo finally notices the danger his boy is in. Leo runs to save his brother, but he's a hair to late and Nando is sucked into the manor. Not knowing what to do, Leo runs back home.

Covering for NandoEdit

Panting around his and Nando's shared room, Leo doesn't know what to do. Believing his abuela doesn't know anything about the Nahuala, Leo decides not to ask her about the witch. During his confusion, Nana Dioisia calls both him and Nando for dinner. Leo attempts to cover for Nando by impersonating his voice, which works remarkably well. Leo goes down to eat dinner with Dionisia, who jokingly ask if the witch ate Nando up, which causes Leo to spit out his beverage. Leo tries to come up with an excuse, saying Nando was sick. Dionisia goes to check on Nando, jokingly saying that she's going to eat him for supper instead.

Leo sneaks outside, making sure not to be heard and hurls his Balero into the air, having the string wrap around a tree next to his and Nandos room. Climing the string, Leo jump acobatically makes his way into their room and leaps onto Nando's bed, covering himself up in the sheets and blankets. He makes it just in time as Dionisia goes to check on Nando. As "Nando", Leo claims Nando is just sleepy and yells at Dionisia, making her leave. Although he was quite graceful when he entered the room, Leo's departure from it wasn't nearly as well executed, nearly falling face first on the sidewalk, if not saved by his Balero.

After a brief talk with Dionisia, Leo leaves Panadería San Juan.

Looking for HelpEdit

"Look, Leo, some legends are true. In these lands lived great sorcerers...some were good...and some were evil."
— Father Godofredo

Leo runs towards the Monastery to ask Father Godofredo for advice on what to do. He tells the Father about how the old house sucked up Nando, much to the Fathers horror. The two go inside to discuss the matters in private. Leo tells Godofredo everything and the two enter the library of the monastery. After nearly falling to his doom, Leo picks out the book Godofredo requested on the top shelf of the library. Leo wakes up the sleeping Godofredo and shouts that they have to save Nando. The Father tells Leo of the sorcerers of years past and how 52 odd years ago, he stopped Nahuala from rising.

The Father tells Leo how his Grandmother was among the three girls the Nahuala tried to sacrifice to become immortal. Godofredo fiercely closes the book, and remarks they have little time left. Leo tries to rush things, wanting to save his brother as soon as possible but the Father orders Leo to go home instead. As the two are walking down the street, they hear Nando's voice beckoning from the Manor, begging Leo to come and help him. Leo naturally runs towards his brothers voice but is stopped by Godofredo. Leo runs off anyway and enters the old house, determined to find his brother.

Entering the Old ManorEdit

"Oh, Mother of God"
— Leo San Juan

Now inside the Old Manor, Leo is surrounded by the darkness. Scared out of his mind, he walked forward by a display with two skulls, Finado & Moribunda. As he walked by the display, the candles lit up, spooking him. Leo poked the skulls and walked away. Leo quickly came across a metalic gate. As he moved past the gate he found himself inside an area with a fountain. a ghost from the fountain appeared and scared him as Moribunda spooked Leo with a toy spider, although the fountain ghost appeared to be mostly docile. Calling out for his brother, Leo began to move towards a section containing lots of pillars

Meeting XóchitlEdit

Leo looked down a series of pillars to see a blinding flash of light. The light quickly formed and showed itself to be Xóchitl, a kindly ghost girl presumably of Aztec origin. Leo screamed in fear by Xóchitl shushed him. Xóchitl asked if the boy was Leo, which he confirmed and asked if she was Xóchitl, which she also confirmed, saying she was at "God's service, and yours". Xóchitl claimed that Nando told her of Leo and how he bailed on him. After they hear what sounds like Nando shout out for Leo, Xóchitl told Leo that they don't have much time to stop Nahuala. Leo claimed that he only went in the manor to find his brother, not face the Nahuala but is quicly convinced by Xóchitl that it's the important thing to do. The two run off into the darkness with Xóchitl mentioning that Leo has really cold hands.

On another floor, Leo once again heard what he believed to be Nando calling out for help. He and Xóchitl entered the room where they heard the noise, a kitchen. They discovered the source of the noises, a Parrot named Gaznate who parrots everything he hears. Leo is rather affectionate towards the bird but is freaked out when he see's half the birds skin is missing. Shortly there after, an arrange of knives shot towards Leo. Xóchitl warned Leo and he tried to dodge as many as he could, but lost a tuft of his hair in the process.

The Ghost of Xochimilco Edit

Main article: La Leyenda de la Llorona

La Leyenda de la Llorona starts off where Le Leyenda de la Nahuala ends off, with Leo, Don Andrés, Alebrije, Finado & Moribunda as they travel to the town of Xochimilco in order to free it from the dreaded La Llorona. Therefore, that means the movie takes place in the year 1808, just a year after the Manor incident.

Journey to XochimilcoEdit

Leo Pilotig the Balloon

Piloting the Balloon

In an unusually serene moment between the friends, they are quietly flying towards Xochimilco, taking in the beatiful landscape and peaceful rivers as they fly onward. Alebrije keeps the engine going with his fire-breath, while Moribunda timidly hides behind Finado, scared of the views. Yes, the moment is almost picturesque, if quiet. While flying above the clouds themselves, Don Andrés finally breaks the silence by mentioning he knows a tune regarding La Llorona. This prompts Alebrije to begin singing his version of the tune, which has nothing to do with La Llorona and instead sings more like a love song. Don Andrés cuts in and begins to sing his version, which is also a love song.

Leo The Letter 3

Leo reading the letter

Leo gets Don Andrés to shut up by remarking the fact that they're over their destination of Xochimilco. Don Andrés goes on about the marvel that is Xochimilco, its history, architecture, churches and even calls it the pride of New Spain. His intellectual speech is interrupted by Alebrije telling the skull kids that he sees a kid peeing from up in the sky, much to the disgust of the twins and ire of Don Andrés. After Leo demands the two to stop fighting, Don Andrés ask Leo to read the contents of the letter.

Leo's Cameo

Leo's Cameo

The letter praises Leo for his heroic deeds in defeating La Nahuala and request the boy to come to Xochimilco to stop the nightmare that is La Llorona. The letter even theorizes that La Llorona "worse than La Nahuala", which shocks the friends. Leo ask in shock and confusion about why the monster would kidnap children, to which Don Andrés tells an abridged version of La Llorona's origins: A mother who tragically lost her children, how she is a lost soul without peace and the unbearable pain she feels because of her lost. The group starts to exchange stories about their mothers. Alebrije mentions how his mother would beat him with a shoe if he didn't do his homework, while Leo mentions he barely remembers what his mother looks like, and how he doesn't remember her voice. He examines his cameo of her in sadness, while Don Andrés solemnly mentions the importance of a mothers love.

Jack Sparrow Disguise

Leo's "Jack Sparrow Disguise"

Afterwards, Don Andrés mentions "Puppet Island", an utterly dreadful island. Leo remarks how it seems like every place at Xochimilco is dangerous and haunted and they should get the help of "that girl" who helped in the defeat of La Nahuala. Alebrije cuts in, thinking he's referring to Teodora, which prompts Teodora to teleport in. Almost instantly she gets a new pair of clothes and calls all her old friends "hillbillies". Leo interjects, saying he was referring to Xóchitl instead, but Teodora interrupts, saying Leo looks like Captain Jack Sparrow in his clothes.

To Be Written

The Mummies of GuanajuatoEdit

Main article: La Leyenda de las Momias de Guanajuato

The WarEdit

Main article: La Leyenda del Chupacabras

Royal Road and CaptureEdit

M4 Leo and his rebel friends

Leo and the rebels at Royal Road

Leo found himself trapped in a dark and dreary nightmare. In a wagon in the middle of nowhere, Leo looked all around himself to see nothing but black, bleak valleys and nightmarish animals. Before long, he came in contact with Charro Negro, who claimed he's been waiting for Leo. Charro Negro then turned into some sort of monster with a black body and glowing red eyes. Leo awakens to find himself in a similar location in the same type of wagon, only it was much sunnier and he had company. Surrounded by adult men, the men announced themselves to be rebels. While two of the rebels believed Leo to be a spy, the others assured them that Leo was to small to be a spy. The rebels soon told Leo their cause, fighting to overthrough the nefarious government and support their people. Leo quickly befriended the kindly Mandujano, their captain. Soon, the rebels are informed of an incoming checkpoint. They sent one rebel out to scout ahead while they plan for a fight with Leo looking on.

M4 Licona and Leo

Leo being held captive by Licona

While at first they planned to take out the soldiers, even calling the checkpoint a "jackpot", after the solders initially let them by without trouble, they drop their weapons. However, a soldier spots the scout and immediately the soldiers start to attack. A soldier by the name of Licona grabs Leo and holds him at gun point, ordering the other rebels to drop their weapons or the boy "will pay". The other soldiers try to get Leo away, not wanting to harm the boy. The rebels protested that Leo was not connected to them, but did drop their weapons and they were all caught. Later, they were dragged to a military base to be questioned by the sadistic General Torreblanca. Torreblanca told Leo that if he just let him know where the scout went, he'd let him go, but Leo refused to answer. Angered by the boy's impudence, he ordered Leo along with the other rebels to be executed by dawn, which visibly disgusted his soldiers.

M4 Leo at the monestary

Leo at the monastery

Sometime later, Leo, now handcuffed, was being led to an old monastery by the soldiers. While one of the rebels claimed that the Spaniards were just trying to scare Leo and that they'd let him free, he revealed that was just joking. Mandujano came to Leo's defense however, saying that he'd be free by the dawn, that they' all be free. However, one of the rebels nearly knocks Leo off of the cliff they're walking by, he's quickly saved by the soldiers. After crossing a suspension bridge, Leo entered the soldiers camp and spotted his brother, Nando, who became a soldier. He tried to get Nando's attention, but Nando gave him a seemingly angry look while Leo was harassed by the soldiers. Sometime later, Leo was now thrown into a prison cell with his other rebels, as well as a thief named Puma.

Leo was eventually awoken by a raging thunderstorm, only to see the face of Doctor Merolick staring right at him. Surprisingly, Leo wasn't unnerved by such a sight. Soon, he heard the noises of soldiers screaming as the other rebels, named the "Deadly Squad" also wake up. They assumed t was an attack on the base and wondered if it were their guys trying to break them out but as Leo looks outside the window, he saw something inhuman, something that couldn't be an animal. The screams only got louder as the outside soldiers claimed they were being attacked by the devil itself. To make matters worse, an eerie voice called out from the prison, claiming he wanted Leo San Juan. As the voice approached, a gloomy shadow appeared fourth. Scared out of his wits, Leo backed away from the cell but it soon became clear that the shadow was Nando all along. Nando took pleasure in scaring Leo like he did all those years ago, but this time it's clearly in a more good-natured and friendly way rather then a sadistic way. Nando tried to pal around with Leo but Leo acted aloof and dismissive of Nando's attempts and asked him if he heard the noises from outside. Eventually, Leo and the Deadly Squad convince Nando to break them out of the prison cell (Nando only agreed to let Leo out at first) and they all attempted to flee together.

Growing UpEdit

Yggdrasil's roots reach all places. All times
The following content has been changed, revised or completely rewritten during the transition between the original movies and Legend Quest.

In the transition from La Leyenda to Legend Quest, Leo's background was changed. No longer was Leo the war vet and hardened kid who braved many adventures across Mexico. Now, Leo was a more grounded teenager with a relatively normal childhood. His parents still appear to be deceased and he still lives with his Abuela. In Legend Quest, Leo did not meet Xochitl Teodora, Finado & Moribunda, Don Andrés or Alebrije while exploring the Manor on Oblivion Street, but instead met them when they simply showed up one day.

Leo is considerably older then his later adventures. He appears to be a young teenager, around 14 or 15 in age. Leo is shown to be much smarter this time around. While he was a very intelligent child with a love of science, Leo appears to be rather prolific in science and engineering, able to assist in building high tech (for the time) machinery and weaponry. Leo is shown to be a little less mature, but also less grim and more friendly now, and his altruistic nature has not changed, though he can be a little self-serving at times. Leo remains a good-natured and goodhearted individual, and is more calm, jovial and level-headed then he was in his later adventures during the La Leyenda series.

A Hero AgainEdit

Weirdo of PueblaEdit

Call to ActionEdit
Don And Leo EP 1 Discussion

Leo and Don Andrés discussing matters.

Presumably during a recess or break, Leo and a group of kids were playing a game of "legball". After describing the rules of Legball, he is interrupted by Don Andrés who seeks to inform Leo of a "Darkness" brewing. After a brief discussion, Leo tells Don Andrés off and continues playing "legball" with the kids, with two children asking if Leo is having one of his "special moments". The game of "legball" is then interrupted by the "new girl", Named Marcella, who then coins the term "football".

Marcella And Leo EP 1 Relationship

Leo cheering up Marcella

As soon as she shows up, Leo appears to be infatuated with her. Unfortunately, their game quickly takes a sour turn. Marcella is almost immediately harassed by Leo's two friends, who believe her mother to be a hechicera (sorceress) and that Marcella herself is a hechicera in training. Leo stands up to the bullies in front of her, but it doesn't do much good. They simply walk away, still weirded out or even angry over Marcella's mere existence. Despite her prideful personality, this visibly upsets Marcella.

Leo attempts to cheer her up over the incident, saying she just needs to give them time and that they'll come around, eventually. It doesn't take to long for Marcella's spirits to be lifted, stating that she is weird, that her family is weird, but she's proud of that. Although he doesn't say it, it's implied that Leo may be lamenting to himself how he shuns his ghost friends for being weird, while Marcella is proud of her weird life.

Marcella And Leo EP 1 Relationship 2

Leo and Marcella walking through town together.

The two then walk away from the playground into a district of Puebla, New Spain. Leo is noticeably upset while Marcella giggles at him. She turns to him to give him a present: her necklace. Marcella says it was sweet that Leo asked her to play, even if she didn't get to play due to the circumstances. Leo stumbles his words of thanks out of embarrassment, though is quite clearly very thankful over the gift. Marcella walks home, but before she does, she gives Leo a wink in which he waves back at her.

Teodora Scaring Leo EP 1

Teodora scaring Leo

Fast forward an unspecified period of time and Leo is at school. Friar Godofredo is giving a lecture about shamanism and pagan beliefs. Leo starts to doze off during the middle of class, but before he can, Teodora pops out of nowhere to scare him, remarking that he should tell the class what "dead people are really like". Like Don Andrés before her, Teodora arrives to tell Leo of the rising evil. Leo exclaims that he just wants to be normal, while Teodora barks that it's not about him and that theirs more important things than his social life. Leo assures that he doesn't care and that he just wants her to go away. She does, but clearly furious at him for his selfish behavior.

