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"My material is wasted on you guys."
— Teodora, annoyed that her modern sense of humor doesn't connect with people of the 19th Century.
"Jersey Devil"

Teodora Vicenta de la Purísima Concepción de la Inmaculada Trinidad Villavicencio[3][4] (although often only referred to as Teodora Villavicencio), occasionally affectionately referred to as "Teo", and less affectionately as "Lady Teodora", "Miss Teodora" and "Paris Hilton Wannabe",[5] as well as "Duchess of 'You'll See Now'",[6] "Marquise of 'Whew'"[6] and "La Condesa vicinity" [6] by herself, is a main character in La Leyenda and Legend Quest and a core member of Team Legend. While each of the main cast went through changes in the transition from Legend Quest, Teodora arguably went through the most changes, next to arguably Alebrije. Everything from her design to her personality, and most of all, her backstory were radically changed.

Miss Teodora & her friends, Toñita San Juan & Xóchitl

In the La Leyenda movies, Teodora was the ghost of a girl killed in 1755 by La Nahuala, a fate she shared with her entire family, as well as a native girl named Xóchitl and was force to haunt the Old Manor from there after. Teodora was more ladylike, given her rich upbringing. She owned a puppy named Chichi and was often dismissive of her friends. She called Leo a "scum-bag" and referred to Alebrije & Don Andrés as "hillbillies". She was generally more of a bratty character, refusing to help Leo after he accidentally destroyed her perfume. She did however, have a softer side. She loved her friends, Xóchitl and Leo San Juan, even kissing the boy on the cheek after he saved her from Nahuala.

Teodora would generally serve as the comedic relief of the series, always teasing her friends, putting them and making exaggerated demands. For the most part, her friends just play along with and don't let her antics boy them. Although truly not a bad person, Teodora doesn't know how to read the atmosphere of a situation and can insult her friends at the worst of times.

A selfie with her friends

Teodora has a good heart underneath her bratty personality however. She truly loves her friends despite her constant name calling and teasing, and even sung a duet about how much she loved Alebrije as a friend. Even though they constantly bicker, Teodora will show worry, care and even warmth towards Leo under life or death situations, such as when Leo was getting beaten within an inch of his life by La Llorona or Leo was about to be executed by a firing squad. Even though she may have to be bribed prior, Teodora is willing to risk her neck for her friends, such as being used as bait for La Llorona or helping fend off the aforementioned witches vine monsters.

Teo snapping a selfie at the Terracotta Army

In Legend Quest, Teodora was instead reworked into a girl who was sent into a coma by an oncoming truck that she didn't notice because she was busy on her phone. After her hospitalization, Teodora was given a spirit form by Catrina. Initially overjoyed, Teodora was singing and dancing sheer happiness.[7] Later, Teodora was given the choice of being with her parents or saving the world alongside Leo San Juan. After making the hard choice of leaving her parents and joining the fight against Quetzalcoatl, Teodora became one of Leo's best friends, though pretended to be a ghost the whole time. Teodora is still "girly" in this version, though has picked up several tomboyish traits, such as her scrappy spirit and willingness to fight her way out of dilemma's.

Although burdened by her laziness, Teodora is arguably the second most logical member of Team Legend and can make very smart decisions and be quite clever when she puts in the effort. Due to her magical smartphone, Teodora can learn information about whatever monster they encounter or location they're forced to brave. However, she doesn't always put this amazing ability to its best of uses and usually just uses her phone to pass the time.

Teodora In the reboot version Masters Of Myth And Leo's romantic companion

In the new Netflix version, she is pretty much the same however she does not pretend to be a ghost. She projects her consciousness into the past and is very similar to a ghost so everyone assumes she is one, which infuriates her. She is later revealed as a real girl in a later episode.



Yggdrasil's roots reach all places. All times
The following content has been changed, revised or completely rewritten during the transition between the original movies and Legend Quest.
Teodora's background was completely revised during the transition between the La Leyenda movies and Legend Quest.

Information of this section may only be canon to the La Leyenda Timeline.

Early life and death[]

Xóchitl and Teodora's untimely death

Teodora was the only daughter of the Villavicencio Family and thus enjoyed a rich life in Puebla. She was good friends with Toñita San Juan despite the wealth gap. In the year of 1755, her family was killed by La Nahuala. Teodora was spared from the slaughter, though was to be sacrificed by the witch alongside Xóchitl and Toñita. Their souls were to be ripped from their body in order for La Nahuala to become ever more powerful. Teodora and Xóchitl did not survive, but Toñita did. The sole survivor fought back and in the process, freed the souls of Teodora and Xóchitl to be free as Ghosts instead of gone forever.[8]

53 years later[]


The Ghost of Xochimilco[]

Mummies of Guanajuato[]

The war and treachery of Cacomixtle[]

Main article: La Leyenda del Chupacabras

Abandoned Monastery[]

Teodora meeting Leo in the abandoned monastery

Some time prior to the War, Teodora took a Yoga class under an unnamed Teodora's Yoga Teacher. During the war, she visited Leo while he and the Deadly Squad were attempting to flee the Abandoned Monastery, playing a game of "guess who" as she covered his eyes with her hands. Their reunion wasn't exactly a happy one as even though Teodora was happy to see Leo, he was not happy to see her. Leo tried to as Teodora for help, but Teodora quickly changed the subject and tried to get Leo to sign up for Yoga practice with her so she could get her first class for free. In addition to this, Teodora was offended at the fact that Leo never liked her posts on FB ad that he's never happy to see her. Leo argued with Teodora, but she became fed up with his attitude. Leo asked her if she could get help from the Alebrije's, which she eventually does but does so out of annoyance.[9]

Before she left, Nando saw Leo seemingly argue with the sky and went to tease him about still being a kid, believing in imaginary friends. Leo claimed his imaginary friends would save them from their mess, and makes a snide remark about how they're gonna help them by popping Nando's pimples.[9]


Teodora meeting up with the Alebrije's

Like what Leo requested of her, Teodora teleported to the Alebrije's in a city. She met up with Evaristo who was giving Alebrije dating advice by telling him what to say. Teodora and Evaristo didn't exactly get along to well, with Evaristo calling her a nuisance and telling her to scram while Teodora complained that he never responded to her messages. Alebrije of course mistakes Evaristo's insults as stuff to say to his partner, Mary. After Evaristo says he hates Teodora, Alebrije parrots that and gets slapped in the face for it. However, Teodora managed to think straight and told Evaristo that Leo needed their help to save him from the Chupacabra. She then created a "plan" of stuff to do after they defeated the Chupacabra, which included buying souvenirs. She then teleported to the town where she believed Leo to be at.[9]

Ghost Town[]

Teodora meeting Juanita

Now in the town, Teodora flew around, noticing the entire town was abandoned and in complete ruins. Despite its obviously disastrous state, Teodora is more concerned with the fact that the town doesn't appear to have any shops open or anything of the like. After hearing movement in the near by distance, Teodora traveled to a shop that contained countless glass jars filled with odd ingredients. She noticed a bizarre looking raccoon creature and after she went to examine it, it blew a weird magic dust in her eyes, which eventually became a pillar of magic light that trapped her. She tried to escape the pillar, but doing so put her in a constant loop. Just a few meters away from her, a young girl named Juanita claimed that the raccoon, Cacomixtle, will pay for his crimes, and introduces herself to Teodora.[9]

Teodora's evil shadow

Teodora complained and false-apologized to the Cacomixtle for not accepting his friend request, but her complaints fall on deaf ears. After realizing the raccoon isn't listening, Teodora started to talk to Juanita and asked her why she was there. Juanita explained how some man enslaved the "Natikary", beings who protected the harmony of the Earth, and sold them as dogs. Afterwards, Teodora claimed she didn't really belong there to begin with, and she was just trying to help her "very best friends". Soon, she realized the Alebrije's were near by after hearing Evaristo calling out for her. She bragged to Juanita and Cacomixtle that despite their mellow looks, the Alebrije's are karate masters and know how to kick butt. However, the Cacomixtle enchanted a pair of glasses and forcefully put them on Teodora, which turned her evil.[9]

Cursed by Cacomixtle[]

