The Record was an item first used in the episode "Jersey Devil" of Legend Quest. It is a scientific device, far more advanced than objects used back in the 1800s.


The device was discovered aboard the Airship by Thomas Decatur, but was created much earlier. While the creator of the disk is unknown, it is known that Friar Godofredo recorded a message to give to Leo some time ago, warning him of Quetzalcoatl's goals.

Abilities and UsesEdit

  • Hologram Projection: The device is able to play a holographic recording of a past event, complete with perfect audio.


  • Scratched: Due to the disk being scratched, the audio and visuals stored on it are partly corrupted, causing important audio to stutter.


The disk is particularly notable for being technology that could be considered nigh-futuristic even by today's standards.

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