Pompeii is a location featured in Legend Quest. It is the primary location of the episode "Ghost of Medusa". Famously, the city was destroyed in the eruption of Mount Vesuvius.


Early HistoryEdit

Pompeii was founded in the 6th-7th Century BC.

1st CenturyEdit

Mount Vesuvius was the battleground between Perseus and Medusa. After Perseus cowered infront of Medusa, he killed the monster by showing her her own reflection through his reflective mirror. After such, he cut the head off the gorgon. As Medusa could turn mortals to stone when she was alive, as a spirit she can turn other Ghost into stone. Because of this, Medusa terrorized Pompeii. Later, a pact was made and the citizens of Pompeii sacrificed one resident every year.

19th CenturyEdit

Initially described as the "Ghost City" by Aldo the Shepard, Team Legend unknowingly travel to Pompeii. At first, the group is greatly disappointed, assuming it to be a trick or misinformation brought on by Aldo, but quickly find the Ghost population of Pompeii. While at first the Ghost are scared of Team Legend, the Mayor soon invites them to a party.

During the party, Leo walks out on it out of frustration. Instead, the boy travels to Mount Vesuvius, in which he is confronted by the Mayor. However, the two are soon encountered by Medusa herself. After the Mayor sacrifices himself to save Leo, the entire city mourns his lost. However, when doing so, Teodora devises a plan for revenge and to stop the fiend once and for all. She plans to ambush the demon with the entire town reflecting mirrors on the gorgon, which she assumed would work as it worked for Perseus in the past.

However, the plan goes horribly awry. The Mirrors do nothing and Medusa ends up turning the entire city into statues. After both Leo and Teodora go to confront Medusa and save the other, as both were told the other was in danger by Aldo, they deduces that Medusa can only be harmed by a Ghost mirror. After "weaponizing" a selfie and slaying Medusa, the entire town of Pompeii, sans the Mayor, are turned back into Ghost.

Social structureEdit



Real world connectionsEdit

Pompeii was a city founded in the 6th-7th Century BC. The city was known for being culturally advanced for the time, though was ultimately wiped out in 79 AD.

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