The Mystic Bomb was a weapon used in The Prophecy. Due to its explosive nature, it has only been used in the same episode. The bomb was quickly made and the outer shellings of it is a simple barrel.


The bomb was created by Friar Godofredo after he deduced the Horroroso were attempting to open a dimensional portal fueled by the life force of the Citizens of Puebla in order to allow Quetzalcoatl access to the mortal world. After he built the bomb, he ensured it in Leo's hands, trusting him with the task at sealing his dimensional gate once and for all.

However, as Leo hurls the bomb towards the game, it's caught by a Horroroso. Realizing this, Leo goes to ground level in order to wrestle the bomb back. He manages to do it and tosses the bomb at the sealed gate once and for all, causing a massive explosion that slings him several meters.


  • Mystic Explosion: The bomb gives off a sort of mystic explosion that doesn't harm physical constructs, yet can destroy mystical portals. It was used to seal Quetzalcoatl's portal.


  • Large Blast Radius: Despite not harming physical buildings, it can still harm mortals. That, combined with its large blast radius makes it hard to use.


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