The Terracotta Army is a location featured in Legend Quest. It was the primary loction of the episode Nu Gui and was destroyed in the same episode. It is located in China underneath the Great Wall of China.


Terracotta Army Ancient

Qin Shi Huang commanding his faux army

The Terracotta Army was constructed thousands of years ago, before the birth of Jesus Christ in fact. The army was being constructed when Qin Shi Huang was still in power, or at least finished around the time of his immortal ruler-ship.

Team Legend traveled to the location after the Airship mysteriously flew to China without their command, without proper flying conditions, they decided to investigate a mysterious hole near the Great Wall of China. As such, they discovered the Terracotta Army. Don Andrés remarked that the statues seemed almost real, ad as he said that, the statues came alive and began to attack Team Legend. Marcella tries to fight back but to no avail and cast a magic spell to stop the animated statues.

Eventually, Team Legend find Baba Yaga and Nu Gui in the cave. As they confront the two dreaded witches, Marcella pretends to join the duo, faux-betraying her friends in the process. She then blasts them away, trapping them in a distant hole. After some time, the two witches betray Marcella, sacrificing her to awake the entire army of Terracotta. After being saved by Teodora, the army crumbled. As this happens, the two elderly witches begin to fight one another, and in the contusion, Team Legend escapes from the crumbling fortress.


  • In promotional imagery, Teodora can be seen snapping a selfie in the presence of the Terroacotta Army. This never happens in the episode proper.

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