Wearing the cursed glasses

Now wearing the cursed glasses, Teodora flew around the town and eventually confronted Evaristo, who was now with Finado and Moribunda. Evaristo was relieved to find Teodora but she quicly sealed away Finado and Moribunda in a bag, attempting to kidnap them. Evaristo was confused by this and said that while they were useless, Teodora shouldn't mistreat them. Teodora in this state no longer knew Evaristo so his pleads were largely useless, he claimed that they were buddies but Teodora thought of him nothing more then a dumb hippie and eventually trapped him too, bringing him back to Cacomixtle. Curiously, as she dumped out the bag containing Finado and Moribunda, instead fell out two Pumpkins and not the actual skulls. However, Cacomixtle isn't upset by this, claiming he has plenty of skulls already and instead just asks Teodora to get the Alebrije as Alebrije watches in horror.[9]

Best friends

Teodora's on the hunt once again, this time hunting after the other Alebrije, who she keeps referring to as "doggie". It doesn't take long before she finds the Alebrije, who was scared out of his mind that Teodora would "finish him off". Alebrije solemnly said that he already lost one friendship and he didn't want to lose another, but grew annoyed at Teodora who wasn't paying attention to his pleads. Teodora was doing something on her phone instead, which somehow caused cacti to grow around Alebrije. To celebrate her victory, Teodora posed next to Alebrije and took a selfie, but Alebrije yanked the phone out of her hand. Convinced that even though Teodoa was annoying, she was still a good person, Alebrije showed Teodora a slideshow of pictures with her having fun with her friends. Teodora only focused on how ugly she looked in each picture however. Alebrije, with no options left, instead sung a song about how Teodora was his best friend and how he loved her, which eventually broke Cacomixtle's curse as she sung along with it and the glasses were destroyed as a result. Freed from the curse, Teodora is flushed with guilt and regret for what's she done, Alebrije keeps trying to tell her it's okay and he wasn't hurt, but it was soon revealed that the only thing she actually regretted was wearing cheap Chinese knock offs, which caused Alebrije to hug her as he knew it was the real Teodora all along.[9]

Prior to Legend Quest[]

Early life[]

Teodora, full name Teodora Vicenta de la Purisima concepcion de la Imaculada Trinidad Villavicencio was born sometime in the 21st Century in a large, modern city within Mexico. She appeared to be a well-off kid, with expensive clothes and a modern cellphone. Teodora was shown to be very close to her mother, Mrs. Villavicencio, as the two would affectionately hug each other, as see in "Golem". Teodora may have also had a close relationship with her father, given his reaction to her hospitalization.


"Imagine a girl. She wasn't a bad person, but she wasn't always as present as she could've been. [...] When she woke up, everything had changed. Saw her mom cry. She heard the doctors. They said that the girl would never wake up again. But they didn't know she was there.Then, the lady appeared. She said she was a friend. The lady tought the girl how to step outside her own body. For the first time in months, the girl was free. She could move, she could sing. But, there was a catch. The lady told her she could stay with her loved ones, but the whole world would be forfeit. But she explained, there was a boy in the past, who needed her help to save it all. The girl said goodbye. And pushed her spirit through time all the way back to you, Leo. She gave up everything she had to come to you.""
— Marcella, explaining Teodora's past.

"I can't believe it. The girl I knew, The girl I traveled with, and all this time, she's been here, stuck inside her own body." - Leo learning about Teodora's past.

Information of this section may only be canon to the Legend Quest Timeline.

The fateful Night

Late one evening, Teodora was out by herself walking on a busy street. Teodora wasn't a bad person, but she wasn't as perspective as she should've been, instead she was someplace else mentally. As such, Teodora was to busy on her phone to notice her surroundings. She walked past a stop sign without a care in the world and paid the ultimate price for it. Without noticing the noise, Teodora was hit by a large truck, leaving her in a comatose state.[7]

Teodora in the hospital

In the hospital, Teodora woke up. She saw her mother weeping, her father mourning and the doctor solemnly say that she would never wake up again. Little did they know that Teodora was present, but unable to be seen. Teodora was then greeted by a female Spirit by the name of Catrina. The woman taught Teodora how to step outside of her body in a form of Astral Projection.[7]

Gaining her astral form[]

Singing and Dacing

Teodora was overjoyed. She sung and danced, however their was a catch. Teodora could spend her time with her loved ones once more as a family, but she would doom the Earth to Quetzalcoatl's wrath. The woman showed Teodora visions of cities burning under the Serpents might, but explained to her that their was a boy in the past who needed her help to save the world from his tyranny. Of course, that boy would end up being Leo San Juan.[7]

The hard goodbye

Teodora wanted to spend time with her family, she truly did, but she knew what she had to do. Through her astral form, she said goodbye to her mother and pushed her spirit all the way through time itself to be with Leo, Don Andrés and Alebrije.[7]

Meeting Leo[]

Not much is known about how she met Leo, but he remarked that she, along with Alebrije and Don Andrés just showed up at his door one day. It is unknown when this was, though given the fact that Peter was 'used' to Leo's weirdness and not Marcella's, whose been in Puebla for months, it's likely they met several months or years prior to the events of The Prophecy as Leo said he didn't solve ghost problems anymore, hinting that he had been doing it for a long time, long before the events of The Prophecy.

Call to action[]

"And the dead have much to say!"

When Leo is in a class regarding shamanism and paganism, he can hardly stay awake, presumably tired from the stress brought about by his ghost friends. When he's about to fall asleep, Teodora appears before him, saying "And the dead have much to say" in a playfully creepy manner in order to get Leo's attention. Her trick works and she quickly gets Leo's undivided attention. Teodora then reveals the real reason why she appeared before him, to get him prepare for the upcoming darkness and evil that Don Andrés warned him of prior.[10]

Teo anrgy at Leo

However, Leo refuses to listen. Teodora assures Leo that the rising evil is real and calls him out that he's being selfish and self-centered by ignoring. Once again, he refuses to listen and demands for her to leave, she does, but does so furiously. Much to Leo's chagrin, his argument with Teodora didn't go unnoticed by the class and several students called him crazy for yelling at what they perceived to be nothing.[10]

Teodora playing charades

Sometime later, Teodora is playing a friendly game of charades with Alebrije and Don Andrés in a barn in Puebla. After their game is interrupted by Leo they get into another argument. This time their argument ends with Leo saying that he doesn't want them to be in his life, period. While Teodora and Don Andrés try to warn him once again, he doesn't listen and they all sadly fly away.[10]

The conquering of Puebla[]

Later that night, the entire city of Puebla is overrun by a mysterious, monkey-like monster who turns their victims into a zombie like state. As Leo is about to get attacked by a zombified Marcella, he's saved in the nick of time by Teodora who punches the zombie Marcella right in the face, hard enough to knock her into a nearby fountain. Their reunion is short lived however, as they quickly find themselves surrounded by even more zombies.[10]

The gang reunites

"You're not going anywhere, Don Chicken"

As they get to the monastery, Leo finds it to be chained shut. The boy gives up and tells the others that he isn't worth it and they should save themselves. While Don Andrés was okay with leaving him, Teodora was not. She was going to fight the entire horde of zombies just to protect Leo, a notion that Alebrije shared. However, the zombies weren't at all interested in them and instead directly went towards Leo. Thankfully, the group is saved by Friar Godofredo, who gives them refuge within the monastery's walls.[10]

Teodora revealing herself to the Father

Within the Monastery, Teodora and Don Andrés both reveal themselves to Friar Godofredo, who attempts that he always knew Leo could see Ghosts, much to Leo's chagrin. After the group hear monsters banging on the door, Friar Godofredo leads them into a library within the Monastery so they can do research on the fiends. He then informs the group that he's noticed signs of something 'otherworldly', which causes Teodora to smugly agree. Leo and the Friar quickly deduce that the monsters are actually "Horroroso", the heralds of Quetzalcoatl. After the Friar tells the story of Quetzalcoatl and how he wants to wipe out all of humanity to start a new world, Teodora sarcastically replies with "That's going to take a big eraser". After noticing the banging on the door stopping, the group head out to check on the town. Now on a balcony, Teodora notices a single Horroroso, which she just calls "the ugly things", directing two, now zombified men to the Puebla market place. She then notices other Horroroso directing more civilians.[10]

