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Nu Gui was a major antagonist of Legend Quest, a Witch born in Ancient China, she killed her father at a young age.


Early lifeEdit

Sisterhood of WitchesEdit

The Murder of Marcella's MomEdit

At the Terracotta ArmyEdit

Personality and traitsEdit

Though just as cruel and willing to murder innocents as Baba Yaga, Nu Gui was more sympathetic then her "girl", Nu Gui had a noble goal of freeing her "sisters" from Quetzalcoatl's clutches.

The Serpent and the EggEdit

Equipment she needs hlpEdit


Powers and abilitiesEdit

Real life connectionsEdit

"Nü Gui" is Chinese for "Female Ghost". In folklore, Nü gui is a vengful spirit of a young woman who committed suicide in a red dress, usually in response to a horrible event that has befallen her.

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