The Samurai, sometimes referred to as Guards were minor supporting characters in "Kaiju". They were the protectors of Prince Akihito.


The Samurai showed very little in the form of actual personalities. They were stoic, never speaking a word and did whatever the Vizier and Prince Akihito ordered them to do, without hesitation. This involved drawing weapons on citizens and fighting monsters. The Samurai were doggedly loyal to their higher ups, risking their lives by battling against the Ittan Momen and even Kaiju.

Skills and AbilitiesEdit

The Samurai were highly trained guards, learned in the ways of swordsmanship, as well as had a certain level of mastery in may types of weapons. They were shown to be at least competent in the ways of artillery and other ranged weapons.


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The Samurai were seen equipped with Katana's, as well as other weapons. They were depicted as being fully adorned in Ō-yoroi armor.

Ancient SamuraiEdit

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Real Life ConnectionEdit

The Samurai were quite obviously based off the Samurai of Japan. Their personalities and depiction reflects the stereotypical view of Samurai, but they're depicted with a slightly thuggish and villainous edge rather than the more romanticized unfailingly heroic Samurai.

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