Teodora gazing at the Horroroso Invasion

Eerily, when asked what this all means, Friar Godofredo replies with saying that the end of the World has already begun. The group head back towards the library to devise a strategy to repel the invasion. The Friar finds a recipe for a Mystic Bomb, a weapon that would seal Quetzalcoatl's gateway if used properly. In an uncharacteristically defeatist tone, the Friar says they'll never get past the Horroroso to hurl the bomb into the gods portal, to which Leo and his friends interject and quickly come up with a plan.[10]

Team Legend receiving the bomb

A massive explosion going off

The four then head back to their barn and begin to open their Airship. Don Andrés ask Leo if he wants to do this, Leo says that what he truly wants is just to be home with his Abuela, but if he wants that to happen, he has to do this first. This unexpected sprout of bravery causes Teodora to beam with excitement and joy as the group open up their airship. Now on the Airship, the group meets back up with Friar Godofredo. The Friar, now confused, ask them where they found such an aircraft but their conversation is cut short by a massive explosion from the other side of town. Realizing the urgency of the situation, the Friar tosses the bomb to the group.[10]

Teodora worried for Leo.png

After Leo tosses the bomb, one of the Horroroso catches it, to which Teodora shows great displeasure at. After Leo bravely goes to ground level to wrestle back to the bomb from the Horroroso, Teodora claims that he can't throw it far enough to reach the portal. Instead, Leo kicks the bomb directly into the portal, which sets off a massive explosion that ultimately seals the portal and keeps Quetzalcoatl at bay for the time being. Although initially overjoyed over the victory, Teodora quickly realizes that Leo may have died in the explosion and mourns his supposed death.[10]

Teodora concerned for Leo after Puebla was demolished

Thankfully, she realizes that Leo, though slightly injured, survived just fine, she even hugs Don Andrés out of joy as she and others cheer him on. Only moments later, after Quetzalcoatl destroys Puebla, leaving it as a valley of emptiness, Teodora and others save Leo with the Airship and mourn his lost, to which the Airship flies at mach speeds into the horizon.[10]

High adventure[]

Devil of New Jersey[]

"How fast are we going?"

Teodora, along with the rest of Team Legend are flying on the Airship as it's flying at top speed. Despite being a ghost, Teodora can hardly stay move on the ship due to its sheer speed. She ask Leo how fast they're going, but doesn't get a satisfactory response in "let's just go with really fast!". Visually annoyed by the response, Teodora's attention is soon set on Alebrije whose "flying". In actuality, Alebrije is being hurled off the ship.[11]

"Someplace boring for sure"

Eventually the skeletons Finado and Moribunda would expand the ships sails, causing the Airship to stop almost on a time, slinging Leo into a thick wooden pillar. As he staggers up, he ask Teodora were they are. She dryly tells him that she doesn't know, but it's someplace boring for sure. Briefly after Alebrije reassures the team that at least they're safe, Team Legend finds themselves under attacked. A cannonball fired by don below easily penetrates the ship and damages the sail, and after more blasts the Airship comes crashing down. Alebrije briefly manages to save the ship by blowing air into the sail, but as soon as the ship begins to exit from its free-falling state, Alebije begins to cheer and the ship falls anyway, much to Teodora's annoyance.[11]

"So, we should stay off the turnpike, am I right?"

After the team crash lands on New Jersey soil, Leo gets threatened by a town mob who consider him a devil worshiper, but he's quickly saved by the kind Thomas Decatur. After realizing they're in New Jersey, Teodora cracks a joke about New Jersey turnpikes, which baffles Leo and Don Andrés, leaving Teodora who sigh and say "my material is wasted on you guys". Thomas Decatur decides to take Leo to his workshop while Teodora and others follow suit. After seeing the contents of his workshop, Teodora is visually impressed over the amount of mechanical works and inventions Decatur has made over the years.[11]

Teodora revealing herself to Decatur

As this is going on, Teodora urges Leo to tell Decatur of his ghost friends. Decatur notices that Leo is always looking away at something else and ask what's going on. Leo hesitantly reveals that his friends are ghost. Afterwards, Don Andrés and Teodora reveal themselves to Decatur. Don Andrés mentions how he experienced the "pain of being ignored", to which Teodora smacks up and tells him to shut his yap. Leo goes on to say how Teodora and Don Andrés helped him escape Puebla from destruction. Thomas Decatur is excited by the existence of phantoms, theorizing it to be true but never able to prove it.[11]

"It's simple. Leo's talked to ghosts his whole life. But then his grandmother turned into a demon and there were all these other demons that we had to deal with, so--"
— Teodora

"Stop helping."
— Leo

"But then his grandmother turned into a demon"

Shortly after, "Jacob" barges into the workshop and confronts Thomas about working with the supernatural. Leo attempts to calm everyone down and Don Andrés attempts to "help". As his "help" goes poorly, Leo ask Teodora for help instead. Annoyed, Teodora decides to "help" as well, by saying Leo has talked to ghosts his whole life, and that his grandma turned into the devil and how he had to "deal" with monsters and demons. Leo interrupts Teodora's rambling and tells her to stop helping him.[11]

Attacked by the Devil.

Leo attempts to calm down the group once again by reassuring them that he and his friends have nothing to do with the notorious devil monster. Almost as soon as he says this, the Jersey Devil comes to wreak havoc once again. Teodora is frightened by the beast and ducks for cover when the Jersey Devil breathes fire around her and Leo. After Decatur remarks they only have one cannonball left, Teodoora chews him out, saying if he didn't shoot at them, they would would have more. Leo fires the last cannonball, but the Jersey Devil merely cuts through it. Teodora, along with her friends are visually horrified of the beast, but Leo throws an iron bucket at it, which hurts the Devil enough to make it fly away.[11]

Teodora being arrested

After Leo drives away the beast, "Jacob" scolds the group for being the ones who brought the beast to their land to begin with. Teodora angrily cuts in, saying that they were protecting the townsfolk but "Jacob" is having none of it. He orders for the arrest of Leo and his ghost friends. He is forcefully dragged away and Alebrije is threatened to follow suit by weapon wielding townsfolk. Don Andrés solemnly follows his friends while Teodora is more annoyed and irritated by the whole event. Still, she follows them to the jail cell to await their future court.[11]

"Okay, what's with you? You've been moping for hours!"

Teodora scolding Leo

Now in the jail cell, Teodora scolds Leo for moping for hours. Leo feels utterly defeated, being arrested the first day he leaves his hometown he gets arrested. Leo then goes onto say they don't have the first clue of what they're even doing and that'll he'll never see his Abuela again. Afterwards, the group are confronted by "Jacob" once more, who says their judgement time has come.[11]

"We wouldn't want any judgment rendered by this court to be seen as, uh, biased. Tell me, are there any decent God-fearing lawyers who'd like to jeopardize their soul and defend these devils?"
— "Jacob"

"Yeah, that's fair"
— Teodora

Don Andrés agreeing to help Leo

Teodora attends the court session, but is largely uninterested in the whole event. When Thomas stands up for Leo and demands the boy to get a fair trial, "Jacob" agrees, which shocks Teodora, only for him to spin the whole thing in his favor; by saying anyone who agrees to help Leo and friends are risking their souls to eternal damnation by devilry. Teodora sarcastically remarks at the fairness of this, but isn't at all surprised. Don Andrés decides to step up and help Leo and his friends as their lawyer.[11]

Trial by fire

Almost instantly, Don Andrés effectively condemns Leo and friends to a guilty verdict. Stressed out by the situation, Teodora keeps to her phone. Regardless, Don Andrés performance as a lawyer is enough to sway the entire town, sans "Jacob". Despite this, they're found guilty and sentenced to a "trial by fire". Along with her friends, Teodora is 'tied' to a stake to be burned. "Jacob" sentences them to death for their crimes of witchcraft and "New Jersey Devilry" as he's about to lite their stakes on fire when he's interrupted by the Jersey Devil.[11]

"Oh come on!"

