Licona was a soldier who fought for the Spanish Government under General Torreblanca and served as a minor antagonist throughout La Leyenda del Chupacabras.


Licona appeared to be a young man, not appearing to be to much older then his fellow soldier, Nando. Licona was stationed at the Royal Road Checkpoint along with his fellow soldiers. As the fight broke between his men and the rebel team, the Deady Squad, Licona grabbed Leo and threatened to kill him if the rebels didn't drop their weapons. Although his fellow soldiers were disgusted at his tactic, the rebels did soon drop their weapons in order to spare the boy.


Licona was shown to be more unhinged in comparison to his other soldiers, as he seemed to get glee and pleasure out of killing with no remorse. He even seemed to get a disturbing amount of satisfaction out of threatening Leo's life. It's implied that he may have performed unlawful killings in the past as his fellow soldiers had to emphasize that they didn't want any casualties under his watch. Because of his deranged and cruel personality, he's shown to be unpopular and generally disliked among his platoon.


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