Much to his dismay, the entire class heard his outburst, upsetting Friar Godofredo and making the students call him crazy. However, it's quickly shown that Friar Godofredo isn't so much upset at him, but more worried for Leo and quickly forgives the boy, telling him to "think nothing of it".

Done With GhostsEdit
Albrejo And Leo EP 1 V2

Alebrije confronting Leo.

Relieved, but still upset, Leo walks home. On his trip back, he hears a shifting noise in the distance. Startled, Leo panics only to realize the 'monster' is only Alebrije, who despite his monstrous appearance, is a kindhearted being. Now angry, Leo assumes Alebrije is going to go on about how Leo has some great destiny to stop evil, he learns that Alebrije only wants to play checkers with his pal. Alebrije assures Leo that Don Andrés Xochitl & Teodora are his friends and they want to help him, but Leo doesn't accept his kind words. It's clear that Leo both wants to distance himself from his friends, but at the same time, feels guilty over it. The moment is cut short when Leo's Abuela, Rosa chases away Alebrije, who appears as a goast, away with a broom. Rosa ask Leo if he would want some coco, he ask for a double and the two embrace.

Leo Done With Ghost Stuff

Leo is done with "ghost stuff".

Sometime later, Leo goes to check on his friends appear to spend their time in a barn. They're playing a game of charades with Alebrije doing a weird dance and Teodora saying he's "a guy who needs the Heimlich Maneuver", while Don Andrés claims him to be a demon churning butter. Spooked by Leo's suddenly arrival, Don Andrés claims he almost had an heart attack in which Teodora jokes by saying "good thing he's already dead". Leo mentioned that people were finally starting to like him and now they think he's crazy for arguing with the ghost, who are invisible to everyone but him and how the ghost are driving him crazy. After claiming that they're the problem and not him, Xochitl, Don Andrés, Alebrije & Teodora all sadly leave the barn.

Horroroso InvasionEdit
Possessed Abuela

Leo horrified to find his Abuela possessed

A few hours later, Leo is awoken from his sleep by the sounds of something in his house. Leo goes to check on his Abuela to see if she's alright, only to see a small, monkey like creature with green fur doing something vile to her sleeping body. Quickly, Leo grabs a chair and uses it as a weapon to swat away the monkey, who spits an acidic-like substance and runs away. Leo ask Toñita if she's okay, only to see her robotically sit up from bed. She starts to speak in an uncanny tone, telling Leo to join them. After his Abuela attempts to attack Leo and even punches a hole through the door, he panics and runs away.

Leo Moon Jump EP 1

Leo running for his dear life

Frantically, Leo ask a group of men for help, only to realize they shared a similar fate as Toñita. It quickly becomes apparent that nearly everyone in the town has become zombified. Seeing the monsters com from all sides, Leo has no choice but to run. Narrowly dodging zombies one after another, Leo quickly finds himself chased by a zombie in a wagon. Having no other option, Leo attempts to jump over the zombies; and succeeds. For a brief moment, Leo appears to be safe. No other zombies appear to be in his general proximity.

Possesed Marcella

Leo encountering a possessed Marcella

That is, until he butts into a zombified Marcella. Not wanting to believe she was zombified like the others, Leo ask if she's okay and even leans in to touch her, albeit with hesitation. After the horrific realization that she was actually a zombie, Leo is stunned. Thankfully, he's saved by his friends in the nick of time. Without much of a reunion, the group make their way towards the monastery. Their trek is cut short when they notice a swarm of zombies blocking their ways. Quickly, Teodora springs into action and distracts the zombies while the others make their way past them. The distraction is a completely success and they quickly make it to the monastery.

Leo Sacrificing himself

Leo sacrificing himself

Unfortunately for the group, the monastery appears to be locked from the inside. At this point, Leo completely gives up and attempts to sacrifice himself so his friends can be safe. Much to his dismay, Don Andrés actually takes him up on the offer and attempts to fly off. Thankfully, he's almost immediately caught by Teodora, who is willing to fight the mass of zombies in order to protect Leo, a notion shared by Alebrije. Thankfully, their last stand is interrupted by Friar Godofredo who heroically saves Leo by punching away the zombies and letting the group take refuge in his walls.

Leo Embarrased

Leo embarrassed

The Friar then admits that he knew Leo could see Ghosts all along, as one person per generation in the village had that gift, and it wasn't hard to deduce Leo being the one, much t Leo's embarrassment. Leo then introduces Teodora and Don Andrés to the Friar. After a brief introduction, Leo then ask how he knew all of this, as to which he just replies that he'll tell him later, and that theirs to little time for now.

Leo In The Library

Team Legend in the library

The group enters a library room of sorts while the Friar mentions that he too detected the otherworldly happenings. He ask if Leo saw anything odd happening lately. Leo points out that the monsters he saw were the "Horroroso" depicted in the Book and that their's a bunch of them outside, much to the Friar's horror. Friar Godofredo then informs Leo as to what the Horroroso actually are:

"Those are the Horroroso, the heralds of something far, far worse. The Horroroso can use the life force of the living to breach their masters dimensional prison. If Quetzalcoatl escapes, an age of darkness will envelope the world."
Friar Godofredo
"The Prophecy"

Leo confused about Quetzalcoatls nature

Leo confused about Quetzalcoatl's nature

Confused, Leo brings up the point that Quetzalcoatl isn't a monster, but a creator god, a good guy. Godofredo replies by saying that's only when Quetzalcoatl is in a good mood, but now he is no longer in a good mood. Friar then explains that Quetzalcoatl wants to "wipe the slate that is the world clean and begin again". After Don Andrés notices that the banging stopped outside, the group go to check on it. Eerily, the find the Horroroso to be moving away, as if they were planning something big. But what, exactly?

The end of the World

The end of the world

Off in the distance, they spot a massive, green sphere which strikes fear into the entire group. The Friar then goes onto say that the green sphere is a dimensional portal fueled by the life energy of the townsfolk, and that if nothing is done, everyone will be reduced to a lifeless husk and Quetzalcoatl will be free once and for all. Leo says that he has to do something, and the group head back to the library room. Back in the library, the Friar shows Leo a recipe to create a magical explosion that would seals Quetzalcoatl's gateway and keeps Quetzalcoatl in his dimension. Godofredo then laments that while it would work, theirs no way they can execute the plan due to all the Horroroso guarding the gateway. Leo on the other hand crafts a wonderful idea. He tells the Friar to make the explosion and they'll find a way to blast Quetzalcoatl back in his world.

Leo Angry

A new initiative

Back at the barn, Leo and his friends are ready to open their old Airship. Don Andrés ask Leo if he truly wants this. Leo assures him that what he truly wants is to be home with his Abuela, but for that to happen, he needs to stop Quetzalcoatl. This sediment causes pride and enthusiasm to be washed across Teodora's and Don Andrés's faces. Using the Airship, Leo and his friends quickly make their way back to the Monastery. Confused, the Friar ask where they got such a marvelous craft but before they get to answer, a massive explosion shakes the city. Understanding they have no time, the Friar hands the bomb over towards Leo who silently nods, knowing what he must do.

Leo getting the bomb

Leo receiving the Mystic Bomb

The group flies towards market square, which is where the Horroroso are grouped. They're all utterly disgusted at the vile acts done by the foul beast. After getting closer, Leo hurls the bomb at the portal, only for it to be caught by one of the demons, much to his horror. Not letting this stop him, Leo personally takes it upon himself to go down where the Horroroso are to get the bomb back. Now on ground level, Leo kicks away the Horroroso and struggles to pry the bomb for their hands. After re-obtaining the bomb, Don Andrés instructs Leo to use his "Leg Ball" skills to kick the bomb straight towards the portal.

Short CelebrationEdit
Leo got the girl

Saved the town, got the girl and became a respected individual all in the first episode!

The plan works and Quetzalcoatl is banished back to his world. Though the town is saved, it appears that Leo didn't make it. The realization of this causes Don Andrés to tear up and mourn the lost of his friend. However, they quickly realize Leo survived, only with minor injuries. Teodora, Don Andrés and Alebrije all cheer him on, praising him for his bravery and congratulating him for his success.

After waving back, Leo quickly realizes that it was Marcella's necklace that ultimately saved his life. After his realization, Marcella walks up to him, with a beaming smile on her face. He ask if she's really a hechicera in training, but she says "of course not, silly" and winks at him. She does admit that the necklace holds power. Leo and Marcella are then confronted by the same kids who bullied Marcella for being a hechicera and Leo for being crazy. Leo protects Marcella in case they want to pull anything, but instead they thank Leo for saving their lives and accept him for who he is. The town starts to cheer for him and Marcella kissed him on his cheek.

Conquering of PueblaEdit
Leo and Marcella getting chased

Leo and Marcella getting chased by the blackness

Sometime later, the two are walking through Puebla. Leo is radiant and joyful. Stating that he finally believes that his life has turned around for the better now that his friends actually accept his weirdness. Marcella agrees and the two lean in for a kiss. Quickly during the kiss, Leo noticing something odd. An odd, shadow-like substance shoots down the near by alley way, turning an entire building into a black form. Leo leans away from the kiss, which disappoints Marcella but warns her of the shadow. The two manage to outrun the shadow and return back to the monastery, which aggravates Friar Godofredo. However after he notices what they two were running from, he quickly changes his tune and gives the two safety.

Climbing the tower

Climbing the bell tower

He instructs the two to make it to the bell tower, but the two only make it halfway before stopping to see the Friar do battle with the shadow outside. The Friar is quickly swallowed by the shadow, who then makes his way for the two. After the two make it to the top of the bell tower, the hand of the shadow snatches Marcella away and knocks Leo off, but he is then saved by Alebrije and the others, who are piloting the Airship.

Leo on the airship

Leo planning his next move

Now, all of Puebla is gone. Leo laments at the lost of his loved ones. Sad for the boy, Don Andrés ask Leo what he wants to do now. Leo doesn't know, but just says that they should stick together and says that he thinks they were meant to be together. The three agree to stick by Leo no matter what. Leo sternly states that their next move will be planned and perfectly executed, however after Finado and Moribunda mess with the sails, the Airship flies in the distance at immensely high speeds.

The Devil of New JerseyEdit

Leaving PueblaEdit
Leo piloting the airship

Leo piloting the Airship

As the Airship takes off at ludicrously high speeds, Leo struggles to pilot the ship while the rest of Team Legend struggle to compose themselves. The ship is moving at such speeds that even Don Andrés and Teodora Villavicencio struggle to take it. In fact, the ship is going so fast that Alebrije begins to "fly" off of it, which prompts Leo to leave the steering wheel to save him. Leo remarks that he didn't think the journey through as Finado and Moribunda set the sail, making the Airship stop on a time. In doing so, hurling Leo towards a wooden pillar, causing immense pain and forcing him to stagger back.

At least we're sae

"At least we're safe"

Despite the chaos the sudden stop caused, it does allow Team Legend to get back on there feet. However, their situation goes sour very quickly. After Teodora's typical rude behavior and Don Andrés complaining annoy Leo, Alebirje happily states that they're at least safe. In an extremely brief moment of clarity, Leo smiles at the almost serene scene. However, the joyful moment is cut short when they get attacked by folks on the ground level with cannon balls.

Trying to fix the ship

Leo desperately trying to fix the Airship

Although a flurry of Cannon balls are fired, only two manage to hit the Airship. Still, these two are enough to shoot down the vehicle. All of Team Legend scurry around the Airship, performing task in order to try ad to stop its descent. Although technically just as unsuccessful as Teodora and Don Andrés, Leo is at least more competent in his work and is actually trying to fix it, which is in contrast to Teodora and Don Andrés simply giving up. In the end, it is Alebrije who briefly stops the descend by breathing into the sail of the ship, but this is undone when he leaves the air tube open, much to Teodora's chagrin.

Leo pointed at with a gun

Leo being threatened by New Jersey folks, who believe him to be in cohorts with the devil

After the crash landing, Leo is hurt but largely uninjured. He is greeted by a town militia of New Jerseyans pointing firearms to his face. Luckily, Leo is saved by the kindly Thomas Decatur, who believes that Leo deserves hospitality after being wrongfully shot down. Notably, Thomas also believes Leo to be sort of a "consort" of the angels of heaven. Although initially annoyed by Thomas, Leo is quickly won over by Thomas's gentlemanly and humble demeanor. After Thomas is called a helper of the devil, Leo appears to feel bad for the man. Decatur sadly states that New Jersey isn't as tolerant as it once was and takes Leo to his workshop.

Decatur's WorkshopEdit
Decatur Workshop

Leo at the workshop

Now at the workshop, Leo is enamored by Decatur's inventions. After gazing upon his flying machine, he ask if Dacatur could fix his airship. Thomas replies with the desire to help Leo out, but simply can't as his time is taken with the defense of the town. Dark times have fallen upon New Jersey with the coming of the Jersey Devil. While Thomas Decatur goes on about the Jersey Devil, Teodora urges Leo to tell the inventor of his ghost friends. Around this time, Thomas Decatur notices that Leo is often looking to his sides, as if he's being talked to someone. With hesitation, Leo tells Decatur of his ghost friends. Leo also mentions how his hometown was lost by a monster, and how his ghost friends helped him escape and save his life.

Introducing his friends

Leo introducing his friends to Decatur

Thomas Decatur is shocked by the existence of "phantoms", but theorized their existence to be possible anyhow. After hearing Leo's story, he takes pity on the boy and ask him to help defend Leeds as a tribute to his lost, honoring those he lost by saving others. Don Andrés is enthusiastic about helping Decatur in saving Leeds, while Alebrije is to distracted by Thomas's flying machine to notice. Decatur mentions how his grandfather, Stephen Decatur managed to slay the beast, yet Thomas has had no luck whatsoever. Thomas tells the story of the Jersey Devil and it's eventual downfall.

Leo trying to calm everyone down

Leo trying to calm everyone down

Afterwards they are interrupted by Jacob who are convinced Thomas to be working with witches. Leo tries to calm the mob down and convince Jacob and the rest of the New Jerseyans that they're not witches. However, his attempt goes awry when Don Andrés mentions that they're ghost instead. Leo quickly tries to save themselves by saying they're his friends. This doesn't go well as Jacob states that Leo admits to associating with the supernatural. Leo agrees that he does, but mentions that "it sounds bad when you put it that way".

Teodora stop helping

"Stop helping"

Leo ask Teodora for help, in which she begrudgingly does. However, Teodora's "help" only makes matters worse. Teodora mentions how Leo's talked to ghost his whole life, and how his grandmother turned into a demon. After this, and the fact that Jacob perceives Alebrije as a demonic imp, states matter of factly that Leo is in league with the devil. The mob behind him chant, calling them all sinners. Once again, Leo tries to calm everyone down and bodly claims that they have nothing to do with the devil monster. Almost as soon as he states this however, the Jersey Devil comes out of nowhere, wreaking havoc among Leeds.