From bad to worse

Although initially appearing to be "saved", Teodora quickly found herself in trouble once again as the Jersey Devil blasted their stakes with his own fire, leaving to be burned alive anyway. Of course, Teodora views this as more of an inconvenience rather than a life or death situation and treats it as such, bellowing her frustration accordingly. After Leo calls Don Andrés for still struggling to untie the knot, both the conquistador and girl levitate away from the knots, freeing themselves.[11]

Teodora trying to save Leo

After Thomas Decatur was kidnapped by the Devil, the town is left in flames. With Leo noticing a child among the flames, he desperately tries to untie himself in order to save the child. Teodora helps out Leo by trying to cut off the ropes. Leo however chews her out for being slow, passive aggressively implying her to speed up. After freed, Leo waste no time and braves the burning houses in order to save the child while Teodora watches in concern. Although the town no longer cares whether or not Leo and friends are witches, they've all given hope on what they can do to stop the monster. That is, until Leo gives a heart felt speech about tolerance, which unites the town once more.[11]

Coming up with a plan

Even though the town is together and ready to work together to fend off the devil and save Thomas Decatur, who they most sorely misjudged, Don Andrés is concerned that they may not have a proper plan to do battle against the devil with. However, Teodora quickly comes up with a solution. The group of people enter Thomas Decatur's Workshop. Teodora though not doing any of the hard laber herself helps supervise the project by making sure the blueprints being drawn match the design she had pulled up.[11]

Approving the design

Eventually the design is approved by Teodora, who gives a begrudging thumbs up. Later, Teodora is still supervising the creation of the invention. When Leo goes to see it, she announces that it's finished and ready to be used. Before they use the weapon to fend off the Jersey Devil, Leo ask Teodora if they have any of the old Cannonballs not used by Thomas Decatur. Teodora gives Leo a quizzical look but seems to see what he's getting at.[11]

"You missed. You missed again. Come on. Is that the best you can do?"
— Teodora

Teodora insulting Leo's aim

Teodora sat in the Tank with Leo as he did battle against the Jersey Devil. While Leo enthusiastically fought the beast, slinging puns and one liners in his excitement, Teodora simply insulted his skills, pointing out each and every time Leo missed his mark, which was several times. Leo eventually snapped at her, angrily asking if she wanted to switch. Teodora nonchalantly refused and went back to her phone as if nothing were happening.[11]

"Hey, personal space!"
— Teodora

Attacked by the Devil

Having her personal space invaded by the devil

As the devil closes in, he attacks the Tank directly. Both Leo and Teodora are understandably scared by what is happening. Leo tries to book it to shrug off the monster but to no avail. The devil thrashes about and violently rips off the metal plating of the roof. haphazardly throwing his claws around, he manages to hit Teodora which messes with her astral form. Not at all injured, but annoyed, Teodora chews out the beast for invading her personal space. Still, the two remain in one piece as they reach their check point: Alebrije with a cannon.[11]

"Oh no! Alebrije! Now!"
— Teodora

Teo hoping Alebrije can do his job


Worried that Alebrije wont have the finesse to pull off his stretch of the mission, Teodora's expression becomes tense and anxious; a far cry from her usual cool or bored looks. The Devil begins to fly away, noticing Alebrije, but is caught by Leo who keeps him grounded, however, the Devil begins to repeatedly smash Leo's head against the walls of the tank. Concerned for her friends safety, Teodora demands Alebrije to fire the cannon. Alebrije does and the cannonball pierces through the Jersey Devil, killing the beast once and for all.[11]

"That left a mark. Ew! And a puddle. Gross."
— Teodora

Teo grossed out by Leo

Teodora is impressed by the sheer potency of the cannonball and how it completely annihilated the Jersey Devil. She is however, grossed out by the residual "puddle" it created as a result of its death and is doubly grossed out by all of which fell on Leo, who is to injured to realize what had happened.[11]

"Because of you, the town sees the values in Decatur's inventions. From now on, New Jersey will be a paradise."
— Citizen of Leeds

"Good luck with that."
— Teodora

Sadly, New Jersey has yet to become a paradise

While Thomas Decatur helps Leo by repairing his Airship, a citizen of Leeds announces New Jersey will be a paradise. Teodora sarcastically remarks about such an idea.[11]

The sleepless town[]

After heading towards Germany, the group find themselves in Steinau, Germany. The group head around, seeing the sites of the sleepy town and are collectively intrigued yet disgusted by the sleepless inhabitants. The group checks out the Night's Inn after hearing that the Brotherhood were there. Instead, they found the Inn celebrated the life and times of The Brothers Grimm instead.

After sleeping a night, Leo was assaulted by Nicht Mart.

Italy and the city of ghosts[]

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Stealer of souls[]

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The eater of worlds[]

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Fairies of London[]

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Monsters of Japan[]

Teodora was initially thrilled to be in Japan.

Stone army of China[]

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The Haunted Doll, Mister Madera[]

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The Aztec temple and the Celestial Point[]

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21st Century[]

Teodora laid in her hospital bed, ignorant to the events happening around her as her astral form had been killed by Baba Yaga. Still, Teodora's comatose body played a significant role in the events of the story, having been the target of the Golem's wrath, and thus was protected by Leo and friends with their lives.


To Be Written

Personality and traits[]

Teodora's typical mood

A well humored and complex teenager, Teodora was born in the 21st Century, which gives her personality and way of speaking a more modern air to it. Despite what her girlish outfit may imply at first sight, Teodora is actually very aggressive and is more than willing to fight her way out of hairy situations.[10][12] Teodora can be rude, abrasive and ill-tempered, yet at the same time adventurous, brave, sociable, selfless and friendly. Despite her flaws, Teodora is a good person at heart. Teodora has shown pathos for tragedies, such as showing concern over the fact that the Vodnik had stolen the souls of children. She will do the right thing, and she does truly and deeply care for her friends, even if she sometimes has a lousy way of showing it. If the situation calls, Teodora can prove herself to be quite heroic and selfless, and will risk her life to save others.[13][14]

"From now on, New Jersey will be a paradise."
"Yeah. Good luck with that."

Throughout her adventures, Teodora has displayed a versatile and varied sense of humor, ranging from dry quips, to wordplay to puns. She dryly and sarcastically agreed that New Jersey will be a paradise when a citizen of Leeds proudly claimed so. In contrast, Teodora can be rather enthusiastic about telling jokes. Teodora is also quite proud of her use of worldplay and puns, as she dished out numerous puns about Baba Yaga's name ("Baba Ganoush", "Baba Booey", "Baba O'Reilly"). At the same time, Teodora is often annoyed because her jokes usually fly over her friends heads due to their punchlines relating to the 21st Century. Still, her humorous drive remains sharp.

Humor is a big part of Teodora's personality. In "Ghost of Medusa", it was revealed that she deals with tragedy with humor, as she cracked jokes about the demise of Pompeii, though genuinely felt bad about their petrifications. Teodora often tries to patch the holes in her tragic secret with jokes, such as when she fumbled to think of a reason why she was immune to Medusa's gaze.

Teodora willing to fight off an entire towns worth of Zombies

Teodora is perhaps the most aggressive, or at least the most willing to resort to physical violence among Team Legend, a trait she, ironically, shares with the more calm Marcella, whom Teodora was almost always at odds with in the early days of their adventures together. As such, Teodora is often the one who does the fighting. She's fought zombies, terracotta statues and even massive goblins in her many adventures with Team Legend.[10][12][15] Her aggressive attitude extends to other activities. She's quick to argue with others, especially Leo and Marcella, although is generally more laid back in other situations.

Teodora's more romantic side

Although her personality is rather tomboyish in many ways, such as her fiery temper and willingness to fight it out with those who cross her, Teodora is still a "girly girl" at heart and has several quirks to solidify that. She's an avid fan of anime and manga, especially the long running manga "Mega Dark Blaster Bunnies" and she appears to be fan of the Mecha Anime genre as well.[16] Teodora can be a bit of a romantic young lady, as seen in "Ghost of Medusa" in which she was nearly inseparable from a group of three handsome, Pompeiian Boys, calling them her "Adorables".

A running gag throughout the series is Teodora making modern pop culture references or jokes about the 21st Century that fly over her friends's head, which often annoys Teodora. An example of this can be found in "Jersey Devil", where, after making a joke about New Jersey that none of her friends understand, she sighs "My material is wasted on you guys". Another example can be found in "Kaiju" where she goes on about Japan, about it's sushi, giant robots and anime, only for no one to understand what she's going on about.

