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Magic is an unique power used throughout the Legend Quest saga. It is a form of power used most commonly by Witches, Hechicera & Gods. The ability to use magic seems to give one near limitless applications in what they can do from it, such as shooting bolts of lightening to transform beings into monsters.[1][2][3] Curiously, with the sole exception of possibly Friar Godofredo, no mortal male has used magic before in the series.

Known UsersEdit






  • Elemental Manipulation: The use of magic has been shown to be capable of manipulating the elements.
    • Fire Manipulation: Marcella, Nu Gui & Quetzalcoatl have been shown creating fireballs.
    • Lightening Manipulation: According to Peter & the Brown Haired Boy, lightening bolts were seen shooting outside of Marcella house.
  • Transmogrification: Baba Yaga can use her power to shapeshift into various forms of various ages and gender.[4][5][6]
  • Transmutation: Baba Yaga used magic to transform Alebrije into a Kaiju.[7]
  • Reality Warping: Quetzalcoatl claimed that "My Word Is Reality", implying he can warp reality as he sees fit.


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