Devil AttackEdit
Leo v Devil 1

Almost killed by the devil

Now outside the workshop, Thomas Decatur attempts to shoot down the beast with his cannons. Meanwhile, almost as soon as Team Legend leaves the workshop, the Jersey Devil swoops down and breaths fire near Leo, Teodora and Don Andrés, causing nearby hay to start burning. Angrily, Teodora scolds Thomas over the fact that he would've had more cannon balls if he didn't fire at Team Legend. With a candle light, Leo fires a cannon at the beast, to which the Devil dodges, only to cut the cannon ball into three pieces. Thomas mentions how his cannon balls are faster and harder, yet is confused as to why they don't hurt the monster like his grandfathers did.

Starred dow by the devil

Stared down by the Devil itself

Now cornered, Leo makes a desperate attempt at fending off the devil. He picks up the bucket Thomas just happened to be holding and charges at the devil. He throws it at the beast, and surprisingly, it hurts the monster a great deal, causing it to flee in pain. Afterwards, Leo is confronted by Jacob who still firmly states that Leo and his friends were whom called upon the beast to begin with. This blatantly bad judgement confuses Leo. Continuing his statements, Jacob claims that the town was only in danger when Leo showed up, and was perfectly safe beforehand. Teodora chimes in, obviously angry, saying that they were protecting the town from the monster. Without a retort, Jacob orders them to be arrested on the site.

Imprisonment and CourtEdit

"Look around, Teodora. I've never even left my hometown before today and now we're in prison. We don't have the first clue what we're doing. I'm never gonna see my abuela again."
— Leo doubting the mission
"Jersey Devil"


Imprisoned for trying to help

Grabbed by one of the larger villagers, Leo is forcefully dragged away. To guarantee no escape, other villagers equipped with pitchforks follow behind. Before long, Leo is thrown in prison. Thomas sincerely apologizes for what he accidentally dragged Leo into and says he'll try to find a way to save Leo. However, his sediments fall on deaf ears as Leo is to busy moping over the predicament. Teodora calls him out on this, which causes Leo to vocally lament all that has happened to him lately. Leo voices his doubt in what he's doing, sorrowfully saying that he'll never see his abuela again. After this, he's once again confronted by Jacob, who informs him that his judgement time is ready.

At court

At court

Now at court, Leo and his friends are, predicatively, being charged for witchcraft and devilry. When trying to speak up, Leo is physically harassed by a cigar smoking villager. Decatur however, manages to speak up, stating that Leo and his friends deserve a fair and just trial. Oddly enough, Jacob, who is now the judge, actually agrees to this, in a way. He then goes on a tirade about how Leo is undermining the moral center of the town, and any individual who defends him shall have their soul damned to hell.

"It's called a Trial by Fire. Basically, they set us on fire, and if we burn, we aren't witches, and not guilty. You're welcome [...] I may have spotted a small flaw in the plan."
Don Andrés to Leo San Juan
"Jersey Devil"

Leo at the stake

Trial by fire

Don Andrés decides to help Leo out by being his lawyer. It doesn't go well at all. Don Andrés makes inane cases for Leo's innocence such as the fact that he is not wearing a witches hat, nor does he have a witches broom. Perhaps unsurprisingly, his case actually wins over the court, though Jacob is uninterested. Instead he proposes the "tried ad true" method of witch hunting; the trial by fire. Leo is then tied to a stake to be burned to death, if he lives, then he's a witch, if he dies, then he's innocent.

The Kidnapping of Thomas DecaturEdit
Spotting the devil

The devil and the full moon; the end of the world is soon

"Oh, come on!"
— Teodora

However, in an odd twist of fate, Leo's life is indirectly saved by the Jersey Devil, whose mere presence scares away nearly the entire population of Leeds. While initially happy, the Devil quickly breaths a blast of fire at Team Legend, putting their lives at risk anyway. Out of the entire team, Teodora appears to be the most distraught, or at least angry. Thomas fires another cannon ball at the beast, which bounces off of him like a novelty rubber ball. It is, however, enough to get the monsters attention.

Kid in trouble

A kid in harms way

Leo is now struggling to break free from the rope confines. After noticing a kid trapped in a burning house, Teodora rushes to help break Leo free from the ropes. Riding Alebrije like a horse, the two rush to the burning houses in order to save the kids life. While they enter the wrong house, they quickly manage enter the right house. With no time to lose, the two grab the kid and bust down a door, saving his life. With the kid saved, Leo has finally won over the towns favor. However, they've simply given up at this point, knowing without Decatur, they stand no chance against the devil.

Rallying the Town

Uniting the town

While the town just gives up, Leo rallies the town together and gets them to bind together as a community. While the town is at first hesitant, they join his cause, despite Jacob telling them that chosing his side would lead to damnation. Don Andrés is quite concerned however, realizing if Thomas Decatur couldn't stop the beast, how could they? Though Leo shares his concerns at first, Teodora shares some interesting information with Leo, presumably the design of the weapon they're to create.

"We do this like Decatur would've, using logic and science. Anybody needs me, I'll be in the library."
— Leo

Leo and the town

Back at the workshop

Now with the backing of the entire town on his side, Leo vows to stop the beast with technology and logic, rather than stupid, fear mongering superstition and witch hunts. The town gets to work on their weapon to stop the beast while Leo studies in the library. After reading countless books, he goes asleep, only to be awoken by Finado and Moribunda who smack him with a book. During an eureka moment, Leo comes up with a solution.

"Hey. You know what they say about giving the devil his due"
— Leo

Fighting the devil

Smacking the devil with the tank

Leo excitedly ask Teodora if the weapon is ready, she replies that it's as ready as it'll gonna be. Leo then ask if if they have any of the old designs for the cannonballs. Teodora gives him a weird look, but goes along with it. With the aid of the town, Leo drives the Leeds Tank into battle against the monster, running it over with a massive, steel plate. Leo shows a rather wicked sense of humor by cracking one liners in his battle, having a shockingly good time from fending off the beast.

"You missed. You missed again. Come on. Is that the best you can do?"
— Teodora

Ya missed

"You wanna switch?"

Leo starts shooting at the beast with sharp steel pikes. He misses each of his 8 or so shots, and Teodora calls him out on each and every miss, which causes Leo to angerily bark at her, asking if she wants to switch, she nonchalantly declines and draws her attention back to her phone instead. In a it of rage, the devil flies towards the tank and rips off the cannon firing the pikes. Leo and Teodora are both visibly worried and horrified by what just happened. As the beast rips off more of the metal, Leo drives the tank in order to try to shrug off the devil. It tries to attack them, but only ends up hitting Teodora instead.

Holding down the devil

Leo holding down the devil

As they spot Alebrije armed with the cannon and match, Leo slams on the breaks. Alebrije clumsily fumbles with the match as the devil attempts to fly away. Leo grabs its feet and in an impressive feat of raw strength and endurance, holds down the monster, denying its chance to fly away. As he holds it down, Alebrije under the instruction of Teodora fires the cannonball directly through the beasts chest, killing it on the spot, covering an already confused and injured Leo in a black inky substance.

"New Jersey Will Be A Paradise!"Edit

"Leo, that's brilliant! You have the makings of a fine inventor"
— Thomas Decatur

Leo and Decatur

Decatur praising Leo

The following day, Leo and Thomas are discussing what just happened. Leo is telling Thomas how he came up with the Jersey Devil's weakness, by reading Stephen Decaturs' journals, realizing the bucket from before actually hurt it, discovering his weakness was actually iron the whole time. Thomas praises Leo for his brilliant problem solving as he finishes repairing the Airship. Leo is the praised by a citizen of Leeds, who claims with Decatur's technology, New Jersey will be a paradise!

The BrotherhoodEdit

Team Legend Holographic Godofredo

Viewing the holographic Godofredo

Decatur then gives Leo a Record of sorts, telling him that he believes the grooves of it can store information and that it can be played by a device. On the Airship, Leo is examining the Record as Finado and Moribunda show the group where the record player is in an indirect and unseen manner. The group discover that the record contains a hologram of Friar Godofredo, who tells Leo of The Brotherhood, of the secret society, of legends and how their ultimate goal is to stop Quetzalcoatl. The hologram tells Leo to go to Germany, as there he will find him. Godofredo attempts to say something else, but his speech becomes muffled as the record skips. After the hologam disappears, Leo decides that they will go to Germany in order to get the Brotherhoods help.

Tracking Down the BrotherhoodEdit

The Sleepless TownEdit

Grabbing his trusty compass, Leo and his friends start to explore the land they found themselves in. As Teodora complains that they're lost, Leo tries to cover up the act he's loss with confidence, claiming they're were Godofredo sent them. Despite their situation, made slightly worse by Don Andrés complaining Leo is relying on a compass, Leo and Alebrije keep good spirits as they explore. Eventually, the group of friends come across a village off in the distance.

They soon find themselves in the small German village, only to find that theirs something "off" about it. The movements of the people are sluggish and their eyes are baggy. Leo notices a local barista giving coffee to a kid, and complains that kids aren't allowed to have coffee, since his Abuela said so, and said that coffee would stunt his growth, which Teodora taunts him for by flying above him. Leo greets the barista in a friendly manner, though she doesn't return the kindness. When he asks her if she knows anything about the Brotherhood, she simply points to a nearby inn. Before he laves her be, he ask her if she's been sleeping lately, which she takes offense too. Leo goes back to check on his friends, suggesting they go to sleep and get an early start in the morning, but Don Andrés decides not to, as ghosts don't sleep and instead decides to haunt the streets.

Leo goes into the inn alone only to see an overweight woman sleeping at the check-in desk. Ringing the bell to get her attention, she almost attacks him with a broom by accident, though quickly shapes up her act and gives him a proper greeting. Leo senses something is off about the inn, but retains a polite demeanor. Leo asks about the Brotherhood, but the Inn Keeper believes he's referring to The Brothers Grimm instead, which Leo believes is "absolutely possible". Leo checks in a room and asks the Inn Keeper about the Grimm. She informs Leo that they're "extremely dead". They have a brief back-and-fourth about the Grimm, and the increasingly odd actions of the Inn Keeper clearly unnerve Leo. As she leaves him be and wishes him a good night, Leo quietly and quickly goes asleep. Little does he know that he's being watched by the horrible Mart.

After some time, Leo becomes conscious of the monster looking over him. He struggles and tries to get free, but mysteriously finds himself trapped, unable to get free from his bed. The monster uses his powers to put Leo asleep, and suddenly the boy finds himself lost in the Dream World. Leo finds himself in a classroom along with a dream version of Peter, Brown Haired Boy, Marcella and Friar Godofredo. According to Godofredo, Leo has a test on the Brothers Grimm, only to have the skeletons of the Grimm intimate Leo as his classmates taunt him. As his reality is spiraling out of control, Leo loses two of his teeth and wakes up.

Scared for his life, Leo notices his friends watching over him as he latches onto Don Andrés's mustaches, claiming that the town is defiantly bedeviled. As Leo hears the screams of townsfolk, he starts to calm down. As they notice a weird, black and red goo liquid all over the town, they make haste to leave the inn, but before he leaves the Inn, he confronts the Inn Keeper over her deceit. She apologizes, claiming that she needed the money as few people stay in an inn for a town that hardly sleeps. Leo questions her about what monster invaded his dreams and she in forms him that it was a "Nicht Mart", a monster who sneaks into every keyhole in every house and gives the residents bad dreams. Leo compares the monsters description to an "evil Santa Claus", but the Inn Keeper in forms him that they also have an evil Santa Clause called "Krampus", much to Leo's shock. The Inn Keeper goes on about how it was Don Andrés who betrayed the town and he's the reason why the town suffers from no sleep.

Leo, Teodora and even Alebrije are disappointed in Don Andrés's cowardly actions, and even more disappointed in how he's trying to cover his tracks. Nonetheless, Leo offers a helping hand to the lady. Te lady is, however, rather hostile towards Leo for offering help, as the last person to offer help was none other then Don Andrés. The woman tells Leo of the story of how Don Andrés betrayed Steinau and how Nicht Mart attacked the town. Leo is determined as ever to find a way to help the town, even if they have no connection to The Brotherhood, once again showing his truly selfless and heroic side.

Walking down town, Teodora tells Leo of how her mother has had a dream journal that she used to lucid dream. Leo uses the rhyme his Abuela taught him as a mantra to lucid dream. Leo and his friends to head into a library. On the verge of sleep, Leo does his best to study the Mart before he ultimately succumbs to sleep. Almost as soon as he goes to sleep, Leo starts to dream. His dream however, is practically identical to the library he fell asleep in. In his dream, Alebrije, Don Andrés and Teodora praise Leo for his contributions to society, and for being cute, while Abuela asks him if he could crack a giant egg. Leo is obviously confused by all of this. As he spots Nicht Mart, he begins to chant the mantra "Mathew, Mark, Luke and John" in order to trick himself into lucid dreaming.

In the real world, Leo's friends are concerned for his well-being as they crowd around his sleeping body. Although Don Andrés wishes to wake him, Teodora tells them to let him sleep so he can possibly defeat Nicht Mart without their help.

The Haunted City of PompeiiEdit

The VodnikEdit

To Be Written

Eater of WorldsEdit

Jolly ol' LondonEdit

Journey to JapanEdit

Last Days of the AdventureEdit

Unexpected Detour to ChinaEdit

The Haunted Doll, Mister MaderaEdit

Back to MexicoEdit

The 21st CenturyEdit

The Lion vs The SnakeEdit

To Be Written

Later AdventuresEdit

Sometime after the events of the Charro Negro's battle, the evil King Cadejo obtained the gem that makes Leo see ghost and fused it in the planet, making all the people able to see ghost. Then he captured Xochitl, Teodora, Kika and Valentina to obtain information, but when Leo and Nando discovered this, they were prepare to defeat the King Cadejo and his army of butterflies and bees called "Galagas". When the two San Juan Brothers reached Mexico DF, Leo found with thr Siguamonta, who returned him his Balero, just that with "fire powers" and now when Leo gets his balero, he launches fire balls, and he use it to defeat the King Cadejo. After this he saved his four friend and he invited they to his house to eat.


King Cadejo survived his defeat with Leo, so he decide to use help of his sidekicks; Ed and Fred. And from his sons Cadejo Jr. and Pamela, but Pamela wasn't able to do their things, and she ended to join Leo's friend. Leo faced too Santiago Gonzales de la Cruz and his brother Zando Gonzales de la Cruz, because Santiago had a crush on Xochitl, and Zando had a crush on Valentina.

