Medusa was a major character in Legend Quest and primary antagonist of the episode "Ghost of Medusa". She was a member of the Gorgon race who had the unique ability to turn all those who gazed into her eyes into stone. Combine that with her wicked personality and she was such a threat that the gods Zeus, Hermes and Athena all equipped Perseus with divine objects, the Adamantine Sword, Winged Sandals and Bronze Shield respectively, to aid him in his quest.


Early HistoryEdit

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Medusa was challenged by Perseus, who even with the gifts from the gods, was unable to muster the courage to truly fight her. Instead, the cowardly hero had her see her own reflection in his bronze shield, turning her to stone. Afterwards, Perseus cut her head off as a trophy, killing her in the process. Ever since that day, Medusa lost the ability to turn mortals into stone statues, but gained the ability to do so against ghosts.

Ghost of MedusaEdit

In the 19th Century, Medusa stll lives at Mount Vesuvius, though has worked out a pack with Pompeii. If they sacrificed one citizen a year, she wont attack the city. Despite this, after being disturbed by Leo San Juan, she rampaged across Pompeii, reducing the entire population by stone. Afterwards, Medusa was confronted by both Leo and Teodora Villavicencio. While Medusa managed to trap Leo, Teodora turned Medusa into stone due to her "weaponized selfie". After her death, all those whom she turned to stone were frozen no more.

Personality and traitsEdit

Medusa's personality appears to be one of utter evil and cruelty. She has no regard for the lives of neither humans nor ghost and appears to petrify such unlucky folk for no real reason other than the fact that she can. In addition to her love for killing, Medusa is shown to be devilishly cunning and even creative, such as when she tried to trick Teodora into seeing her eyes and using her now decapitated head in order to petrify several Pompeiians at once.

Medusa has also been shown to be quite intelligent and appears to have some knowledge of mechanics and engineering, given her elevator-like object in her cave at Mount Vesuvius.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

  • Petrification: Simply staring into the eyes of Medusa will turn any mortal into a stone statue. After her death, her gaze does not work on mortals, but instead ghosts.


Legend QuestEdit

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