Qin Shi Huang was a historical character featured in Legend Quest. The first emperor of China, Qin Shi Huang was obsessed with immortality.


Qin Shi Huang was "powerful and stubborn". He was obsessed with the concept of immortality, which would eventually be his downfall.


The Emperor of China

The Emperor

Qin Shi Huang was a tall and powerful looking man. He had black hair and pale skin. His face wore a noble "Fu Manchu mustache" as he wore a wore a jet black and crimson red Hanfu Hat upon his head. With eyes of blackness and hollowness, the emperor was a proud and stout man, commanding a great presence just by merely standing as he watched over his artificial army. The emperor wore white and gray robes with crimson re and black cuffings.


Merciual Madness

The emperor before his madness

Qin Shi Huang was born in the 3rd Century BC and rose to power as the first emperor of China. Powerful, yet stubborn, Qin Shi Huang was obsessed with the secrets of immortality. He had a daughter named Nu Gui, who was loyal and faithful.


The emperors corpse

She had discovered the steam that granted immortality at the cost of her sanity. She poisoned her father with the accursed steam, leaving her father to dead as she rose to power as one of the most powerful witches. His corpse still rots in the Terracotta Army as a disgusting skeleton by the events of "Nu Gui".


Nu GuiEdit

Nu Gui seemed to love her father before she lost her sanity to the Immortal Steam, as she searched high and low for the secret of immortality for her father. However, after he madness, she cared not a thing for her father and poisoned him with the steam.


Notes and TriviaEdit

  • His name is never actually mentioned throughout the episode, but his role as the first emperor of China, his obsession with immortality, his eventual mercurial madness and emperor sealed in the Terracotta Army lines up with the historical figure quite well.
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