New Menaces

Sometime later, Leo was fighting again with King Cadejo, but he was captured, so Nando decide to create the team of the Legendaries. The first ones were Xochitl and Teodora, and with their dimensional traveling powers, they recluted too Valentina, Kika and Beto, Marine the Raccoon, Pac-Man the Baryonyx, Knuckles the Echidna, Team Hooligan, Big the Cat, Kirby, and the robot Lucky. This team saved Leo and then they prepared to face King Cadejo with the new power ups of the Siguamonta. At the end, Leo reached Cadejo on a building, and he used a Power Cookie to has a "lion form", Leo does the same and he defeat Cadejo again.

Fuse Zone

Some time later, when Leo goes to Morelia to visit Valentina, they discovered a portal which it was eating the planet, they entered and they reached a "White Space" with the Morelia's houses and jungle's tree where Pac-Man appeared again, so the three started a new quest to discover what's happening. In their adventured they discovered that their world wasn't the only one which it was absorved, other worlds were eaten too, and then Leo meet Mario and Sonic.

The three universal heroes were exploring and were fighting with Dark Bowser, Perfect Chaos, and then they discovered that was King Cadejo's plan. And when Cadejo reached them, he transform into his natural form of Xolotl, but Mario, Sonic and Leo were able to defeat him, just to discovered that Cadejo has a Living Portal. Eggman appeared giving to Sonic the seven Chaos Emeralds, and he became Super Sonic. But he gave the power to Mario and Leo, and then both become Super Mario and Super Leo. They defeated the Living Portal and everyone returned to their home.

Worlds in Danger

Five months after that, Leo received a letter from Valentina, and it said that she wants to explore the mountains with him. Leo accepted and when he meets her, both started exploring the mountains and eat some breads, and Nando was looking them on a tree. But an explotion revealed Nando's identity and after they discovered him, they looked to the sky, just to find again the King Cadejo. Leo jumped to the airship using his Fire Balero to face him, Cadejo, learning his errors from his previous battle, was prepare to defeat Leo.

Both started fighting in the air while a bear was looking to them, after a hard battle Leo destroyed the airship, but Cadejo appeared with a flying Kanoa and he breath fire to Leo. he loses his fire powers and started falling to the ground, but before Valentina and Nando saved him, an electric force make him reach the sky, which gave Leo's opportunity to use his Quetzal Feather and become Feather Leo. Leo fly fast and he defeated Cadejo again, but he said that he has another plan.

He made Leo's world called Pac-Earth moved to crash on an alternative world called Earthbius. He will make both worlds become an only one world and he will rule with the "Criminal Empire". But before he continue, the same electric force punched him, and Leo grab his tail to launch him to the space. after this he discovered than the elctric force was a "black bear cub" with a super hero disguised, he asked Leo if he was the guy who was looking, and Leo said that yes. The bear introduced himself as "Ovil the Black Bear".

The Black Bear

Leo showed Ovil to Nando and Valentina, and Ovil said what's happening. Five months after his recent battle with his enemy "Dr Z" he discovered that he has returned with a new ally, so Ovil went to the Possum Star.

He foud his enemy talking with Cadejo about their conquering plans. Zeta talked to Cadejo of Ovil, and Cadejo talked to Zeta about Leo. But before Cadejo talked about Xochitl Ovil was detected, so he escaped. Ovil wanted to said to his group about what happened but he discovered a dimensional portal to Pac-Earth, so he entered to them. He found the mountains and he was prepare to find Leo and he found him fighting with Cadejo.

After this, Ovil said that they most work together and found the seven Star Emeralds. Leo asked what are the Star Emeralds, and he said they are seven stones in estelar form, which has an individual magic power, and using five or seven, you can have "Super Powers".

Valentina remembered that those Star Emeralds are similar to the Chaos Emeralds, Ovil asked what are those. Valentina answered that are seven gems with unlimited power, and Leo used with Mario and Sonic to defeat the Living Portal. So Leo and Ovil decide to find both types of emeralds, but then a "yellow opossum with a machine" appeared. Resulting to be Dr Z, the enemy of Ovil,so Leo still having his Feather powers decide to fight Ovil with Dr. Z.

Leo and Ovil didn't have troubles to defeat the evil opossum, but he used to the end two missiles, Leo and Ovil weren't able to react to them, and were so close to be defeated. But then Ovil discovered a "Beans Can" he said to Leo to eat the beans, and when he made it, he turned into a ball and pushed Dr. Z to the space too> Leo and Ovil celebrate their victory and then he asked where the bean's can appeared. the Leo, Ovil, Valentina and Nando meet Ovil's friends, Wilbur and Lisa.

The Mysterious White Bear

Cadejo was in the Possum Star angry by his defeat, then Dr. Z appeared too saying to Cadejo that he was defeated too. Zeta asked to the evil king how much the two worlds will colisionate, and Cadejo answered that in six weeks. So they were planning to create their new world known as the Villain Shelter, home of the best villains,

But then, the new Cadejo's members, the Gala-Ninjas tell they the dimensional portal that are across their worlds, so Cadejo and Zeta prepared their most powerful weapons to the time when Leo and Ovil obtained the fourteen gems. Sharpfly, Metal Ovil, and Mecha Ovil.

Meanwhile, Wilbur and Lisa wxplained that they and Susy received a message from Teodora, who said them to reach Leo, they were flying on the plane Ultra and Susy fly away to find Teodora. After saying this, every one decide to go to the Teodora's Mansion, but then a white bear appeared to help them. Ovil recognized him as Polight, he said that in his city a dimensional portal appeared and wanted to know what's happening. So he wanted to help them, but before he wanted to fight with Leo to discover how much powerful is him, Leo accepted and both start fighting. But then a lot of fire appeared and it becomes a fire shark called Fueguron, Ovil and Wilbur will fight with Leo with Fueguron while Polight put the others to a safe place, and before they start fight, Fueguron was punched by Leofardo.

Sharks with fire

Leofardo told then that Fueguron destroyed the Nucat Ruby into pieces and after the three beat Fueguron, Leo found one piece of the Nucat Ruby, and he gave that to Leofardo the piece and he continued his way to reconstruct the Nucat Ruby.

Leo, Ovil and Wilbur return to Puebla, Polight and Valentina were waiting them, and when they were prepare to start a new adventure, Polight and Valentina decide to go by their selves. But then a gray squirrel appeared. Resulting to be Susy, Ovil's best friend.

Leo in Earthbius

Leo, Nando, Ovil, Wilbur, Lisa, and Susy found a Chaos Emerald and a Star Emerald, so both reached Teodora's house, meeting Xochitl and Pamela, they built a machine that can discover the location of the fourteen gems. So everyone divide to cover zone, Leo and Nado will go with Ovil and Wilbur, while the others stay in the house.

The four heroes found a dimensional door to Earthbius, they entered to them and awake in "Smile Hill Zone". Leo and Ovil runned to find the emeralds, while Nando and Wilbur went to the Universal Squad's base. Leo and Ovil heard someone screaming, just to discover that it was Alebrije being attacked by another Ovil's enemies, Zeta Nega. When Alebrije recovered his strenght, the three warriors fight with Nega, but do exactly what his dimensional counterpart do, he launched three missiles. But Zeta Nega's enemies, Jirafo appeared to defeat him, so everyone escaped while Jirafo faced Nega.

Then Alebrije gave to Leo a Chaos Emerald, and then everyone found Argentum and then they meet Jirafi.

The future Squir-Bear, the dimensional Girafe, and the Nega possum.

Fenrir's revenge

Leo, Ovil and Alebrije found another Star Emerald, just to be attacked by the Fenrir, so everyone faced to him and Ovil used Leo's Quetzal Feathers to defeat him, while Leo used Chaos Control to freeze time

Xochimilco Returns

The Legendaries and the Urban Squad reached Xochimilco in another Dimensional Portal and then they found Kika and Beto, but they were surprised by a Flower Bee, so Susy helped them to defeat it and then, they decide again to make new teams. Leo will go with Ovil, Wilbur will go with Kika, and Susy with Nando.

Kapa's rematch

Ed and Fred are fused

The Chaotic Robot

The invincible Galaga

Monkey and R.A.O.S. in Smile Hill City

Ninjas' Mansion

The futuristic dinosaur and the Metalings

Alebrijes' race

Mysterious Robot

In the outher space

The first and the new Mechs

The Dimensional Battle Part 1

The Dimensional Battle Part 2

King Cadejo Rage

Time later the Earthbius adventure, in Puebla, Leo was fighting with Santiago for Xochitl, but their fight was interrupted by King Cadejo, who was extremely angry with Leo by his previous defeats, so both started to fight once more.

Leo could fight with him, until Cadejo ate a Metal Sandwich and he turned into Metal Cadejo, who was unstoppable and was close to kill Leo and Nando, until a captsule pushed him making him back to normal, so Leo turned into Feather Leo and attacked a lot Cadejo. But Ed and Fred make him a menace, if he left being killed by their boss, they won't send Xochitl to the Dead World, so Leo accepted, until some mysterious heroes saved everyone. And Leo launched Cadejo to the air, the heroes that saved Leo were Sonic, Shadow, Silver, Kirby, Tiff, Tuff, Megaman X and Zero.

They were there to find the Sol Emeralds before King Cadejo, King Dedede, Dr. Eggman and Sigma do it, so they made a new quest to find the Sol emeralds. They explored on new states fighting with the Gala-Ninjas, the Net-agents, and with the Siguamonta. Until Teodora was captured by a flying fortress, everyone reach it and they started a hard battle, where Sonic and Xochitl having the seven Sol Emeralds turned into Burning Sonic and Burning Xochitl. After beating Cadejo, Dedede, Sigma and Eggman, the ship crashed on a temple.

The first Charro Negro

In that temple, a strange robot called Metalix, who was the original Charro Negro before the one who was interested on Leo, wanted to kill every body. But Leo turned into Super Leo without the Chaos Emeralds and he fought him, finishing the first Charro Negro, and when everyone returned to their universe, Leo decide to retire from be a ghost-hunter and he forgot his memories, until the Quetzalcoatl menace happened.

The Last Fight

Cadejo wanted to fight with Leo for a last time, so he sended all his minions to kill Leo. Leo/Leonardo fought with every Galaga and with Cadejo Jr, then he and Xochitl were looking for Cadejo on a snow forest. But then Xochitl attacked Leo, and then she told him that she always was made by darkness, and she never love Leo, she just kissed him to obtain his confidence and kill him. Leo decide to fight to the dead with Xochitl, and she burned the snow forest with "Hell Fire" but Leo was able stop her and desintegrate her. Leo was first sad because his female best friend was a cheeting on him. But he must stop King Cadejo, he reach him in the space and he turned again into Super Leo and fought with Xolotl one last time, destroying him.

Leo returned to his home, he kissed Valentina, and some days later, Leo and Valentina get married and both have a daughter called Gretta San Juan Garcia.

Lumans in the Penguins' Olympics

In another timeline where Cadejo was still alive, Leo and his friends and enemies were send to an alternative universe lived by antropomorphic penguins. These penguins make the Legendaries fight among another dimension heroes called the Loud Family. So to save their home Leo competed with Lincoln, Teodora with Lori, Nando with Lucy, Santiago with Lynn, Cadejo with Luna, Alebrije with Lana, Evaristo with Lola, and Zando with the Loud's enemy, the Baron Bad Metal. After complete the penguins' Olympic Games, they were set free to their universe. But they decide to do it again with Olympic Winter Games, so everyone competed again and this time Pac-Man and and the Siguamonta participated too, competing with Bobby Santiago and Liam.


Cadejo and Baron Bad Metal were interesed on this new planet, they try to conquer the Penguins' world, capturing Valentina and Ronnie Anne to don't be stopped easily, but these two tough girls escaped and ptry to stop their plans. Leo and Lincoln discovered this and they go to save their friends and stop their enemies again.

Worlds Unitted

Leo, Valentina, Nando and Teodora decide to live on Xochimilco, so they buitl a house there to live happy, while Cadejo wanted to retire from villain, but not before killing Leo. Baron Bad Metal appeared with Dr. Z, (now named "Lord Domuz") to invite him to conquer Leo's world (Pac-Earth), Lincoln's world ( Learth) and Ovil's world (Earthbius). He accepted and with his Galagas army rebuilt the Moon-bot. While Leo and Valentina were starting living in Xochimilco, a dimensional portal send them to the Casagrandes building, after the Louds discover this they go with Luan's boyfriend (Benny) to discover what's happening. They finally reach the apartment and Leo meets Benny, Lisa creates a dimensional portal to make them back to Pac-Earth byt it makes everyone goes to it.

In Pac-Earth, Teodora was talking with everybody, while Ovil who appeared there too was eating some fishes. The two families, Valentina and Leo appeared in there, and Leo was surprised to see Ovil diferent ( now called Ovil Boom). The Loud sisters get scare to see Ovil, so Lincoln faced Ovil, he does the same thinking that he was a Domuz's servant, But Leo stopped the fight saying to Lincoln what happened in "Leo and Ovil Worlds in Danger".

Nucat's Ruby stealing

Everyone go to Earthbius by Ovil's Dimensional Scissors, and they meet the Team Boom, comformed by Susy, Leofardo, Link, Alicia, Manguito, Polight and Siry, they were talking about their worlds and their species. But they discovered that Daron, Badejo, and Comuz, were moving to Lake Island to steal the Nucat Ruby, they followed the villains but it was too late, and Earthbius without it's livng gem, was dying slowly, so they make all the humans and earthbians from Earthbius moved to Pac-Earth, Learth, the Solar System planets and Planet Colorin to be safe.

The plan

Legendaries, Team Boom, Louds and Casagrandes decide to look the other gems that comform the Nucat Ruby, the Leaft Emeralds, but then Domuz's kingdom (the Savage Clan) were prepare to fight with the two Lumans families, and Leo was surprised to see than Santiago and Zando now work with Domuz.

Leo meets Sid Chang, and he felt her annoying and stinky, but he didn't hate her, so he wasn't angry when she was to help him. Leo Valentina, Ovil Boom, Susy, Lincoln, Ronnie Anne, and Sid went to Great Lakes city to find the first Leaft Emerald, they found it but it disappear and they are forced to fight with Ronnie Anne's rivals; Blue Y, X Virus, and Johnny.

Then, they go to Royal Woods to find it, while Domuz and Cadejo Jr came to destroy them, but Junior get distracted, because he saw lonely Sam Sharp, so he went to her to talk and she said that she rejected Luna's love and now she hates her, so Junior started a romance with Sam. And Domuz was prepare to defeat the heroes, but he gets distracted by looking on Maggie and her Emo Friends, so he decide to go with tthe Emos to a restaurant.