Teodora hugging Don Andrés after realizing Leo and safe and sound

Even though Teodora is generally aggressive, she will show her friends lots of love and affection at more laid back times, off-handily mentioning that she loves and cares about Alebrije and to a lesser extent, Don Andrés at multiple points during their adventures.[17] She was shown playing charades with Don Andrés and Alebrije, both of whom she spends most of her time with. She often hugs her friends during happy moments, such as when Leo destroyed the mystical portal. She is also shown to have a more caring and loving side. She utterly refused to leave Leo's side while he was in a coma, as well as showing her mother nothing but kindness and love, hugging her after she finally awoke from her coma.

Teodora tired after hitting just one nail

Occasionally, Teodora is shown to be lazy, as she apparently got to tired to help repair the Airship after just nailing one hammer to the wall.[11] She has also been shown to be not very perspective, as she's almost always on her phone, even in dire situations. This ultimately head to Teodora being in her comatose state as she was to distracted with her phone to noticed a speeding truck until it was to late.

In spite of her laziness, Teodora has also shown to be a clever thinker and isn't above using her looks to get by certain situations, as seen when she attracted an entire horde of zombies to herself so her friends could get by safely.[10] She also tricked Medusa into viewing her "weaponized selfie", saving the population of Pompeii and Leo's life. As a whole, Teodora is quite intelligent for her age, though not on the same level as Leo.

Teodora has trouble showing her true feelings and instead puts on a facade of a mean-spirited and grumpy person. According to Alebrije, "she yammers, banters, gossips, prattles and gabs, but she doesn't talk an awful lot. She's not good at telling others when she's done something good." This sentiment has proven to be true on numerous occasions, most notably in "Ghost of Medusa", in which she saved the Airship, yet refused to tell Leo of her good deed.

One of Teodora's nastier personality traits is her rampant jealously. Growing resentful towards Marcella from the moment they "met" when Teodora punched out Marcella after she was possessed by a Horroroso, Teodora's outlook on the girl went from an unfriendly rivalry to straight up paranoia. Teodora attempted to dissect every possible suspicious action Marcella would perform in an act to convince her friends that Marcella was truly evil, a spy for Quetzalcoatl, a wretched witch or all of the above. Teodora even as far as to rejoice when Marcella seemingly turned to the dark side.

Teodora isn't without pathos or sympathy however. She mourned the lost of Pompeii in her own way, and was always worried for her friends in times of actual danger. Underneath her overtly abrasive demeanor towards Marcella, she did think of her as a friend deep down and was genuinely hurt when Marcella appeared to betray her, though couldn't dare utter the words out loud.

It's clear Teodora was close to her family. Whenever she mentioned her mother, it was in a positive way, showing nearly no ill will towards her at any point in her adventures. After she gained an astral projection, she wanted to stay with her mother, she truly did, but opted to save the world in Leo after realizing it was more important. When she was finally reunited with her mother, the two tearfully and lovingly embraced.

"Oh my gosh! A pleb is hugging me! Get off of me!"
— Teodora when Leo hugged her
La Leyenda de la Llorona

Teodora butting in

Teodora had a radically different personality in the La Leyenda series. In contrast to her scrappy and spunky spirit present in Legend Quest, Teodora was much more girlish; to an exceedingly exaggerated level. A brat, spoiled from her rich parents and treated like royalty by her friends and family alike—against their wishes—Teodora is a self-centered, selfish, emotional and extraordinarily unhelpful to her friends in most situations. Always insulting her friends about whatever she could, ranging from their social class to lacking social media. A dimwitted little girl, Teodora tried to make every situation about her and ran from the mere idea of danger being ahead.

Teodora hurting her friends, Xóchitl and Valentina

And yet, none of her friends could find it in their hearts to hate her. Underneath her bratty and obnoxious demeanor houses a genuinely good heart. Teodora loves her friends and they love her, though neither side will admit it unless under severe pressure. Deep down, Teodora doesn't care about social status and has befriended Juanita and Toñita, both of whom come from presumably poor, or at least middle class families. Before her ascension to Heaven, Teodora was quite affectionate towards her two dearest friends, Xóchitl and Leo, hugging them to show her love. After her ascension to Heaven, Teodora became increasingly more vain and flirtatious, wearing more contemporary clothing and flirting with boys she would meet. Her attempts at finding boyfriends often met with failure or Teodora coming across boys even more shallow than her, such as she did while at Xochimilco.

Teodora leaving her friends

For better or worse, Teodora was dumbfounded by the idea of her friends being in actual danger and viewed the idea of Leo dying to be a joke. Still, she cares about Leo in a sisterly manner. She gives him makeovers and is always concerned with his safety in life-or-death situations. Though it seldom shows, Teodora has a more noble side. She teamed up with Alebrije in order to stop Cacomixtle and save their friends from his curse and did go out of her way to save Leo and Nando's life from the burning, collapsing building. She showed genuine concern for Leo after La Llorona had very nearly killed him and tried to save him, though was unsuccessful.

Guess who?

Though they tease her equally, her friends do care about and trust Teodora more the they let on. When Teodora was controlled by Cacomixtle and attempted to capture Alebrije, he couldn't believe she was doing evil, and though he thought she was "kind of annoying", he also thought of her to be a good person and didn't want to fight back unless he had too. In the end, Alebrije singing about how Teodora was his best friend broke her control and the two shared a rare tender moment. Though, the moment was abruptly ended when Teodora realized she was wearing bootleg Chinese glasses. Teodora also has a more playful side under her prissy attitude, as shown in how she affectionately revealed herself to Leo by covering his eyes in La Leyenda del Chupacabras.

Appearance and apparel[]

La Leyenda[]

Teodora was a short child, only around as tall as Leo. Like Leo, she had slightly tanned and smooth skin. Like Leo, her hair was long and elegant. She wore a pink and violet, Victorian-Era/Southern Belle styled dress with lavender rims

Legend Quest[]

Teodora's last selfie before her accident

In Legend Quest, Teodora sports a much more "modern" wardrobe that still somewhat resembles her La Leyenda outfit. Instead of a large, elegant dress, Teodora now wears a short and simple pink skirt circled with a white ribbon or belt. Her hair is now more of an Orange-Red shade and is now done in a ponytail hairstyle. In contrast to her Victorian style garb, Teodora now wears a simple lavender jacket with a pink shirt that matches her skirt, along with pink and white high-heeled boots.

Due to being a spirit, Teodora is transparent and intangible for the most part. As such, whatever is behind her is faintly visible to the naked eye. Another effect of her spirit body is a faint, greenish-teal glow that appears around her body. Interestingly, this glow is different from the soft-blue glow other Ghosts seem to posses.


Main article: Villavicencio Family (La Leyenda)
Main article: Villavicencio Family (Legend Quest)

The family in which Teodora hails from is vastly different in the La Leyenda timeline and the Legend Quest timeline. It is but one of the many differences between her portrayal in both series. In La Leyenda, the Villavicencio family were a wealthy family of Spainards who lived in the 18th Century in Puebla. They were eventually murdered by La Nahauala. In Legend Quest, Teodora instead belonged to a middle class Mexican family in the 21st Century.

Powers and abilities[]

Despite what her girly attitude and appearance may suggest to those unlucky enough to get in a physical confrontation with her, Teodora is is a very capable, and strong fighter. She's capable of slugging enemies meters away and even break boulders in single strikes. Teodora is also rather intelligent, though not to the level of Leo. Teodora's social skills are, however, far greater than Leo's. She was able to quickly make friends with the citizens of Pompeii and generally gets along well with people that she doesn't have a rivalry with.

Ghost powers[]

Teodora levitating

Being an astral projection, Teodora has powers comparable to that of ghosts. She can become invisible, fly, perform feats of superhuman strength and more. In the La Leyenda her powers are extended further with Teleportation, Superhuman Hearing, Telekinesis and more. However, being a ghost doesn't make Teodora invisible. She can be affected by very powerful physical monsters, magic and Gods.[18][19] In the La Leyenda films, despite being a true ghost, Teodora was corporeal and could be affected by other ghosts, monsters, humans and even plants.

