Mrs. San Juan was a minor character mentioned throughout the La Leyenda series. She was the mother of Leo San Juan and Fernando San Juan, as well as the daughter-in-law of Toñita San Juan. Very little is known of her, other than her brief appearance in La Leyenda de la Llorona.


Mrs. San Juan was a very caring and loving woman who loved her children dearly. She claimed she watches over her children even in the afterlife, guiding and protecting them from harm sway. When Leo's cameo of her fell and revealed the grave marker for Tonatiuh and Ollins' grave, this could be interpreted as his mother guiding him out from beyond the grave.


Mrs. San Juan is a slender woman with tanned skin and short, faded brown hair.


Reuniting with Leo

Reuniting with her son

Very little is known of Mrs. San Juan and the circumstances of her death. She likely died around the same time, if not at the same time as Mr. San Juan, which implies her death was not of natural causes. Ever since that fateful day, Mrs. San Juan has watched over her family in Heaven. Leo briefly reunites with her in his near-death experience and the two share a brief, as Leo's Mom but heartfelt moment work together.


Toñita San JuanEdit

Her relationship with Toñita is largely unknown. Toñita appeared to care about her daughter-in-law and respected her a great deal.

Fernando San JuanEdit

Fernando appeared to be very close with his mother and father. He showed true sadness when remembering their death. In La Leyenda del Chupacabras, when he was dazed, he affectionately referred to his fellow soldiers as his parents.

Leo San JuanEdit

Leo barely remembered his mother since she died when he was very young. Not remembering how she looked or not remembering her voice has been a great source of Leo's sadness during his first two adventures. Leo would always wear a cameo of his mother, thinking it would give him her love even after her death and showed anger and sadness whenever his cameo was lost or taken away. Leo would finally find peace when he met his mother in the Afterlife and the two shared a brief, but loving embrace.


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