Leo and his friends found one of Lincoln's friend Rusty, who joined Lucy's group after Liam had an accident. Lincoln try to make him return to his group, but he said that Haiku said to him that "a leaft was making blood in the street" and they discover that she refers to the Leaft Emerald.

When Leo and Susy found the emerald, an strange force pushed everyone (making Lincoln, Ronnie Anne and Sid kissed by accident), they discovered that was Ronnie Anne's archi-nemesis called Dr. Jeremy Badstone, so everyone faced to him.

After defeating him, they obtain the first Leaft Emerald and they sleep on the Loud House, and when Lincoln invited Sid to sleep in his bed, Leo and Ovil though it was to make adult things, but it result just to sleep.

Triple Trouble

Leo and his friends returned to Earthbius while their friends and families appeared with the other two Leaft Emeralds, just leaving they with two more, but Mike Rhino have them and he returned to the moon-bot. So Leo, Lincoln and Ovil went to the space to fight one more time with thier enemies. When they were defeated, it wasn't over yet Cadejo turned into Xolotl, Bad Metal turned into Metal Overlord, and Domuz used his robot, Rey Kong, and the Moon-bot explode but Leo, Lincoln and Ovil were saved by their friends again. Leo turned into Super Leo and Linconl making contact with him turned into Super Lincoln and Ovil used the five Star Emeralds to transform into Super Ovil and they fight with the villains once more. The villains were so close to be defeated so they liberated their most powerfull weapons, Coily Rattler, Metalix, and Xochitl, but she absorved thier powers and she made a huge explotion, making everyone falling on an asteroid.

Leo VS Xochitl

After Xochitl was free, she was prepare to destroy the universe, so Ovil decide to turn into Hyper Ovil, and he share his powers to Leo and Lincoln, making them turning into Hyper Leo and Hyper Lincoln, and they go to destroy Xochitl. Ovil and Lincoln stop Xochitl's attacks, but Leo fights directly with she, and after a massive death battle, Leo defeated Xochitl, killing the ghost girl and making her never

Everyone is happy and return their universe.

The New Story

Leo, Valentina, Nando, Teodora, Beto, Kika and Juanita becomes the new Legendaries, and Cadejo Jr transform into a human to invite Sam to living in Pac-Earth, she accepts and both becomes criminals. But one day King Cadejo appeared saying that he cannot continue, so he and his galagas leave New Spain forever, because they couldn't continue living there and Cadejo was so sad by all his bad actions, so they moved to Africa, and Leo's new enemies are Baba Yaga and Marcela

The Future

Years later, Leo with Valentina has a daughter called Gretta San Juan Garcia, Nando and Teodora has a son called Nando Jr, and Junior and Sam has a daughter called Lina Cadejo. They become the new Legendaries and Gretta's cousin Nando started a romance with Lina, and Leo lived 91 years.

Personality and traitsEdit

Leo adventuring

Leo braving the Temple

Leo San Juan is an adventurous, friendly, brave, caring, selfless, forgiving, heroic, enthusiastic and kindhearted young man. Altruistic from a young age, Leo is extremely loyal to those who he cares about. He is willing to risk his life for others, whether they be friends, strangers or in some cases, even enemies. Leo is very trusting of others, almost always assuming those around him have good intentions at heart, a habit that's unfortunately endangered Leo's life on multiple occasions.[18][25] These traits have made it easy for Leo to gain friends and allies throughout his many adventures, sometimes even befriending enemies. In La Leyenda del Chupacabras, armed with just is stalwart compassionate spirit, Leo managed to ally himself with soldiers on the other side of the war, becoming good friends with men who tried to imprison him only hours prior. Ironically, Leo is very unpopular in his home town of Puebla due to his "weird" personality and seemingly childish antics.

Generally speaking, while Teodora is the brawns (or Moribunda in the La Leyenda series), Leo is the brains. He has been shown to be a lover of technology since his childhood and has a deep fascination with landmarks across the globe, freaking out over the site of Pompeii and Mount Vesuvius, much to the annoyance of those around him.[13][18] Leo is somewhat of a dork, at least in comparison to his friends. This is complimented by his aforementioned interest of foreign locations and awkward demeanor. Leo is also a fan of sports and invented the game of Legball, which he played with Peter and others.[23] One of Leo's most consistent traits is his respect of his elders, showing his Abuela, as well as Friar Godofedo constant respect, politeness and kindness.[15][18][23]

Leo Scared Nahuala

Leo being frightened by his older brother.

As a child, Leo and meek and timid. He was easily frightened, which often lead to spouts of anxiety and paranoia. Unfortunately for him, his fear was often exploited by his older brother, Fernando "Nando" San Juan, who fed him stories of legends such as la Nahuala. Nando would go as far as to convince Leo that a kindly old woman was la Nahuala in disguise and bullied the poor kid even in church, which lead to a panic and nearly killed Brother Sinfonolo in the process.[18]

In spite of all of this, his Abuela knew that Leo was truly brave and courageous, much like his father. Leo was a very friendly and good-natured little boy, who often helped out his Nana Dionisia with her bakery and had generally good relations with his fellow citizens of Puebla, mostly adults. He was good friends with Friar Godofredo and felt bad over nearly killing Brother Sinfonolo.[18]

Leo Bullied

Leo being bullied

One of Leo's most notable, and mocked, traits is his sensitivity. He was deeply saddened at All Souls Day over the lost of his parents, which he claims he has trouble remembering at this point, making his sadness over their lost even greater. During the night of the same day, Leo is bullied by two children, making fun of his sensitive and cowardly personality. After the bullies mention that Nando told them how he pees his pants in fear, Leo begins to cry.[18]

Leo Clumsy

Leo recovering from a fall

Leo has been shown to both very dexterous and a bit of a klutz. His precision and accuracy with his balero was shown to be near perfect, though in other situations he was quite clumsy, such as when he tripped over his balero string when called by Dionisia. Leo also helped his family run Panadería San Juan as a general helper and delivery boy. He seemed to enjoy his job well enough, or at least didn't mind helping working there. However, Leo's fear of the dark and unknown ended up almost compromising his work as a delivery boy.[18]

Leo Confused

Leo confused at his Nana's donut pun.

Leo gets along well with Dionisia, referring to her as his Nana, though he fails to understands her jokes, which often leave him in a confused state. Leo is usually respectful to his elders in general, very rarely showing "attitude". This is likely one of the many reasons as to why virtually all of Leo's friends have been adults, prior to befriending Xóchitl and Teodora Villavicencio. Leo has always had an interest in technology, when Father Godofredo showed him blueprints of his balloon that would "make the birds jealous". This fascination with technology would stick with Leo in the years to come.[11][18]

Like many kids, Leo put a lot of faith in the word of his elders and authority figures. He instantly believed Santos when he said no ghost or monster lived in the manor, and he never once doubted Godofredo's claims of his flying balloon. Leo is quick to trust others, and generally makes friends with others fast, as long as they see past his scaredy cat demeanor. Feeding into his naiveté, Leo was a superstitious kid, he truly believed that Miquixtli's medallion would make him brave and courageous, as said by Santos.[18]

Leo was a very excitable child. After seeing Santos Fireworks from China, Leo was filled with wonder and awe from the event. He ran back to Panadería San Juan to inform Nana Dionisia of the "playworks" he saw. He referred to the fireworks as "treats for the eyes".[18]

Leo also had a penchant for dancing and performed a flawless dance in his Nana's house while no one was watching. His dance abruptly ends when he trips and falls when his Nana calls for him. Leo was also shown to be a religious child, attending church and even had a close friendship with the priest, Father Godofredo and helped him as a choir boy.[18]

Although friendly and kind, Leo had his limits. After he thought Nando was teasing him once again over la Nahuala and old manor, he snapped and told his brother how much he hated him. After realizing his brother was actually gone, Leo went for help and eventually braved the manor himself in order to save him. Thoughout the later events in his first adventuring saga, Leo would find himself being pushed to his limits more and more, snapping at others from time to time. Despite his increasing bad temper, Leo always made an attempt to be patient with others. This can be especially seen with Teodora and Kika, both of whom Leo loved like sisters, but both have tested his limits more than a few times.[1][20]

Leo even put up with Teodora's increasingly inane request and demands, such as letting her give him a "Justin Bieber" style haircut or being forced into buying her expensive perfume, boots and purses in order to cheer her up, as well as to get her to help him on his mission.[1][20] He would often times tease her back, calling her the most difficult trial in the Manor.

As the years went on, Leo's innocence slowly dwindled as he was forced to become more violent and aggressive. Although still generally still pacifistic, he did resort to physical blows in his confrontation with Doctor Merolick after the villain had left his brother and his new friends for dead. His very brief, yet bloody and traumatic experience in the war had hardened Leo to an extent, forcing him to cope with death, violence and the evils of humanity on a wholly more personal level. During his time in the war, Leo was quicker to anger and was always on the verge of snapping at his friends and family due to the constant stress. He found Teodora's childish personality irritating, as he was forced to grow up while she kept her childlike, whimsical views on their adventures. Still, despite his flaws, Leo remained a goodhearted child who really does cares about his friends and families.

Growing up, Leo retained many of his older qualities. He is selfless, kind, creative and for the most part, friendly. However, Leo has grown anger over his friends such as Teodora, Don Andrés and Alebrije for not respecting his wish to live a normal life and snapped at them, telling them that he just wants them to go.[23] Despite his anger towards them, he still deeply cares about his friends which has been shown many times throughout the series, such as when he saved Alebrije from being thrown off the Airship or when he ventured into Medusa's Cave in order to save Teodora.[11][13] After Puebla was destroyed, Leo also grew a trait of selfishness, as saving Marcella and Toñita San Juan became his number one priority, almost sacrificing Alebrije in "Vodnik" to do so. Leo would always do the right thing in the end, and saved Alebrije's life in the end.

As his Grandmother stated all those years ago, Leo is truly brave and heroic. After one of the Horroroso snatched the Mystic Bomb, Leo personally went to ground level to force it out of his hands and hurled it towards Quetzalcoatl, almost dying in the process. Leo has also been shown to be very caring. He fought tooth and nail to make sure the Golem didn't as much as lay a finger on Teodora's true body and wished The New Quetzalcoatl to revive her briefly dead body, ensuring a happy reunion between her and her mother.[24]

Now as a teenager, Leo has become somewhat more socially awkward, and usually talks in an odd, awkward manner in front of people he doesn't know, sometimes fumbling his words "The Mart". Still, Leo retains his brave and adventurous spirit, albeit buried under his new found desire to be popular with the other kids in Puebla, who view him as a weirdo and ostracize him accordingly. Despite his good nature, Leo is argumentative and irritable in the company of his "Ghost Friends". Despite this, he cares deeply about them all the same.

Leo has proven to be very intelligent, clever and creative. He's a quick thinker who easily deduced the Jersey Devil's true weakness when Thomas Decatur could not and even figured out that the Prophecy was manufactured by Quetzalcoatl when even other great beings such as Fenrir believed it to be true.[11][15][21] Despite this, Leo can still naive at times, such as when he didn't question Mrs Wasp at all, and simply believed Dr. Blackpulp to be up to no good, or such as when he truly believed Marcella betrayed him, leaving him utterly devastated.[14][26]

While Leo is very intelligent, he doesn't know much of the world outside of Puebla. This becomes a running gag throughout the series, with him not knowing stuff that would seem like common knowledge to most modern people, such as their whereabouts of Germany or what Kanji Script was. He occasionally laments this early in his journey, but eventually grows out of it.[11]

Leo can be quite sassy with others, specially Don Andrés, calling him out on his supposed "back pain" and groaning out of frustration when Don Andrés chopped it up to "Phantom Pain". Despite his small frame, Leo can be a big eater. While staying at the Orphanage, he ate countless bowls of the Orphans food, even taking Marcella's bowl as his own.[14] Additionally, Leo is a fan of spicy foods and downed a large about of Wasabi during his stay in Japan, which proved to be even to hot for him.

Leo has been shown to like animals a great deal. He loved his pet rabbit named Cuco and was greatly angered when he heard Nando had accidentally killed it, punching him as revenge. Though he doesn't appear to be the best with animals, or at least not with wild beasts. In "Ghost of Medusa", he smiled when he saw the Sheep and tried to be friendly towards it, though did get frustrated with it after it showed hostility towards him.

Leo admiring his own image

Leo admiring himself

Leo can be vain and greatly admires himself. In "The Mart", he portrayed himself as a suave and charismatic Sombrero-wearing hero and in "The Chilan", Leo visually agreed with Teodora's sarcastic praising of his abilities, believing she was serious. In spite of his vanity, Leo is still a rustic person and has no qualms about exploring dirty, messy and gross locations such as wells and jungles.[15][25]

Appearance and apparelEdit

La NahualaEdit

Leo was a considerably short boy, shorter then his female friends Xóchitl and Teodora, albeit not by much. He had tanned skin befitting of his New Spain birth and brown, slightly spiky hair. Leo had a long face that would often be filled with glee or horror. Leo wore a creamy white shirt with a red vest and olive green-brownish pants. Leo also wore brown, generally unremarkable sandals.

During church, Leo wears a white shirt with red cuffings.

An enthusiast of the balero, Leo would seldom be seen without one. His balero would nearly always be by his side, only removing it when he had to go to church. His enthusiastic skill with the toy has saved his life many times.

An emotional boy of many anxieties and fears, Leo's expressions can greatly vary. At the sight of technology, Leo beams with excitement, but when told of a spooky story, Leo's expression changes to that of a deeply frightened one.

La LloronaEdit

For the most part, Leo appears the same, though his hair is slightly spikier than before and his eyes are slightly less beady. Levi now sports a white garb and a pitch black vest going over it. Leo also now wears a red belt and black pants, along with black shoes replacing his sandals.

Las MomiasEdit

Leo's apparel remains mostly unchanged in La Momias, though now wears tan pants and more pronounced, but slightly less dark shoes.

Del ChupacabrasEdit

Leo retains his brown pants from before, though they now contain a black coloration down the middle.

Legend QuestEdit

Now as a teenager, Leo is much, much taller than before. His eyes are less buggy and beady and his hair is more refined. His clothing is virtually the same as his clothing from La Llorona, though with a few minor differences. Most notably, his red belt now has three small rings across its circumference.


Main article: Panadería San Juan

Throughout his childhood, Leo worked as a general helper and delivery boy at his families bakery, Panadería San Juan. Leo seemed to enjoy his job well enough and was eager to help his family. Although not an official job, Leo became quite famous for his ability to defeat witches and monsters and has been requested to save the town of Xochimilco and later his friend, Xóchitl from the Momias. During Legend Quest, Leo appears to no longer work Panadería San Juan, in fact it's unknown whether or not the bakery still exist within the soft reboot continuity. Instead, Leo seems to not have a job at all and simply attends his school.


