La Leyenda de la NahualaEdit

"Among flowers of different colors. And then on Friday...if there's no plan at the pit...we get dressed and go out. And go for a walk...without crossing the gate, of course. Because this is the place for the dead to be. And if you ask me, Heaven can wait."
— Teodora singing

"Now you, did you bring your boyfriend?"
— Teo to Xóchitl about Leo San Juan

"Stop pretending, Xochitl."
— Teodora

"She met her boyfriend at a neighborhood. And that scum-bag gave her kisses. Kisses, kisses. Lots of kisses..."
— Teodora

La Leyenda de la LloronaEdit

"I say hello!"
— Teodora, spoken in English

Legend QuestEdit

The ProphecyEdit

Jersey DevilEdit

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The Serpent and the EggEdit

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