  • Astral Physiology: Although technically not a ghost, Teodora seems to have effectively the same physiology of one. As such, she has all the same powers as Don Andrés and other ghost. These powers include:
    • Flight and Levitation: Teodora is able to freely fly around at her leisure, albeit, at relatively slow speeds. Although the flight appears to be slightly clunky at times, Teodora appears to have much control over.
    • Selective Non-Corporeality/Intangibility: Another application of her ghost physiology is that Teodora can switch from being non-corporeal and corporeal. This can be seen in how she is unable to be hit by many monsters, yet can slug said monsters back.
    • Selective Invisibility: One of Teodora's most useful powers, and by far her most used power (only rivaled by her levitation, which is a passive ability) is her invisibility. She is always invisible to everyone other than Leo, Japanese peoples, Other ghost and Alebrije. She can, however, become visible if she desires, and does so at many times, such as when she became visible to Thomas Decatur.
  • Superhuman Characteristics: Teodora is all around superhuman in terms of strength and speed. She's able to fly faster than most humans can walk and fight her way through hoards of monsters
    • Superhuman Strength: Although she may not look it, Teodora is extremely strong. She is strong enough to send people flying back meters with single strikes and even shattered a small boulder with the barest of efforts.[12]


Teodora teleporting in action

Teodora has been shown to be able to teleport on many occasions, teleportation to her friends as soon as they said her name.[20] She can effortlessly teleport to and from vast distances on a dime without really trying. Her ability does have some drawbacks it seems, however. She cannot seem to teleport others, or at least has yet to demonstrate this power. She also can't seem to be able to teleport when restrained, such as when she was trapped by the plants of La Llorona.


Levitating her perfume

Teodora can lift other objects with her mind or powers. She levitated her perfume and puffed it without touching it. This appears to be a trait shared by ghosts in general as Xóchitl was capable of levitating several plates with her powers as well. Her telekinesis appears to be very limited powerful, as when her perfume was knocked away by Leo, she couldn't catch it in time.

Superhuman hearing[]

Teodora hearing her name from nowhere

Teodora has the odd ability to hear her name being called from nearly anywhere in the world. She heard Alebrije calling her name while she was somewhere in a distant part of the world and has heard her name being called from other distant lands from time to time. She mostly uses this ability to pester her friends, however, and rarely—if ever—uses it to benefit them. The ability also seems quite limited as she was unable to hear the pleads of Leo from across Mexico during La Leyenda del Chupacabras.


Teodora flying

Teodora can fly and levitate with ease. She levitates by defaults, and rarely walks like a human, instead flying to where she needs to go. This doesn't appear to strain her mentally or physically in the slightest. She's also quite fast, being able to outpace entities such as Quetzalcoatl and Fenrir with relative ease. Teodora can essentially do the same in the La Leyenda series, being able to outfly La Llorona, who could zoom past large portions of Xochimilco in seconds.


Summoning her clothes

Teodora can summon items from nowhere. She changed her old Victorian-style clothes to a more contemporary outfit with just a hand gesture. Later, she was able to summon her perfume with a similar hand gesture. She does not appear to be capable of creating these items out of thin air, however, as she was distraught when Leo had lost her perfume, complaining that it was expensive Parisian perfume.

Plant manipulation[]

Trapping Alebrije in a cactus prison

Perhaps one of Teodora's most odd, random, yet useful powers is her command over plant life. When controlled by Cacomixtle, Teodora erected a fortress of cacti in order to imprison Alebrije. When Alebrije convinced her to stop and that she wasn't evil, she destroyed the fortress of cactus as she went in to hug her dear friend. Much like her telekinesis power, this to appears to be an innate ability of ghosts, as La Llorona could command an army of vines. Teodora's plant powers also appear to be quite limited, as she was unable to affect La Llorona's aforementioned vines.


Teodora accessing the internet

  • Modern World Sensibility: Due to being born in the 21st Century, Teodora received a broader and arguably higher quality education than Leo. While this doesn't make her smarter than him per say, it gives her much more knowledge over foreign locations and other subjects that Leo and others may not be well educated it, or even know exist. However, some of her knowledge also seems to come from popular culture, as she calls Japan the land of sushi and giant robots.

Teodora intimating anime

  • Skilled Fighter: While Teodora is more of a brute force kind of gal, she has shown to have a certain degree of martial arts skills. From her manga reading habits, Teodora has been shown to have at least an extremely basic grasp of kung-fu and karate knowledge.
  • Multilingualism: In the La Leyenda films, Teodora was shown to be capable of speaking some degree of English. She likely picked this up as she was interested in American pop-culture such as Pirates of the Caribbean.


  • Magic: Like actual Ghosts, Teodora's form can be "killed" by the likes of Fenrir and even powerful witches. This is how she met her end at the hands of Baba Yaga.
  • True Form: As seen in "Fenrir", Teodora isn't actually a Ghost but is instead the spirit of a girl in a coma from the future. As such, her comatose body is just as vulnerable and weak as any actual humans. This weakness was exploited by Baba Yaga in "Golem".



Unlike Leo who has a sizable collection of tools and items, Teodora doesn't carry much with her. In the original La Leyenda films, Teodora didn't incorporate much of anything into aiding her friends in their current predicament. Nothing, except for her technologically out of place smartphone. A modern, yet magic Smartphone that gets reception and even internet despite being made in a time in which neither concepts were even thought of. Teodora often uses it to learn about a monster the gang find them selves fighting or a location they find themselves in.

The phone has a bizarre array of powers. As mentioned before, the Smartphone can function without signal, although it seems rather inconsistent about this as in "Jersey Devil", the phone could not function due to a lack of function. Weirdly enough, the phone seems to have a control over the forces of nature, as it caused a fortress of cactus to trap Alebrije in "La Leyenda del Chupacabras".

As shown in "Golem", Teodora owned a non-magically enhanced Smartphone with no known supernatural or advanced technological augmentations. Her Smartphone is actually what got her in her coma in the first place, as she wasn't paying attention to the road and instead to the phone, allowing her to get hit by a truck. However, Teodora's Smartphone came through in the end by generating an image of the Hebrew language, stopping the Golem in it's tracks. As a non-magical smartphone, it has all the trappings and drawbacks of a real life phone and thus would not be able to access internet databases in the 19th Century.


Throughout La Leyenda, Teodora changed her attire all the time. Wearing a contemporary outfit and sunglasses during her time in Xochimilco and a slightly more risque outfit during her time at Guanajuato and the Military Monastery. During Legend Quest, her outfit stays the same throughout her endeavors in stopping Quetzalcoatl. The only time she's been seen in a different outfit to date is when she was shown in a hospital gown with bandages on her head in her backstory from "Golem".

The perfume in action

Teodora's reaction when the perfume was knocked away

Teodora owned specialized and expensive perfume purchased in Paris, France that she was quite enamored with. After realizing how stinky Leo was, give his ordeals in the swamps of Xochimilco, Teodora attempted to make him smell better with the perfume. By accident, Leo knocked the perfume into the swampy water which devastated Teodora. As payback, Teodora gave Leo the "silent treatment" during their awkward boat ride.




Teodora wishing to stay with her mother.

Not much is known of Teodora's relationship with her mother, but it appeared to be a very close and caring relationship. It's clear the two loved each other very much. When Teodora's accident left her in the hosptial, her Mother sobbed by her bedside and was overwhelmed by sadness when she heard the news that Teodora would never wake up again. Even months ater Teodora's accident, her mother regularly visited her in the hospital.

After Teodora gained her astral form, she wanted to be with her loved ones once again and be a family, but as fate would have it, that wasn't an option. Instead, Teodora gave one last goodbye to her mother as she forced herself into the past in order to save the world from Quetzalcoatl.

Teodora's mother kissing her

When Teodora died, her mother immediately called for a nurse and began weeping profusely out of sadness for her lost. However, Quetzalcoatl brought her back to life as a favor for Leo. When Teodora came up, she was initially confused and greeted her mother as "Mama". Overjoyed, the two hugged in a tearful embraced as her mother kissed Teodora on the forehead.

Interrupting their embrace was a man knocking at their door with a letter. At first Teodora was frustrated but when she realized the letter was from Leo, she was interested. As she reads the letter, her mother is at first happy for her, likely assuming the letter was from a friend of hers, but when she reads how Teodora helped saved the world, her mother is very confused.


