Teodora's Smartphone is an item used in Legend Quest. It is a mystical phone from the 21st Century that aids the team on their adventures.


The phone itself is most likely of a normal, earthbound origin and was likely created by a international brand of phones. However, it most likely went through some form of magical enhancements sense then.


  • Magic: Teodora's Phone can be assumed to have been magically enhanced by either Catrina or some other entity.
    • Internet: Despite being used in the 1800s, the Phone appears to have a perfect connection to the internet and can access modern websites freely. This can be seen various times throughout the series, such as when she uses the phone to study up on the monster they're currently facing off against or simply show off her interest.[1]
      • Online Records: It can't be understated how valuable access to online records, databases and encyclopedias has been throughout the adventure, and Teodora knows this. She's almost always helping out the team by "looking up" the monsters and locations the team come across.
  • Photography: Teodora can also use the phone to take pictures.[2]


Signal: Despite it being able to connect to the internet nearly two hundred years before it was even invented, the Phone still apparently relies on signals to recieve information.[3]

Appearances Edit


  • Teodora is often seen messing around on the phone when she's bored, appearing as if she's texting someone. Whether or not the phone can actually get in contact with modern phones has never been established or explored throughout the series. Given her lack of contact with her Mother, whom she misses dearly, it's unlikely.


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