Main article: San Juan Family

Leo is the youngest son of the San Juan family. He has an older brother named Fernando San Juan, though he usually goes by the nickname of "Nando". He was the child of Mr. San Juan and Mrs. San Juan, who both died when he was young, leading him to be raised by his Abuela, Toñita San Juan.

Skills and abilitiesEdit

Leo can be described as "Brains over brawn". While he's not necessarily shown to be physically weak, he has been shown to be nearly useless in an actual fight, as actual battles involving Leo more often then not ended in him getting beat to the point of nearly losing conscious. Leo is, however, incredibly intelligent and clever, far smarter than his almost bumbling personality can let on. Although usually worthless in fights, Leo can hold his own against weaker monsters, such as Horroroso and Bactus.

Intellectual abilitiesEdit

"You are "The One". Not only "The One", you are the Socrates from Puebla..."
— Alebrije
"La Leyenda de la Nahuala"

Leo with books

Long night in the workshop

Leo is a very intelligent young man. From a young age, he had a deep rooted interest in science and technology, for example, he gazed upon Godofredo's hot air balloon with wonderment in his eyes. His fascination with the sciences lead him to develop a more logical and progressive mindset, far behind his time period. After Thomas Decatur was kidnapped, he, with help from others, built a Tank in order to fend off the beast. Before doing so, he praised Decatur for his logical and forward thinking, rather than simply blaming the disaster that was the Jersey Devil on the unknown.

Leo has been shown have great critical thinking skills. He deduced the Jersey Devil's weakness when not even Decatur could. According to Alebrije in "La Leyenda de la Nahuala", Leo was his intellectual equal. Leo would go onto solve all through of Alebrije's test, the third of which had tested Don Andrés for over 30 years. Throughout his adventures, it became increasingly clear that Leo's best strength was his intelligence, winning almost all of his greatest battles through his thinking and wits. He managed to see through Quetzalcoatl's conspiracy in the guise of a prophecy when no one else, not even Fenrir or the collective minds of the Brotherhood could.

Leo was also well versed in the worlds geography beyond his home town of Puebla. He knew of the legendary Mount Vesuvius and was in awe of its presence. However, his knowledge of the world beyond Puebla wasn't particularly deep. He didn't know what much of North America was like, nor did he recognize Japanese styled buildings from afar. Leo has also made a full of himself in Japan for various reasons, such as eating a massive amount of Wasabi or using a scroll as a napkin.

Physical prowessEdit

Bone Breaking

Leo after single handily defeating a family of Skeletons

To put it simply, Leo is not a fighter. That's not to say that Leo is worthless in a fight however. Though his battle with the Villavicencio Family was mostly won with wits and clever thinking, he still had to employ a high degree of physical strength to defeat them. Regardless, Leo's physical capabilities are often on the lower end of his friends, with nearly everyone he meets being stronger than him. On the other hand, Leo's endurance exceeded that of what a child should be capable of taking. He survived being thrown around by Nahuala, being slammed against a wall and all around abused without much in the way of injuries.

At 12 years old, Leo was capable of fighting his older brother, Nando, who had enlisted in the military. Later in the same night, Leo matched the adult Doctor Merolick in raw strength. Admittedly, the Doctor was a small and unhealthy man and Leo was eventually outmatched by the older man. While injured and delirious, Leo managed to pull Nando out of the burning building to safety, but needed the help of Teodora to do so.

By the events of Legend Quest, Leo had grown to a stronger character. He was able to hold his own against Horroroso and Bactus, even defeating a Horroroso in a fight at a disadvantage in "The Prophecy". Leo even managed to hold off the Jersey Devil boy holding down its feet for an extended period of time, while getting his head bashed in a metal wall repeatedly. His durability has also increased, as he was able to slam into a thick wooden wall while moving at extremely high speeds and was just winded by the experience.

Despite this, a minor running gag throughout the series was how weak Leo was compared to everyone else. He was able to be effortlessly overpowered by Friar Godofredo and got beat up by Marcella and his Abuela when they believed him to be one of Quetzalcoatl's fake Leo's sent in to trick them.[15] In "Nu Gui", Leo injured himself by attempting to punch a stone wall and nearly cred as a result.

Fighting skillsEdit

Leo vs Dr Merolick

Leo fighting Dr. Merolick

Even though Leo isn't a fighter, as he often solves his problems with thinking and taking more humane approaches, there are times where he is forced to fight off his enemies. For example, when Doctor Merolick had knocked out Nando, Leo went berserk and attempted to overpower the mad doctor. The two were roughly equal matches, with Leo having the raw strength advantage, though the doctor got the upper hand by throwing powder into the boys eyes. Leo doesn't appear to have much in the way of actual skills and instead relies on brute force, which he generally lacks, except when he left King Cadejo and he launched him. That said, Leo can throw around basic punches and kicks to some success. He was able to fend off Horroroso by kicking them away and managed to hurt Nando with a good punch, but his punches are enough powerful to break walls.


"You are the hero of prophecy What is it you would like us to do? [...] We await your orders."
— The Vizier regarding Leo's status

Leo Leader

Leo taking charge

Being the de facto leader of Team Legend, as well as the entire Brotherhood, Leo has been forced to pick up a degree of leadership. While Leo is headstrong, brave and determined, he has shown poor leadership skills throughout his battle against Quetzalcatl, albeit largely in the first days of it. He put his own interest over that of his teammates, nearly getting Alebrije killed in the process. However, Leo is one to learn from his mistakes and bettered himself as a leader.

In the end, Leo proved himself to be a fine leader. Through his guidance and leadership, The Brotherhood did defeat Quetzalcoatl and the day was saved. Humanity survived in ignorance of the danger that threatened their very existence and it was all thanks to him. However, he could not achieve such a goal without the aid of his endlessly loyal friends, who risked their lives for him as he did so for them.

Dexterity and coordinationEdit

"Leo, I have an idea! Try to use your balero!"
— Xóchitl
"La Leyenda de la Nahuala"

Impeccable Aim

Leo's impeccable aim

Perhaps Leo's second greatest strength other than his intelligence, at least in the La Leyenda series, is his fantastic aim. Leo has destroyed small, hard to reach windows, lasso friends to safety, and save himself and others from falling with his trusty Balero. Even before his journey, Leo's coordination skills were very polished for a child his age. He was able to perform a complicated technique with his Balero with nearly—if not—perfect accuracy. Leo's great dexterity carried over into his teen years as well, as it helped him in kicking away the Esfera from Quetzalcoatl and aided him in his albeit few games of Legball.


Dancing with Xoc

Leo and Xóchitl dancing

Leo has been shown to be a skilled dancer at a young age. While at home, he performed a nearly flawless technique/dance with his Balero, only messing up when his Nana called for him. After Xóchitl kissed him, he took charge and began to dance with her, cultivating with him kissing her on the cheek.


"Good bye everyone!"
— Leo onto high adventure
"La Leyenda de la Nahuala"

Leo Exploring

Exploring the outskirts of Xochimilco

Although initially meek and timid, Leo would eventually grow a truly adventurous heart during his stay at the Manor. By the All Souls Day of 1808, Leo was enthusiastic about joining another journey and willing set off on high adventure with his new friends. Leo's since of wanderlust seemed to have start around the time he met Xóchitl and the two explored the Manor together, seeing all types of oddities and meeting odd entities, such as Gaznate the parot or the cannibalistic skeleton family. Leo would later go on many adventures over the years, such as his adventure in Xochimilco to stop La Llorona.

Although he wanted to live a more normal life coming his teenager years, Leo retained his courageous spirit deep down. This would cultivate into Leo's biggest adventure yet, a quest across the entire world—and other worlds—in order to save his loved ones and the entire human population from Quetzalcoatl; the destroyer. He braved many locations, explored other worlds, fought vicious monsters and engaged in battles of wits with Gods all to save those he cared about during his most grand adventure yet.


"Yeah. You may be a weirdo, but you're our weirdo."
— Peter to Leo
"The Prophecy"

Puebla celebrating Leo

Puebla praising Leo

In spite of his "weirdness" and general social ineptitude, Leo has amassed a sizable amount of loyal friends all across the world. He quickly befriended Xóchitl and Gaznates and founded a caring relationship with them within minutes. He eventually befriended Lady Teodora as well, despite her condescending and stuck up demeanor, the two became such good friends that she kissed him on the cheek and hugged him for his help. Leo's kindness and humble attitude even won over the heart of Santos Machorro, who was trying to kill Leo only moments prior. Santos even gave up his life to protect Leo from Nahuala's magic, and in death, Santos joined the San Juan residence at his All Souls Day party of 1808.

Leo even managed to win over the hearts of Puebla, who had considered him a weirdo, almost an outcast. Though he was friends with Peter & the Brown Haired Boy, most other kids, even the aforementioned friends, would make fun of him for his weirdness and odd behavior, such as seemingly talking to nothing. Still, when Leo saved them all from the brink of disaster, they praised him, calling him "their weirdo".

During his mission across the world, Leo befriended and amassed friends of all types. Gaining a particularly close friendship with Thomas Decatur, despite the massive age difference and even became good allies with Phineas Blackpulp, whom Leo suspected to be a villain. He even became good friends with Auxilia Cohort 13, an undead roman legionnaire who he helped save from Medusa. Leo had many friends in high places, such as deities like Catrina and the new Quetzalcoatl. The friends he gained in his travel eventually came together in order to help him defeat Quetzalcoatl once and for all.


Leo driving Leeds Tak

Leo driving the Leeds Tank into action

Leo isn't a great pilot, but he isn't the worst. He struggles to command the Airship, but manages to sometimes get Team Legend to their destination without much hassle. To his credit, much of the problems that happen during their flights are by external forces outside of his command, such as trigger happy New Jerseyans or Japanese Kaiju attacking. Leo has also been shown as a competent driver, as he drove the Leeds Tank into battle against the Jersey Devil, and using the Leeds Tank in Leo Kart.

Endurance and staminaEdit

Brink of Death 1

Leo still standing, even after getting his life forced drained

Leo has been shown to be incredibly hard to permanently put down, even in his childhood. He was mostly fine after being thrashed by Nahuala as she smashed into him into walls. During La Leyenda de la Llorona, he got up after falling down stone stairs headfirst, getting his life partially sucked from his body and dropped several kilometers into the air, though had his fall broken by Alebrije. Even after all of this, Leo managed to get on his feet to confront La Llorona, albeit barely. Leo had his limits however, and is far from indestructible. When he was trapped in a burning building, he nearly collapsed and needed the aid of Teodora to escape. He is able too to breath in the outer space in San Juan Bros Galaxy and resist Baba yaga's magic.


Leo Swimming

Swimming in the Sunken Church

Leo has been shown to be a good swimmer and can hold his breath for reasonably long times. Although this skill doesn't come up often, he used it to enter the Sunken Church to thwart La Llorona and save her kidnapped children. Although he is a good swimmer, Leo has been shown to not like swimming and briefly hesitated about jumping into the waters of the Sunken Church, but he prefers more to swim by his frog suit.



Nando scaring Leo

Nando scaring Leo

As a child, Leo was easily frightened by scary stories and other such frightening things. His fear was easily exploitable by his peers, especially by his older brother, Nando. Nando would go out of his way to exploit Leo's fear in public situations, such as a church. He would also stalk Leo on Oblivion Street, looking for a good opportunity to scare the boy into submission. Leo had gotten so use to Nandos' teasing and attempts to scare him that he eventually mistook Nandos' genuine plights of terror and help as just another joke and paid them no mind. However, after facing his fears in the Manor and saving those he loved, Leo's fearful mindset wasn't nearly as prevalent and instead replaced with a more outgoing and exploitative demeanor.


Words of wisdom

Leo peeing himself

Leo was a deeply sensitive young boy. He would often cry if made fun of and even pee his pants. Leo was sensitive about his stuttering and fearful nature, but at the same time, was easy to cheer up. His discussions with Father Godofredo and Santos put him a state of joy rather than sadness and was a generally optimistic person.



2017-07-31 19-13-31-410

Leo holding a Compass

Although distinctly lacking supernatural artifacts or weaponry of any kind, Leo has a decent collection of items to aid in his adventures and has amassed the basic tools of the trade. He owns a compass to tell him the direction; a tool Don Andrés vehemently despises, believing it takes away from a good adventure, and that as long as one has a command of the stars, such tools are not used. Regardless, Leo uses it in his explorations without the conquistadors approval.

2017-07-30 20-10-04-401

The contents of the book

To aid in his expeditions, Leo has the expansive Book of the Brotherhood, a book that contains deep knowledge over various supernatural aspects of the Legends, as well as locations in which the Brotherhood are situated at. The book contains detailed notes and illustrations of what Leo is often up against, with articles that go over whatever creature Leo may be up against and their origin. While incredibly useful throughout his adventures across the world, the book would prove to be somewhat limited in comparison to Teodora's Smartphone.

2017-07-26 14-04-33-459

Leo reading the journal

In his earlier adventure to Xochimilco, Leo came equipped with Father Tellas' Journal. A book that contained the notes of the late Father Tella in his attempts to thwart La Llorona and save the children kidnapped by her. The book was specialized strictly for stopping the witch and only contained the notes of the Father before he died, therefore making Leo piece together his discoveries. Thankfully, piecing together small snippets of information to discover something greater is among Leo's strong suits.

Book of Grimm

Book of Grimm

Another book that has helped Leo out on his quest would be the Book of Grimm, a book written by The Brothers Grimm themselves. Said to have gone mad, the book contains "gibberish" squiggles near the end, apparently indicative of the insanity the brothers experienced near the end of their lives. In actuality, the book contained markings of the Japanese language in its final pages, as the Brotherhood itself is located in Japan. The book wouldn't see as much use in the future as the aforementioned Book of the Brotherhood however.

2017-07-25 19-14-03-872

Using the Balero to save Moribunda

The closest thing to a "weapon" Leo wields would likely be his trusty Balero. Though a simple children's toy, Leo has transformed the childish game into a legitimate and genuine tool that has saved his life and the lives of his friends on many occasions, most notably that of Gaznate & Moribunda.[18][20] The toy has helped Leo through thick and thin, it has broken glass ensuring his survival, saved Moribunda from falling to her death, stunned Nahuala and nearly saved his own life from falling to his doom. After Super San Juan Bros Leo use it to obtain fire powers and launches fire balls.

Quetzal Feather

In Leo and Ovil Worlds in Danger and Super San Juan Bros Z, Leo uses a quetzal feather to fly extremely fast and make some punches in.

Raccoon Toy

Originally being a Valentina's father gift, he can use the raccoon toy to have a Coati Suit that gives him the ability to climb walls and spin with his tail

Energy Cookie

When Leo meets Pac-Man, he gave to Leo the Energy Cookies, which makes him undistructive, for a short time.