It's clear that her father loved Teodora very much, as he was seen mourning her along with her mother. It's likely she shared the same caring, loving relationship with her father that she did with her mother.

Lorenzo Villavicencio[]

Oddly enough, Teodora has yet to interact with her father in the La Leyenda films on screen. Lorenzo Villavicencio seems to spoil his daughter but doesn't appear to spend much time with her. They both joined Leo for his All Souls Day party where they greeted the boy, but did not interact between themselves.


Toñita San Juan[]

Teodora and Toñita were good friends despite the wealth gap. Not much is known about how the two interacted, by Teodora excitedly invited Toñita to her All Souls Day celebration in 1755. Toñita saved Teodora from having her soul damned entirely from Nahuala with her brave actions


Teodora and Xóchitl are friends, but the two will hardly show it. Teodora shoved Xóchitl out of the way to make way for Toñita, but the three took pictures together. Teodora has been shown to be quite jealous of how capable and well liked Xóchitl is compared to her, but still values her as a friend. Xóchitl tolerates Teodora's superficial personality, but vents about her behind her back.

Leo San Juan[]

Teodora happy with Leo's choice

Leo and Teodora are very good friends, even if they scarcely show it. The two often clash, argue, bicker and fight over various things, some petty and some major and the two have wildly different mindsets. Teodora is often times disrespectful to Leo and, at times, shows little regard for his feelings. She can even be unsympathetic to him in dire situations, such as when he was being burned at the stake in "Jersey Devil"

Out of all of her friends, with the exception of Marcella in later episodes, Leo is the one Teodora shows the least amount of affection towards. While she'll nonchalantly say she loves and cares about Alebrije and even Don Andrés, she rarely shows the same good nature towards Leo. Although she'll hardly admit it, she does deeply care about Leo and values his friendship, as she was visibly distraught when he wanted to no longer be friends with her, Don Andrés and Alebrije.

Teodora is sometimes seen teaching Leo about the various locations they visit, or making snide remarks about them. This can be best seen in "Kaiju", where she kept trying to teach him, as well as Marcella about the nuances of Japanese Culture. Albeit, she did so in a condescending tone and often got embarrassed when they didn't listen to her.

Teodora showing her rarely seen fiercely protective, loyal and caring side.

Although the two only sometimes get along, they're almost always willing to work together in some way or another. Examples of this can be found throughout the series, such as in "Jersey Devil", where Teodora helped Leo build a Tank to do battle against the Jersey Devil, or when she helped him by investigating Phineas Blackpulp's Office. In certain circumstances, Teodora will show a more caring, loyal and protective side to Leo. This can be best seen in "The Mart", where Teodora stood by Leo's bed side after he had fallen into a dream-based coma in his 'battle" with Nicht Mart.

Leo mourning Teodora's sacrifice.

Regardless of their strained friendship, the two wont hesitate to risk their lives to protect the other and truly care about each other. In "Ghost of Medusa", Teodora entered Medusa's Cave at Mt. Vesuvius in order to save Leo after Baba Yaga tricked her into thinking he headed into the cave, and after the vile witch did the same to Leo, he went into the cave in order to save Teodora. After Leo hurled the Mystic Bomb into Quetzalcoatl's gateway and was thought to have died in the resulting explosion, Teodora mourned his lost, and hugged Don Andrés in joy when she realized he was okay.[10] When Leo was in a coma, Teodora stood by his bedside the entire time, caring for him and showing deep concern over his well being.[21] Teodora was even willing to perform the ultimate sacrifice for Leo and gave up her own life to save his.[7]

Leo believing the Golem really killed Teodora

Later in "Golem", Baba Yaga had sent a Gallows Curse in the shape of the Golem in order to kill Teodora's comatose body. After visiting the hospital in order to save Teodora from the Golem, Leo went through immense effort to keep her safe and sound from the monster and even broke down when he thought the Golem had killed her body, and was completely relieved to see her alive. Leo wanted to take Teodora back to the past with them, but this was mostly his grieve talking as he was willing to let Teodora rest after Marcella talked him out of it. It was with heavy heart that Leo went back to the past.

"I have to recognize you, were brave, scum-bag."
— Teodora
La Leyenda de la Nahuala

Teo and Leo Selfie.png

Leo and Teodora share a much different dynamic in the La Leyenda Series. The two have sort of a brother-sister relationship. Teodora constantly insults and teases Leo for one reason or another, insulting his social class and telling him how badly he smells when exploring. In feats of raw patience, Leo usually puts up with it, if occasionally slinging the insults back at her. Even Leo has his limits though and snapped when Teodora nonchalantly blamed him for losing Kika to La Llorona. Still, despite the constant bickering, Teodora is almost inseparable from Leo during missions.

Teodora hugging Leo and Xóchitl

When Teodora first met Leo, the two did not get along at all. Teodora kept calling him a scum-bag and believed him to be Xóchitl's boyfriend. Teodora almost took pride in how difficult she was being, messing with the boy in a very roundabout fashion, making him stand on his head and only refer to her as "Miss Teodora". Leo put up with her for his brother, but that did't stop him from insulting her, calling her the most difficult of the trials he had to face yet.

Teodora grateful after being saved

And yet, Leo cared about her. He was horrified when Nahuala began to posses her and was genuinely worried over her safety. Despite the constant insults, difficult task, horrid singing and bratty behavior, Leo fought his way through the Manor to save her. When he finally did save Teodora, she was impressed with his efforts, calling him "awesome" and telling him never to change. She then kissed him on the cheek before ascending into Heaven. In 1808, she joined him for his All Souls Day party, hugging him and Xóchitl.

Teo annoying Leo

During La Leyenda de la Llorona, their relationship was strained and the two weren't on as good terms as they were by the end of La Nahuala. Teodora referred to Leo and his friends as "hillbillies" and was generally a nuisance to Leo. Later on Leo's adventure, Teodora attempted to make Leo smell better with perfume, which he accidentally knocked into bog water. This "offense" deeply upset Teodora, who gave Leo the silent treatment and refused to help him by sailing the boat they were currently on. While Leo put up with her attitude, and even agreed to buy her boots and a bag if it would make Teodora help him, the line was crossed when Teodora insulted his inability to protect Kika from La Llorona.

A pleb hugging Teodora

Still, the two's caring bond was unaffected. After Teodora agreed to help Leo out by acting as "bait" for La Llorona, he gave her a big hug in thanks. Teodora rejected to to this, calling him a pleb and pushed him away, which clearly shocked, or even saddened Leo. Still, Teodora kept her word and distracted La Llorona while Leo tried to save the kids. Teodora really does love Leo as a friend and was truly concerned over his well-being after La Llorona attempted to kill him.

Teodora helping Leo and Nando out of the burning building

In La Leyenda del Chupacabras, Teodora was friendlier towards Leo, but still teased him and acted as her typical shallow self. However, due to the grittier and much more serious circumstances of Leo's current adventure, the boy showed considerably less patience towards his ghost friend. Teodora was upset when Leo asked her to contact the Alebrijes, yelling that he's never happy to see her. Regardless, she complied. While during the bulk of the adventure, Teodora was away, helping/harming the Alebrijes and her new friend in a deserted town, she still helped Leo where she could, most notably by helping him carry Nando out of the burning house.

Teodora realizing the severity of Leo's situation

Teodora had gotten slightly savvy to Leo's adventures. When Leo was about to be killed by a firing squad, she laughed in his face when he said he was about to die, saying he couldn't be serious and that "something" always happens at the last minute and saves them. When it seemed that "something" didn't happen and the soldiers fired their guns on Leo, Teodora realized the severity of the situation and was extremely worried over the possible death of her friend.

After the battle, Leo, Teodora and Nando started camping in the woods on their way back to Puebla.. There, Teodora gave Leo a "make over" like Leo promised earlier. Leo was annoyed, but let it be. Nando found it hilarious and the three shared a selfie. The cellphone flash blinded Nando and Leo both while Teodora smiled.

