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The Tanned Kid was a minor character featured in La Leyenda de la Llorona. A child of Aztec upbringing, he was a citizen of Xochimilco who lived with his mother and possibly other family. At an unknown point in recent history, he was kidnapped by La Llorona and kept as one of her "children" for an unknown point of time. He was eventually saved from this fate by the efforts of Leo San Juan, Kika and to a lesser extent, Teodora Villavicencio, Alebrije, Don Andrés. He was hit on by Teodora Villavicencio, who was attracted by his tan, hence his unofficial namesake.


Families of Xoch

Among the crowd of grateful families.

He was likely born in Xochimilco, New Spain in either the late 18th Century or early 19th Century given his age seemingly being around that of Leo's. Not much is known of his life. He lived with his unnamed mom until he was kidnapped by La Llorona. He was later saved by Leo San Juan and his friends when La Llorona finally found peace and moved onto the afterlife with her children, Tonatiuh and Ollin. Only moments after his reawakening, he was hit on by Teodora Villavicencio, who was attracted to his tan, but he shot her down. The following day, he was among the families who saw Leo off, showing his gratitude with a humble smile.


Tanned Kid with Sunglasses

Wearing sunglasses

As his namesake suggest, he has dark skin. Given his outfit and hair color, he is most likely of Aztec origin. He's a fairly short kid, only around as tall as Kika and he has a grayish shade of blue eyes. He wears an olive-green shirt with yellow and blue lines up and down it. He apparently has sunglasses with him at all times, and even puts them on while in the Sunken Church, which is underground.


Dope Outfit

Telling Teodoa she must wear a dope outfit

He was shown to very vain and shallow, valuing his looks and putting down Teodora for not having a "dope" outfit. He was none the less a grateful person who saw Leo off after he saved him from La Llorona. Despite his vanity and shallow personality, he appears to be a decent kid at heart.



  • Out of all the unnamed children kidnapped by La Llorona, he was the only one who spoke.

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