Mrs. Machorro was a minor character in La Leyenda de la Nahuala. She was the mother of Santos Machorro and a maid or cook working for Lopez and his family.


Mrs. Machorro was a very loving and caring woman who was very close to her son. She was also quite friendly, befriending Xóchitl while working under Lopez.


She was likely born in the mid 1700s in Puebla, New Spain. She likely gave birth to Santos in the 1740s. She worked as a maid or cook working for Lopez and his family and was well liked by her beautiful appearance. She was also quite friendly with her fellow workers, forming a bond with the native girl, Xóchitl. In 1755, she was effectively killed by Nahuala who then used her body as a vessel as she slaughtered everyone at the Manor.

In 1807, after Leo San Juan had defeated Nahuala, he had freed her soul to rest once again. She reunited with her son, Santos Machorro and the two ascended to Heaven. In 1808, the two joined Leo and the San Juan Family for his All Souls Day party.


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