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Where are we? What is this place?

Why, the most enlightened state in all the union. The third of the 13 colonies and crossroads of the revolution. New Jersey!
~ Leo and Thomas

New Jersey is a setting in Legend Quest and was one of the original 13 colonies, of the United States of America.


After a crashed landing in "Jersey Devil", the group find themselves temporarily stranded in New Jersey. After being attacked by an angry mob, the group is saved by the inventor Thomas Decatur who offers Leo his hospitality. After asking if Thomas could fix his ship, Thomas said it be his pleasure...but that he lacks the time and that his time is going towards the towns defenses.

As said by Thomas Decatur, New Jersey is the most enlightened state in the union. The state seems to be more advanced than most other locations the team has traveled to by a considerable margin. This may or may not because Thomas Decatur, a brilliant and enthusiastic inventor helped them reach the state of advancement, or if the state is just more advanced in general.


Known citizensEdit

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Supernatural happeningsEdit

The town the group find themselves stranded in is being terrorized by the Jersey Devil, a demon who appears to be impervious to most weaponry

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