The Children of Mother Leeds were minor Historical Characters featured in "Jersey Devil". Like their mother, they were only featured in the story Thomas Decatur told regarding the origin of their 13th sibling, the Jersey Devil.


Although they have no dialogue and only one appearance, they appeared to be a caring group of children, in spite of their mothers cruel actions and depressed demeanor. A few of the older children can be seen giving affection and care towards the younger ones, indicating that they may be a close knit family, despite their horrid mother.


The 12 ChildrenEdit

They are the twelve children of Mother Leeds, a witch from the town of Leeds, New Jersey. Not much is known of their upbringing.

The 13th ChildEdit

Mother Leeds said if she were to ever have a 13th child, that child would surely be the Devil itself. Her 13th child appeared to be a normal, happy baby at first, but quickly turned into a horrific demon eventually just called "The Jersey Devil".


It is unknown whether or not the Children were killed by the Jersey Devil as they are in the Urban Legend or if they somehow survived the beasts presence.


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