Gold Flower

In New Super San Juan Bros 3, he obtained the golden flowers which makes him obtain golden coins.


Leo's Cameo

Leo holding his cameo

Leo's attire doesn't change much throughout the franchise. He typically wears white and black, with a red belt. As revealed in La Leyenda de la Llorona, Leo wears the cameo of his mother at all times and has great reverence of the locket. He believes that the cameo is what grants him his mothers love and protects him. The cameo does appear to have some supernatural properties to it, as it fell right in the exact spot he needed it too.[20]


Magical ArtifactsEdit


Due to Leo's constant adventures and quests, Leo has met, befriended and became bitter enemies with several humans, ghost, beings and even Gods in his young life. As such, Leo has several unique |romances with several unique humans, animals and odd beings.


Toñita San JuanEdit

Toñita is Leo's paternal grandmother who raised him and Nando ever since their parents passed away. Toñita shares a very close relationship with both of her grandchildren, but she's particularly close with Leo. Toñita was unflinchingly supportive of Leo and she knew that above all else, Leo was brave, courageous and sweet. Toñita was also fiercely protective of Leo in dire matters. As soon as she learned Leo and Nando were in the Manor, she rushed over to the haunted house to save her grandson from La Nahuala. In turn, Leo loves and admires his grandmother a great deal.

After the ordeal in which Leo had to save the Chupacabras from Doctor Merolick, Leo just wanted to see his grandmother again.

Nana DionisiaEdit

Leo and his Nana have a healthy relationship with one another. His Nana, despite her eccentric personality, is a caring aunt. Leo often helps his Nana run her bakery, doing deliveries for her and she in turn occasionally cooks for him when his Abuela is unavailable.[18] His Nana also often jokes around with Leo, making puns which Leo seems to not understand or simply not find very funny. When word broke out that Leo and Nando were in the Old Manor, Nana Dionisia and Toñita rushed to his aid.

Fernando "Nando" San JuanEdit

As children, Leo and Nando didn't get along at all. Nando manipulated and abused Leo into making a fool of himself in public and spread rumors his younger brother, making Leo extremely unpopular among fellow children. In many ways, Nando and Leo were opposites. Nando was older, more brash and mean spirited while Leo was younger, gentle and kind-hearted. Nando would convince Leo that old women were evil monsters, or tell Leo that he wasn't like their father, who was brae and courageous.

Nando crossed the line when he snuck into the Manor and lied by saying he was being attacked by some kind of monster. When Leo found out this was some kind of joke, he blurted out how much he hated his brother. This ended up in a "boy who cried wolf" situation, in which Nando was actually put in danger thanks to Miquixtli's Medallion, though Leo refused to believe it until it was to late.

After his brother went missing, Leo set off on an adventure into the Manor in order to save his brother, showing his love for Nando. Much to Leo's annoyance, Nando yelled and cried about how "squirt" bailed him to the ghosts he encountered. Still, Leo put up with the cursed Kitchen, the annoyances of Teodora and the trials of Alebrije in order to save his brother.

"You're right, Mrs. Nahuala. I'll do it. I'll stay and rescue my annoying brother!"
— Leo to Nahuala
La Leyenda de la Nahuala

Leo would come across an illusion of Nando and Nahuala. The illusion of Nando insulted and belittled Leo in a way that was to much, even for Nando, wishing he wasn't his brother and telling him to leave like a crying baby. The Nahuala attempted to persuade Leo into not saving his brother, asking him if he really wanted to save such a scumbag. Despite her cruel words, Leo refused to take her offer and decided to brave the rest of the Manor in order to save his brother, bellowing that he would "rescue my annoying brother!"

"Leave my brother alone, damned witch."
— Nando to Nahuala

Nando did love Leo back, even if he didn't show it much. When Leo came to save him, only to be tossed around like a toy by Nahuala, Nando cursed at the horrible witch, demanding her to leave his brother alone. After the monster was defeated and Leo gained a new level of confidence, he began to make fun of Nando, but only to show him how much it hurts and didn't do it out of malice. The two brothers would have a much smoother relationship from this point on.


Cuco was Leo's pet bunny. He loved the animal and held it close to his heart. When he found out Nando was responsible for the rabbits untimely demise, he was furious and socked his brother for the rabbit.



"Thank you, Leo. I'll always think of you."
— Xóchitl to Leo
"La Leyenda de la Nahuala"

Hugging Xoc

Leo hugging Xóchitl

Leo first met Xóchitl when entered the Manor, looking for his older brother. Much to his dismay, Xóchitl had known a little of Leo due to Nando's angry yelling, calling his brother a "Squirt" and saying he bailed on him. Regardless of any preconceived notions Xóchitl had of Leo, the two became very good friends very fast. Xóchitl showed constant concern over Leo as the ghostly knives attempted to murder him. When one of the knives cut off some of Leo's hair, Xóchitl remarked that Leo looked cute.

Xoc saving Leo's life

Xóchitl saving Leo from the Kitchen

Despite just meeting, the two shared an almost inseparable friendship in their brief time together. The two would vent to each other over the increasingly weird or annoying situations, such as when the two complained about Teodora's bossy attitude, one after the other. Despite their closeness, Xóchitl enjoyed making fun of and teasing Leo due to his shortcomings at various points. She laughed at him when he couldn't get out of the lava filled Kitchen, calling men, and by an extent, Leo, useless. Still, she did ultimately save his life by pulling him out of the window.

Xoc concerned for Leo

Xóchitl concerned over Leo's well being

Leo was very trusting of Xóchitl, but earnestly believed she had betrayed him by giving him over to the Villavicencio Family of cannibalistic ghosts. Leo was obviously deeply hurt by her apparent betrayal, but quickly realized it was all a ploy to save him. During the whole incident, Xóchitl showed deep concern over Leo's well being and did everything in her power to save him. Afterwards, Leo showed no ill will towards Xóchitl.

Xoc holding hands

The two holding hands

The two remained close throughout their journey together, even holding hands through the hall ways. Early on in their quest, they would fine enjoyment in simple things, such as laughing with Gaznate's odd speaking habits and other such activities. Their closeness did not go unnoticed by other ghost, however. Lady Teodora suspected that Leo was actually Xóchitl's boyfriend. Humorously, the two instantly rejected the notion, yet Teodora refuses to drop the subject, instead she starts singing about how the two are clearly in love.

Last Hope

"Leo San Juan. You're our last hope."

Unfortunately, the two wouldn't be together forever. After the two left Lady Teodora's room, Xóchitl, as well as Teodora was possessed by Nahuala. Xóchitl drifted away, a hallow shell of her vibrant personality. She muttered in a tired, drained and melancholy voice that Nahuala was her master, and she needs to be with Nahuala. Scared out of his life, Leo desperately tried to figure what was wrong and save save the two girls from Nahuala.

Kissing Xoc

Leo kissing Xóchitl

After Leo defeated Nahuala and saved Xóchitl, Teodora, Nando and quite possibly the entire world. Xóchitl affectionately gives Leo a big kiss on the cheek, saying that she'll never forget their time together. Bewildered by the action, Leo takes Xóchitl and starts to dance with her, eventually kissing her on the cheek as well, leaving Xóchitl in a state of joy. Leo watches in aw as she, as well as Lady Teodora ascend into heaven, no longer bounded to the Manor by Nahuala's curse.

  • Such a beautiful moment between Leo and Xóchitl...
  • ...And Lady Teodora...
  • ...But only for something to get their attention

One year, on the All Souls Day of 1808, Xóchitl, along with most of the ghost from the old Manor pay Panadería San Juan a visit, much to the surprise and joy of the San Juan family, sans Nando. At the dinner table, a Skeleton sings while Leo and Xóchitl stair into each others eyes longingly. Their short lived tender moment is cut short by Lady Teodora who cuts in, hugging both of her dear friends. Their moment is interrupted when Godofredo ask Leo to go on a new mission, to the town of Xochimilco in order to stop La Llorona. But now Xochitl and Leo are mortal enemies after she revealed in the La leyenda del Cadejo that she was a darkness girl, and Leo kill she in Leo, Lincoln and Ovil Worlds United, but he feels sad because her kiss was fake.


Leo didn't know Gaznate for long, but he liked the bird almost the minute they met and became good friends almost instantly. He joked with the bird, about how he met his brother beforehand. When the Kitchen began to be flooded with lava, Leo saved Gaznate's life with his trusty Balero. Gazante would quickly payback the favor by saving Leo and Xóchitl from the lava, "losing" his own life in the process.

Teodora VillavicencioEdit

Leo and Teodora argue and fight several times throughout the series. Teodora is often the one who calls Leo out on his selfish behavior, such as in "The Prophecy" where Leo refused to help his friends formulate a plan on stopping the enigmatic end times, or vice versa during "Vodnik" where Leo was far to obsessed with stopping Quetzalcoatl and nearly sacrificed Alebrije in the process.[23][27] A running gag through the series is Teodora often teasing Leo for not knowing things that is common knowledge in her time, such as what Kanji was or anything about Japan in general.

On Leo's side, during "The Prophecy", simply having Teodora as a friend would hurt his social status and actively tries to make her go away. His feeling are amplified after the two get into an argument during school, in which his class calls him crazy for screaming at nothing. Along with Alebrije and Don Andrés, Leo eventually tells Teodora to just go away and leave him alone, which visually saddened Teodora.

Even after that was all said and done, Teodora saved Leo's life when he was about to be attacked by the zombified Marcella. Without any questions asked, Leo and his friends teamed back up to get through the cursed streets of Puebla. When the group reached the monastery, only to find it locked, Leo was willing to sacrifice his life so the others can be safe. Teodora of course, wasn't having this and instead opted to fight the possessed citizens in order to protect Leo.

Although they bicker and argue a lot, it's clear that they two both truly and deeply care for one another. Both Leo and Teodora willingly entered Medusa's Cave in order to save the other when both were tricked by Baba Yaga, which eventually cultivated in Teodora saving Leo from a trap. During the events of "The Chilan", Teodora sacrificed herself to save Leo from a spell from Baba Yaga. During "Golem", Leo fought tooth and nail in order to keep Teodora's physical, comatose body safe from the eponymous Golem.


Leo and Kika were close friends and bonded quickly. Leo treats her like a little sister, always looking out for her safety and providing gentle comfort and warm support in her rare times of weakness. Even though Leo's introduction to Kika was rocky, with her knocking him out, injuring him further ad nearly drowning him by mistake, he harbored no ill will. Even when Kika ate the food Rosa has planned for Leo, he wasn't upset or angry with the little girl.

Leo only started to get angry with Kika after she had snuck out to join him on his quest to stop La Llorona. Even then, Leo was mostly concerned over her safety, having to watch out for her and whatever he would encounter on his quest. He still got angry at her when he lost his cameo of his mother, though he was under a lot of stress at the time. Regardless, Leo showed care and love towards the little girl at several points.

Kika would prove her worth when she heroically saved Leo from La Llorona and pushing him out of the way. Leo would repay her heroism by picking her up and carrying her to safety as he ran from La Llorona. Thanks to the quick thinking of Kika, the two would trick La Llorona and find a safe location. The two sought after the roof of a building for a better view and to relax after the ordeal they just went through. While on the roof, Kika told Leo of how she used to play with Beto and how much she misses him, showing a rare, more fragile side of her personality. Kika ask Leo if he can save Beto. After some hesitation, Leo ultimately and enthusiastically says that he will save Beto from La Llorona and the two bond and become closer because of it.

As the two leap off the building onto a wheelbarrow, Kika is scared to jump off of it. Leo assures her that he will catch her and that she has nothing to worry about. Hesitantly, Kika jumps only to get caught by La Llorona in midair. Leo runs after the poor girl in an attempt to save her, but loses his way and gets lost. Still, finding Kika becomes Leo's number one priority as he attempts to track down the poor girl and rescue her from La Llorona.

At the Sunken Church, Leo finds Kika a last and carries her away from all the other children La Llorona had kidnapped. However, the boy clumsily steps on a trig, snapping it and gaining the attention of La Llorona. Now being chased by the wicked ghost. Leo hides Kika in a hole in the wall he comes across and orders her not to leave her hiding spot as he attempts to stop La Llorona himself. His attempts don't go very smoothly and Kika disobeys his order, she follows Leo and attempts to fend off La Llorona in to protect Leo. The two work together, but their teamwork is thwarted by La Llorona who attempts to suck the life force from Kika. Leo knocks her out of the way and instead gets his life forced sucked from his body. After La Llorona notices Kika's seemingly dead body, she was enraged and blamed Leo for her current state and went ballistic, very nearly killing him in the process.

After La Llorona was finally stopped, Leo and Kika finally reunited and the two shared a tender hug. After Leo left [ochimilco, Kika and Rosa saw off Leo ad his friends as they sailed away into their next adventure.

In the Super San Juan Bros Saga, he and she has a good relationship, even one time Leo and Kika try to have a date, but they decide to be just friends.

Don AndrésEdit

Don Andrés and Leo are good friends, but they often clash, albeit not to the same intensity as Leo and Teodora. Leo often finds Don Andrés annoying, or dislikes his cowardly personality and was upset when Don Andrés was about to leave Leo when he attempted to sacrifice himself.[23] Despite this, the two do care about each other and Don Andrés was on the verge of tears when he believed Leo had died during "The Prophecy". Don Andrés attempts to act as a mentor-like figure to Leo, which often doesn't work out.


Alebrije loves Leo and loves spending time with him, however the feelings are somewhat one sided. Although Leo can say selfish and mean things to him, Alebrije never finds it in his heart to be angry at Leo and is always willing to help him out and forgive him even after dire situations. Though he doesn't always show it, Leo cares about Alebrije and values their friendship.


Leo was impressed when he discovered that Pac-Man was from the future and he is a Baryonyx, but Leo has a friendly relationship with Pac-Man

Friar GodofredoEdit

Despite all the grief Leo caused Friar Godofredo over the years, such as causing a panic in his church and nearly killing Brother Sinfonolo, the two have a close friendship. Friar Godofredo understands that most of the chaos Leo causes isn't on purpose and that he means well and that he has a good heart. That said, Friar Godofredo will be stern when Leo makes a huge mistake, though is stern in more of a concerned, fatherly way as he only wants Leo to improve as a person.

When the Friar found out that Leo was in mortal danger during the events of La Leyenda de la Nahuala, the Friar went out of his way try to save Leo's life, unfortunately his attempt was cut short when he was attacked by the villainous Santos.

