Mother Leeds was a minor Historical Character featured in Legend Quest. She only appeared in Thomas Decatur's story of the Jersey Devil. Despite this, her presence is felt throughout the episode "Jersey Devil" due to birthing the beast of the same name.


From what can be procured from her brief mention, Mother Leeds appeared to be a very cruel woman who cared not a thing for her children and willing cursed her 13th child, despite just being a new born. This curse lead her child to mutate into the wretched Jersey Devil, who, if the original myth is to be believed, then killed the entire family.


Mother Leeds was born in Leeds, New Jersey at some point, likely during the 1700s or earlier. Mother Leeds had 12 children, whose ages appeared to be from 16 to infancy. She was a very miserable woman who was willing to curse her own children. She said that if she were to ever have a 13th child, that it would surely be the devil itself. Whether or not she knew it at the time, she cursed her baby to become the vile Jersey Devil.


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Mother Leeds had 13 children by the time she was a middle aged woman. In spite of her cruel and bitter personality, her children appeared to be kind hearted and caring towards each other, given their signs of signs of affection towards one another. They were, however, seemingly depressed, most likely due to any abuse brought upon by their mother, or by other causes.


Real Life ConnectionsEdit

Mother Leeds is based off of the Mother Leeds of American Folklore, who was believed to have been the mother of the Jersey Devil.

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