Fernando San Juan[]

Teodora blinding Leo and Nando

Nando and Teodora seem to be on good terms, even though he believed Teodora to just be a figment of Leo's imagination during the war. When he was dazed from Doctor Merolick's assault, Nando referred to Teodora as a "cutie", which made her giggle. After Leo and Nando were sent home, they enjoyed each others company while camping in the woods. Teodora gave Leo a makeover while Nando watched on and teased his little brother. Afterwards, he and Leo were blinded by Teodora's selfie.


Teo and Alebrije.png

In the Legend Quest series, Teodora and Alebrije are great friends. Out of all of her friends, Teodora is the friendliest to Alebrije, often showering him with affection, praising him and telling him that she loves him. Due to Alebrijes likable and good nature, Teodora is almost never angry at him and enjoys spending time with him. When she does call him out, she assures him that she does it out of love and not hate. Alebrije has been shown to understand Teodoa on a deep level, knowing her tics and knowing when she's telling how she really feels. In a way, Alebrije acts almost as a parental substitute or older sibling given his gentle wisdom, in spite of his goofy personality.

"No Teodora, you aren't evil. You're good. Kind of annoying, but good."
— Alebrije assuring Teodoa was a good person
"La Leyenda del Chupacabras"

The two singing

In the La Leyenda series, Alebrije serves as the "straight man" to Teodora's antics, a role he shared with Leo. Alebrije would often call Teodora out when she was doing bad, and affectionately referred to her as a "whiner lady" and "Paris Hilton wannabe". Although Alebrije often insulted or poked fun of Teodora for her shallow personality, he considered her a good friend none the less. When Teodora was possessed by the Cacomixtle, Alebrije couldn't believe Teodora was doing bad. He tried to assure that while she can be annoying, she's not at all evil. It's implied that Alebrije considered Teodora his best friends, or at least one of them as he sings a song about how much he loves her to snap her out of her trance. Teodora starts to sing about how much she loves Alebrije and the two embrace.

Don Andrés[]

Teodora and Don Andrés have a somewhat complicated relationship. It's clear the two value each other as friends and care about each other, as they genuinely enjoy each others company. However, Teodora dislikes Don Andrés cowardly nature and has no qualms calling him a coward, especially after his cowardliness endangered not only Leo's life, but the livelihood of all of Steinau.[21]


Teodora and Juanita

Teodora and Juanita became fast friends, despite the massive differences in personality. While Teodora was a more stuck up brat, Juanita was rustic and down to earth. Juanita took a liking to Teodora and was shown to be rather protective over her, demanding that Cacomixtle to not lay a single paw on her. Juanita was very angry at Teodora when she seemingly betrayed her, but the two reconciled after Teodora had help free her from the aforementioned Cacomixtle. Juanita had a lot of faith in Teodora's ability, as she believes Teodora is her one and only hope to save her peoples.


Marcella and Teodora's usual relationship

Teodora and Marcella had a rocky relationship at first. Teodora's first introduction to Marcella was her zombified self in "The Prophecy", which she punched out in order to save Leo's life. After Marcella was saved in "Fenrir" and became an active member of the group, Teodora showed Marcella constant hostility, accusing her of such things as being a spy of Quetzalcoatl. The two engaged in many disagreements and arguments, even resorting to physical blows in "Tooth Fairy" (granted, the blows were blocked by Leo's body). However, when the two weren't fighting, Marcella was trying to make their friendship work by showing Teodora respect and kindness, trying to be helpful and nice. This didn't work as her cordial attitude was met with Teodora's rude, or even cold remarks.

However, the two do truly care about each other. After the Kaiju Attacks, Prince Akihito praised Marcella for being a great friend, to which Teodora hesitantly agreed too, even saying that "she's [Marcella] not the worst". In "Nu Gui", Teodora saved Marcella's life by temporarily becoming one with her. Granted, she did this for Leo's sake, however, after learning of Marcella's tragic upbringing, as well as Marcella learning of Teodora's situation, the two gained a new found level of respect for one another. From then on, the two got along far better. Teodora finally realizes just why Marcella had been acting so shady and emphasizes with it, and Marcella holds no ill will towards Teodora's harassment of her. It appears that one of the reasons Teodora has an unfair bias towards Marcella is how well Leo treats her in comparison to her, showing Marcella constant care and warmth, always praising her, warning her of the dangers and showing romantic feelings towards her.

Marcella actively protecting a comatose Teodora

Marcella would show her true, almost sisterly love for Teodora in a bittersweet situation, in which Teodora jumped in front of Baba Yaga's magic spell which was directed at Leo, destroying Teodora's astral form in the process. Marcella was deeply moved by her selfless sacrifice and began to weep. After traveling to the Hospital Teodora's human form was situated, Marcella fought with her life to keep her safe from the brutish Golem. Notably, Marcella admitted that Teodora wasn't a bad person, and even referred to herself as Teodora's best friend, albeit as a ploy to be able to see her in her room.



Teodora was briefly infatuated with a group of three young men from Pompeii, affectionately referring to them as her "adorables". It's unknown, though unlikely that she had any deep romantic feelings towards the boys, but she was visibly upset when they were turned to stone, showing that she did care about them. The boys seemed to care about Teodora as well, as they helped her during the final battle against Quetzalcoatl.

Dr. Blackpulp[]

At first, Teodora viewed Phineas as a very creepy, amoral and dangerous individual who gained sadistic pleasure from taking the teeth from the orphans of London. However, she later learns that Phineas was practically the exact opposite of her preconceived notion of him. After seeing him for what he truly was, a good, noble man who was trying to protect the orphans from the real threats that be. Her respect for Phineas rose to even greater heights after she saw him adorn his equipment.

Prince Akihito[]

Teodora and Prince Akihito didn't interact very much, but from what was shown, Teodora seems to hold the Prince in very high regard. Teodora respects Japanese culture to the point where she viewed Leo and Marcella's crude, but well meaning actions towards the prince as an insult, or at the very least embarrassing.



Teodora was given visions of Quetzalcoatl's ruination of the world after she was given her Astral form. Although hesitant at first, Teodora made the hard choice to travel to the past in order to help Leo stop the mad God. Though her grudge against Quetzalcoatl was never as personal as Leo's or Marcella's, Teodora none the less viewed him as the single greatest threat the world has yet to seen.



Baba Yaga[]

Nu Gui[]

Running gags[]

Social media[]

Teodora coldly viewing her phone

A running gag throughout La Leyenda is Teodora's obsession with social media. Railing on Leo for not "liking" everything she post or chewing people out for sending her a friend request without knowing her in person. At times she specifically mentions "FB" (more than likely Facebook), which can then be assumed to be her network of choice. How social media seems so wide spread in a world in which electricity is still a new thing has yet to been explained.

The running gag still exist in Legend Quest but has been toned down tremendously. Teodora rarely actually brings mention of her happenings on the phone and mostly uses it to look up useful information or simply pass the time.

Speaking English[]

Throughout the La Leyenda film series, starting with La Leyenda de La Llorona, Teodora would sometimes speak basic phrases in English, such as "I say hello".



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  • The actuality of her being in a coma instead of a Ghost was actually implied as early as "The Mart". When Leo is put into a coma by Nicht Mart, Teodora sadly says that she knows exactly what that feels like.[22]
    • In the same episode, when Teodora she mentions lucid dreaming. When she brought up her mother, she at first said "has" but quickly corrected herself and said "had" instead, implying her mother is still alive long before the reveal of just that.
  • As noted in the opening blurb, Teodora arguably has had the most about of changes in the transitions between La Leyenda and Legend Quest. She, along with Rosa San Juan and Alebrije are practically different characters in Legend Quest.
  • Despite often getting the least screen-time or important roles among the main group, Teodora is often used as the face of promotional material for the La Leyenda films, being the first character featured in the "character bios" sections and getting the most promotional material.
    • In a similar vain, Teodora is often considered to be the "face" of Legend Quest by fans, despite Leo being the main character. This is likely due to her complex personality and tragic backstory.
  • Teodora has had a speaking role in every single La Leyenda film and Legend Quest episode, an honor she shares only with Leo San Juan. Alebrije and the twins Finado and Moribunda nearly qualify for this accolade as well, but Alebrije lacked a speaking role in "Tooth Fairy" and the twins don't speak in the traditional sense.
  • The first hint of her not being a ghost is when Medusa attempts to turn her into a stone, however, it did not work, as Teodora was an astral projection, not a ghost.


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