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"The Happiest Town in all of Germania."

Steinau was a location visited in Legend Quest. It's a small village that was the primary location for "The Mart", along with the Dream World. The town is well known for their former citizens, The Brothers Grimm. Some time ago, the village was first invaded by Nicht Mart. A stranger in town by the name of Don Andrés claimed he could rid them of their worries, but his cowardly personality only made things worse and the town has been cursed by the dream monster ever sense.


17th CenturyEdit

Steinau was a target for Nicht Mart at some point in the 17th Century. The town sought the help of the well traveled Don Andrés. After he received riches from the town, he taught them at the Mart was weak to one thing; bravery. The town was brave, however, Don was not. After the Mart scared away Don, the town panicked and were succumbed to the Mart's nightmares. Ever since then, the town lived at the mercy of the vile demon.

18th CenturyEdit

In 1791 to 1796, The Brothers Grimm lived in Steinau, perhaps they were intrigued by the macabre nature of the town.

19th CenturyEdit

"Ever since, to sleep in Steinau is to dream in fear."
— Knight's Inn Keeper

Now in the 1800s, not much has changed for the town.


Real World ConnectionsEdit

Steinau is a real life town located in the Main-Kinzig district of the Hesse province in Germany. Much like Steinau in Legend Quest, the real life Steinau is known for its connection to the Brothers Grimm

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