Ollin (Nahuatl: "Act now with all your heart") was a minor character of Aztec descent featured in La Leyenda de la Llorona. She was the younger sister to Tonatiuh and only daughter of the single mother, Yoltzin. She was born and raised in Xochimilco, New Spain. Ollin was beloved by her village, who all searched for her and her brother after they had gone missing, and all mourned her lost upon her death.


Ollin Crying

Tonatiuh and Ollin running to hug their mother

Ollin was a very happy child who loved her mother and her brother very much. Even though they worked hard, she didn't seem to mind and simply enjoyed her love her humble life style.


Ollin was a very short girl, likely around 2–3 years of age. She had had dark skin and dark brown hair like most Aztecs. Her hair was rather short and braided into two ponytails. She wore a simple white shirt with pink markings and adorned two, emerald-colored earrings.


Tonatiuh and Ollin and Yoltzin

A humble family

Tonatiuh and Ollin dying

The two drifting away

Ollin was born long in the past in Xochimilco, New Spain to her Aztec family. She enjoyed a humble life with her loving mother and brother, selling flowers and living in a small house. However, on the trip back to their house, they noticed their residence was up in flames. While Yoltzin attempted to put out the fire, she failed to notice her children were still sailing away. The two kids were there later found dead near a channel, presumably due to starvation.



It's clear Ollin loved her mother very much. Even after her death, Ollin greeted her mother with a joyful face and open arms, hugging her and crying out of sheer joy.


Ollin and Tonatiuh had a close bond. Tonatiuh was seen hugging her hands when the two greeted their mother, suggesting he may be protective of her, even in the afterlife.


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