Finado and MoribundaEdit

2017-07-25 19-14-05-063

Leo saving Moribunda

In the La Leyenda films, Leo cared for the skeleton twins as if they were little siblings. He looked out for their well being and protected them from harms way. Even though they scarcely interacted, it's clear the twins care about Leo and value him as a friend. The two did not hesitate to join Leo on his adventure to Xochimilco to be with their newly gained friends. When Moribunda fell from the balloon, Leo rushed to action and saved her life with his trusty Balero.

In Legend Quest, the roles have been reversed to an extent. The two twins are very protective over Leo and his friends and often go out of their way to help them by guiding them to some easily missable object or lever or button of the sorts. Even though Leo was completely unaware of their existence until "Mister Madera", the twins truly valued him as a friend and cared about him more then just the client they were commissioned to help.


The Siguamonta helps Leo giving him magical objects, and Leo respect he so much. Now they are good friends but Siguamonta doesn't like Leo touching his Tomatoes.


At first he meet Valentina, she saved him from the Guanajuato's Momies and she left him in a store, after Leo finds Valentina again, she makes some cruel pranks and bully with him, calling him Lame-O, but after both save a woman rom the momies, she apologize with Leo for bullying him, she wants to leave but Leo decides to help her to clean her father's name and both becomes an stoppable team. Leo discovered that she was a girl and then he starts falling in love with Valentina, after both defeat Russeau and liberates Valentina's father soul, she goes to Morelia with her uncles, but not leaving after kissing Leo.

IIn the Super San Juan Bros Saga, Leo and Valentina are good friends, but Leo was on Team Legend with Nando and Xochitl, and Valentina was on Team Time with Big the Cat and Lucky.

In the Legends Quest, she appeared with the rest of the girls, and she was sad because he forgot her, but when Leo remembered her, he was worried, but Valentina apologized him.

In New Super San Juan Brothers 3, Leo and Valentina live together, but they are just best friend, even sometimes they show to feel something more than love.

In the future Leo ad Valentina get married and they have a daughter called Gretta San Juan Garcia and she becomes the New Legendaries leader.


Leo has met several people in his quest around the world and even other worlds. Several, but not all, of the people he's met has had some connection with the Brotherhood. Though he didn't have much time to bond with the bulk of the people he met, he's grew to consider most of them friends and vice versa. Many of them assisted Leo in the final battle against Quetzalcoatl.

Cadejo Jr.

Cadejo Jr is mostly Leo rival, but when Baba Yaga plan something bad, both work together in a coperative form.


Leo and Sam are rivals, but like Junior, she helps Leo when there's a menace, and Leo give Sam permission to drive to airship. Something that she makes good because she loves driving boats.


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Leo and Puma

Leo and Puma had a rocky relationship. They didn't interact much, but most of the soldiers Leo allied himself with were turned off by Puma's cocky attitude. When Puma acted as a coward and ran from the soldiers during their escape from the Chupacabra, much of his allies were disgusted. However in the end, Puma wasn't a bad person and protected Leo from the monster.

Captain MandujanoEdit

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Leo and the Captain

Leo had a great admiration for his captain during the war. He looked up to his captain for his gentle and kind personality, always going out of his way to protect his men from danger. Mandujano was particularly protective of Leo as he was but a child forced into a war by circumstance. In times of peace, Mandujano would give fatherly advice and show warm and nonchalant compassion towards the kid. Mandujano urged Leo to leave the war for his own safety, telling him that he saw nothing and that he was innoncent. Leo refused and stood by his newly gained friends to the bitter end. In the end, Mandujano would give his life in order to save Leo from the Chupacabra by hurling himself at the beast, falling off the Aqueduct in the process. Leo was saddened by this gesture of selfless heroism, but didn't have the time nor safety to mourn his lost.

General GaleanaEdit

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Leo, Nando and the General

Leo didn't get to interact with General Galeana much, given him believing the captain to be dead through much of his campaign. Still, Leo held a great respect for the man given his heroic deeds at Zitácuaro. When he finally did meet the captain, Galeana was very respectful and proud of the boy and his respective heroic deeds in protecting his men and his brother from the thought to be vile monster and far more so vile Doctor Merolick. Galeana allowed Leo to leave the war in order to see his abuela once more.

Other RebelsEdit

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Leo and his rebel friends

Leo formed a close brotherly bond with his newly gained rebel friends. At first, they believed Leo to be a spy, but after Leo was arrested along with the rest of them, they found a new level of respect for the boy for his bravery. In times of peace, his rebel friends would joke around with Leo, and in times of urgency, they would stay together against the threats they were forced against. Leo would heroically volunteer as their "bait" to lure in the Chupacabra into their trap as to not put anyone of his friends in harm. When the plan went awry due to Merolicks greed and his rebel friends left for dead, Leo attacked the Doctor in an attempt to avenge his friends.

Spanish SoldiersEdit

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Mourning a soldier

Although on opposite sides of the war, Leo didn't view the Spanish soldiers as evil, or even necessarily enemies. It's clear that Leo didn't care what side of the war anyone was on, he just cared about who they were as a person. This can be seen in his nonjudgmental relationship with Nando, who Leo only got angry at for his rampant stupidity, not his allegiance. Though he was disgusted by the cruelty of a few soldiers, he managed to befriend and ally himself with quite a few, growing a close bond with them in their attempts to survive against the Chupacabra. When a soldier he had grown particularly close with was nearly killed at the hands of the Chupacabra, he wept for him at his cadaver.

Thomas DecaturEdit

Thomas and Leo quickly became good friends, despite the large age gap. Thomas admires Leo for his quick, creative and clever thinking and for being brave enough to do battle with the Jersey Devil while Leo greatly respects Thomas for his logical and scientific background. After Thomas is kidnapped by the Jersey Devil, Leo attempts to avenge him by slaying the beast once and for all.

Pompeiian MayorEdit

Leo and the Mayor were initially at odds with one another due to how the Mayor performed sacrifices to Medusa, however Leo knew the Mayor wasn't necessarily a bad person. Eventually, the Mayor sacrificed himself to save Leo.

Prince AkihitoEdit

The two didn't interact much, but Leo got along well with Prince Akihito due to his friendly, polite and down to earth personality.


The two seldom interacted, but Leo seems to respect the Vizier despite her cold nature towards him.


Ovil is Leo's dimensional best friend, even they just stay together for two times, but know Ovil can visit him with his dimensional Scissors.


Leo has a distant relationship with Susy, but showed to understand something in intellect.


Lincoln was originally Leo's dimensional rival, but now he is a close friend who has a friendly relationship with Leo.

Ronnie Anne

Both didn't interacted so much, but they work together good, and every one said that both are extremely serious and strcits

Loud Family

Leo initially hated the Loud family, but now he consider they as important heroes.


Leo thinks that Sid is annoying, but he acted more like an older brother to she.


Polight and Leo are good friends, but are fighting rivals too, like when both fight in Leo and Ovil Worlds in Danger.


Leo and Sonic worked together some times, but there's no much relationship with they.


Lei meet Mario in It Doesn't Matter 2, but they related more in Mario & Leo. Leo thinks that Mario is an interesting guy, and he helped him to save Princess Peach from Bowser and Cadejo and recover the eight Pure Hearts.

Dr. BlackpulpEdit

Leo, like everyone else, initially thought the worst of Phineas Blackpulp. He believed Mrs. Wisp's fear mongering and thus believed Phineas to be a mad scientist at best, and an actual monster at worst. These thoughts only worsened when Leo investigated his lab, finding pictures of the Orphans and Mrs. Wasp plastered all over the walls with concerning symbols drawn over each and every one of them. Finding jarred up Bactus was the final straw and lead Leo into believing Dr. Blackpulp was truly behind the Tooth Stealing plot.

After returning to the Orphanage, Leo made a scene, "outing" Blackpulp as the culprit behind the Tooth Stealing mystery. This of course was untrue and angered Blackpulp, who shot Mrs. Wisp with his Antiseptic Solution. Afterwards, he called Leo a bloody fool and was rather aggressive towards him, albeit in a mostly harmless, argumentative kind of way.

However, after Blackpulp protected Marcella from the Bactus Queen, Leo started to respect him. This respect quickly grew into admiration and friendship as he accompanied him on his quest to rid the world of the Bactus. After Blackpulp was attacked by a Bactus, Leo tried to leap in and save him. While his efforts only made things worse, he did truly try to help Phineas.

King Cadejo

Cadejo was originally Leo's archinemesis, he really hated Leo, and he always planned things to beat him. Leo always had the opportunity to defeat Cadejo, but he was sad about his attitudes.

Now Cadejo is a Leo sidekick and they forgot they rilvary.

Ed and Fred

As Ed and Fred were Cadejo's sidekicks, they were Leo's enemies, they always try to stop Leo to make their boss happy. But now that Cadejo is a hero, both are Leo's friends.



Before Leo faced la Nahuala, he had heard stories of her cruelty and atrocities by his older brother, Nando. These stories would horrify Leo, causing him to make a fool of himself in public. Because of this, Leo had an innate hatred of the witch before even knew she was truly real. His hatred for the witch was only amplified when she had endangered not only his brothers life, but also the souls of his two new friends, Xóchitl and Miss Teodora. La Nahuala tried to manipulate Leo into abandoning his brother, but Leo was not at all tempted by her temptations and instead confronted her in order to save his brother, his friends and the entire world.

Leo eventually fulfills his promise and defeats La Nahuala for good, saving his friends and growing into a stronger person because of it. Although he had defeated La Nahuala, Leo was still scared of the incredible power she commanded, and was shocked to hear that La Llorona may have been even more powerful.

Santos MachorroEdit

Leo considered Santos to be a good friend, but Santos simply viewed Leo as a pawn in his plan to revive his mother. Santos put up a facade of being a caring and avuncular friend to Leo and gave him Miquixtli's Medallion as a gift to the boy when he was down. Little did Leo know that his advice and gifts were all devised to trick him into wandering into the Manor to be sacrificed. Leo would not realize how he was used by Santos until it was to late and believed him to be a good friend even during his adventure in the haunted house, only discovering the truth when Santos tried to murder him with his bare hands.

In the end, Santos would redeem himself in Leo's eyes. When he had learned he wasted his life following La Nahuala instead of his mother, he showed genuine regret and remorse for his actions and profusely apologized to Leo for all he put him through. When Nahuala attempted to kill Leo, Santos threw his body in front of Leo's to shield the boy from her magic and save his life, losing his own in the process.

As he met his mother in the afterlife, Santos became a little boy again, seemingly younger than Leo. In this new form, Santos would gleefully visit Leo during the All Souls Day of 1808 and was welcomed as a friend alongside Lorenzo, Xóchitl and Miss Teodora.


Unlike La Nahuala whom Leo completely and utterly despised, he couldn't find it in himself to completely hate La Llorona. He found her story sympathetic and wanted to help her find peace rather than slaying her.


Leo's thoughts on Torreblanca were similar to that of his fellow rebels; that of a horrible and cruel old man. Ironically in a sense, Leo probably hated Torreblanca the least out of his friends, as his older friends were utterly disgusted by Torreblanca's willingness to execute children for "breaking the law", Leo was unfazed by his death threats, likely because after his last adventures, Leo was quite used to those by this point. Regardless, Leo despised Torreblanca, though not over his side in the war, as Leo actually befriended Spanish soldiers and cares not for their side, but for who they are as people.

After the war, Leo was glad that it was all over and that Torreblanca was arrested.

Doctor MerolickEdit

Like many of his fellow soldiers, Leo took a liking to, or at least tolerated Doctor Merolick for his seemingly altruistic nature. However, Leo would eventually find out the harsh truth that Doctor Merolick was a deranged and cruel individual with no care for anyone but himself. After Merolick had left Leo's fellow soldiers for dead and attempted to murder Nando, Leo went berserk and attempted to fight Merolick. The battle went awry and Merolick ended up severely wounding Leo with his brass knuckles, nearly knocking out the boy and leaving him to die in the burning building.


While at first, Leo was satisfied with having a lax outlook over Quetzalcoatl's evil, after the creator God destroyed his home town, consigning it to his dimension and tormenting its citizens, Leo gained a personal grudge against the God and would do anything to stop him.


Baba YagaEdit

Baba Yaga worked first with Quetzalcoatl to recover her freedom, so to make it she tries to kill Leo, but after discovering he wants her same goal, they worked temporaly together, but after that she betrays him.

Now Baba Yaga is the new Leo's main archinemesis, always trying something new to defeat Leo, and he always stops her, but she doesn't give up.


Leo was first in love on Marcela, and he try everything to became she his girlfriend. Marcela tricked Leo to be his girlfriend, but then she break his heart revealing that she worked with the witches.

Now Marcela is one of Leo's most powerful enemies, and he hates her so much.

Mrs. WispEdit

Initially, Leo was very fond of Mrs. Wisp. He viewed her as a kind, motherly woman and took her side against Phineas Blackpulp. This however all changed when he realized her true motivations of stealing children's teeth. Sense then, Leo was willing to hunt her down with the aid of Phineas, though was willing to show mercy on her when he realized she wasn't inherently malicious.

Nu GuiEdit


Mister MaderaEdit


La LeyendaEdit

Legend QuestEdit


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  • Despite the first three La Leyenda films taking place one after another in the same general time span, Leo is 12 in La Leyenda de las Momias de Guanajuato even though he should be chronologically 10 or 11, given his status as a 9 year old in 1807.
  • While in the Dream World, Leo feared losing teeth.[12] A common interpretation of dreams of this nature is one fearing they're losing control over their own life and body. This seems to add up with the stressful thoughts Leo was experiencing only days prior.
  • While Leo has awful aim in Legend Quest, in La Leyenda, one of his most consistent and useful skills was his near perfect aim which he used to save the day on numerous occasions.
  • Leo is one of the only characters to have a speaking role in every single La Leyenda and Legend Quest piece of media. An honor he shares with Teodora.
    • Alebrije nearly succeeds at this too, but lacked a speaking role in Tooth Fairy.
    • Arguably, Finado and Moribunda can qualify for this as well.
    • Likewise, Don Andrés early succeeds, but lacked an appearance in La Leyenda del Chupacabras.
    • He has some similtures with Mario Bros, even both meet one time. First of all, they are the main characters from their Movies, Series and Videogames, both has a fearful brother, both are heroically characters, both rescue girls from monsters, and uses power ups. Leo laziness and follish moments could being similar to Stupid Mario from SMG4.
  • In Legend Quest, Leo serves as a weak, nearly useless figure in a fight while Teodora is rather strong and quite ferocious in a bout. This is almost opposite to their roles in La Leyenda. While Leo wasn't a skilled fighter, he was capable of holding his own in the few instances he was driven to physical violence against an opponent, while Teodora would often lose fights very quickly.
    • Although, Teodora was depicted as being stronger than Leo in La Leyenda, being able to destroy thick vines in single hits, but her more prissy attitude made her less willing to get dirty.


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