• I always thought the old theme was kind of ugly and didn't match the shows colorscheme at all, so I redesigned it. I think the newer one looks overall nicer, but it still has some kinks. Any feedback is appreciated.

    I have the old colors saved so if the new look doesn't go well, I can change it back.

    I would have loved putting this as a highlight forum but it looks like we can't use those anymore. Joy...

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    • Found an Issue: Quotes in the new format are now almost impossible to see. Working on it as we speak.

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    • Mostly fixed; some links look ugly with the new font color. May change the font color and/or use HTML to fix the individual ugly links.

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    • Okay dokey. I think all the major kinks are ironed out with the new font color. I think stuff is starting to look really nice. 

      I might change the background. Anyone have an idea what I should change it too?

      Edit: And does it appear as Teodora and Leo or London? Because technically the image is somehow London, but it's been displayed as Teodora and Leo for awhile.

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