Perseus is a Historical Character featured in Legend Quest. He was a hero of Greek Myth who when adorned by the armor and weapons of the gods defeated the Gorgon known as Medusa.


After gaining weapons and armor of the Gods, Perseus traveled to Mount Vesuvius to do battle against the gorgon known as Medusa. After making the gorgon see her own reflection in his shield, turning her to stone, he cut her head off and took the glory for slaying such a beast. In doing so, he doomed the future citizens of Pompeii, even after their death.


Although typically considered to be a brave and courageous man, the Citizens of Pompeii considered Perseus to be a coward who ran away from Medusa and essentially "lucked out" by making the gorgon see her own reflection in his reflective shield. Afterwards, it's implied that Perseus took credit for fighting the fiend.


Perseus was given three treasures from the Gods Zeus, Hermes and Athena respectively. Those treasures were:

Powers and abilitiesEdit

  • Flight: With the Winged Sandals, Perseus was able to fly. His degree of mastery over this craft is unknown.

Real life connectionsEdit

Perseus was based off the real life mythological figure who slew Medusa.


Legend QuestEdit

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